Tommy Davis Loses it

You don’t think this St. Pete Times article is causing problems for those around David Miscavige?   Listen to Tommy Davis throw a fit trying to convince a reporter that everything is hunky-dory in Miscavige-ville.

You know the next spokesperson is going to saying the sam “LIAR!” about Tommy when he blows and tells the truth about the inner workings of Scientology.

Tick Tock.

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28 Comments on “Tommy Davis Loses it”

  1. anon Says:

    so is tommy davis just balls-out lying here? as in, he knows for sure that miscaviage beats staff and the latest guys who have blown are telling the truth?

  2. 3rdman Says:


    Hearing TD’s bitching is like sampling a sweet wine. You can tell Scienfaggotry is going crazy when he’s lost it (if he ever had it to loose).

  3. mikethemarcabian Says:


    This story just keep getting better. I’m trying not to interfere at the moment – why should anyone stop Tommy digging his own hole even deeper?

    Today, thousands of people across the world are laughing at the cult. Others are relishing the coming justice. And others are sitting back and eating the popcorn.

  4. Anon Says:

    Hahaha he’s full of sh!t. I myself saw Miscavige beating Rinder once. Just once but once is enough.

  5. ted Says:



    Brilliant Tom Cruise impression.

  6. Xenumania Says:

    Wow Tommy….spoken like a true brainwashed cyborg!

    This Tommy Davis is worse than the worse than a pushy used car salesman, worse than an ambulance chasing lawyer, and worse than a crooked politician. He is really quite ill.

    Blow the cult Tommy! Get some help!

  7. Tequila Says:

    I actually feel sorry for Tommy.

    He was raised in this crazy cult and then pushed into the Sea Org my his mom Anne Archer.

    He obviously has his mind all messed up. Even if he were still sane, this spokesperson gig is not natural to him.

    Maybe a few beatings by Miscavige will wake him up.

  8. liz Says:

    You would think that the Church of Scientology would be more embarrassed of how Tommy Davis clone of Tom Cruise represents himself. They keep putting him out there to futher nail in his coffine. Tommy Davis is a joke, most of the time makes no sense at all and acts like a cry baby!

  9. Sk8mike Says:

    Why is Mike Rinder being such a pussy? That guy needs to be compelled to talk. You can’t go from such a high position from inside that cult, then blow, and just disappear. Unless Rinder wants to be considered an accomplice he should talk. Rinder is a credible witness who can expose the cult. He needs to stop hiding.

  10. Sk8mike Says:

    Oh ish! Sorry, my bad, I guess I should have read these posts in sequential order. *gulp*

  11. wannabeclear Says:

    It’s great how well being in Scientology has taken care of Tommy’s anger management problem. You know, they are the experts on communication!

    Also, I think it’s a sign of how fast and far they are slipping that they aren’t even sticking to the pretense that auditing and sec checks are confidential anymore. They are just putting all that shit out there because somehow they think it actually proves, credibly, that the “apostates” are liars. It’s interesting though that when you look at all of these “confessions” the languages is creepily the same… certainly lends more credibility to them being coerced (or embellished or manufactured completely) than to their being actual admissions of wrongdoing.

  12. dr.fang Says:

    I’d be pissed if I were Tommy Davis, too.

    When you can’t use facts to back up your case; you have to lie.

    Innocent people are indignant when they are told that they are lying. OTOH, a professional liar would know this, too.

    You have to add it up: how do you lose *every* spokesperson for Scientolgy? Is the CoS so incredibly incompetent that they consistently hire pathologic liars and promote them to top positions in the Church, or are these good people who were disillusioned and have turned whistle blowers?

  13. Artoo45 Says:

    What a sad, little, shrieking martinet Davis is. His listing all those names of all those people who testified that they had seen the Tiny Terror abuse people was quite telling. And the more names he listed the more credibility he seemed to give to their tales. I also love how he says that Miss Cabbage has been “vindicated”. By who? How? It seems to me that the affidavits of people living in the gulag under the thumb of “The Ecclesiastical Leader” would be suspect of having been made under duress. Tick tock, indeed.

  14. Bob Dobbs Says:

    everyone beats up everyone – apart from DM.. right!!

    “whole track prison warden” – anyone know what he’s reffering to?

    p.s. tommy – how’s the “way to happiness” working for you – missed your meds?

  15. Cornelius Futz Says:

    This YOUTUBE clip, is only part of the full nutty Tommy Davis rant, at link above. (Make sure your popup blocker is off or video won’t appear.)

    This clip left out a really good part. Tommy goes on to call Rathbun “psychotic,” repeating it five times in a short space of time. Let’s assume Tommy Davis’ lies are true. Why did Scientology employ a psycho like Rathbun for 27 years? Why did they allow reports of Rathbun beating up a dozen people to go on, to a point it was Rathbun beating on 22 people before dumping him. In the very least, even if Tommy were speaking the truth, it would point to a very twisted cult culture.

    What is it about their ecreepyastical “religion” that would allow for members to not report a psycho like Rathbun, to stop him from beating up 22 people, 50 times.

    Plus, what did Amy Scobee do to hurt her credibility? She never struck anyone. She was just there, with an office right outside the midget’s conference room. Instead of Tommy being a CCS (credible cult spokesperson), he comes off as a POTVOANB (person on the verge of a nervous breakdown).

    I think his full rant will go down in history, as hilarious defense of this nutty cult in its death throes. One thing you never do, in playing the part of official spokesperson for a pretend “religion” is use the “f” word when speaking to the media. Tommy is exhibit #1 that this cult produces nuts.

  16. Charles Says:

    The question we really need to be asking is why they got Rinder, et al to give sworn statements to the fact that DM didn’t beat them.

    The comparison to an abusive spouse and the reluctance of the abused partner to leave comes to mind. Oh no, they don’t beat me, I just fell and hit my eye on the door knob, broke my rib cage on the staircase rail, and lost my teeth during an auditing session gone wrong…

  17. Charles Says:

    I like how Tommy Davis says they’re “happy as clams.” LOL

    It really is funny to listen to Tommy Davis. It’s like listening to an 8 year old (granted with a larger vocabulary).

    After his interview with KESQ TD is about where Mike Rinder was in 2006 so in 2-3 year’s we’ll have his interview with the SPT…

  18. Charles Says:

    You know maybe the celeb who will blow is Anne Archer. Maybe TD will get such a beating on day she’ll finally open her eyes… I’m sure DM and CoS would blame Anonymous if TD turned up beaten to a pulb…

  19. Artoo45 Says:

    Anne Archer’s maternal instincts would need to be completely dead to allow her son to be used and humiliated by her cult in this way. I feel sorry that he’s in way over his head on every level and looks like an idiot for all the world to laugh at. I bet she’d disconnect from him if he blew.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Wonderful. We can chalk up another epic footbullet for epic footbullet man.
    There are only two options for DM:

    TD remains the Co$ spokesperson for some time more, so we can see him destroy it little by little. The midget can’t afford to replace him after all. That would mean facing the fact that TD’s stories are harming their PR, and thus admitting to the world that they are affected by bad PR, instead of the eternal story that the Co$ never shrinks, only grows.

    TD eventually IS retired as spokesperson. This will send the above message, AND hopefully give Tommy the incentive he needs to blow (with or without a few tiny fist prints on his face) and come forward with his story. Now there would be a situation I’d like to see the Co$ and their new spokesperson lie themselves out of. Tommy Davis himself, coming forward and sharing that all the bullshit he fed the press over the years was just that. I wonder what they’d come up with. Hopefully it’s something original like a horrible psychological affliction. Some kind of psychosis or schizophrenia. And then I’d like to see them try to talk their way out of how an OT like Tommy has a disease the Co$ claims can be solved with a few auditing sessions.

    Sadly, the latter happening in the near future seems like idle hope. Either way, it’s a loss for the rotten Co$. The ideas of what they might think of are enough to cramp my cheeks.

    If Tommy does blow, we’ll receive him with open arms, the poor brainwashed son of a gun. It’s truly only a matter of time, and how long it’ll take for the midget to beat his brains back into action.

    The clock is ticking, cabbage boy…
    Tick Tock indeed.

  21. IAmNoone Says:

    Just another frustrated fag losing his looks.
    Bitchy? You bet!

  22. CrazyDelaney Says:

    Where’s your God now, Tom Newton?

  23. Cherrish Says:

    Since when is this a good spokesman’s response? Lol It’s so hilarious, that it’s starting not to be funny:D It’s a scientology docrine that if some gets pissed off for something you are saying than you hit a withhold 😀 Keep it up who ever is doing these interviews 😀

  24. dr.fang Says:

    Well, I think the fact that Tom Newton isn’t on this list is because he is in OSA, and OSA is probably running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to squelch this flap.

    When things calm down a bit, I’m betting Tom Davis will be back to “shatter” our suppressive behavior. 😉

  25. Tom Newton and Tommy Davis are racists Says:

    Tommy Davis is one Scientologist who I wouldn’t really care about if he got beat up by Miscavige. In fact, I’d LOL.

    The little weasel deserves every amount of ridicule and humiliation he gets.

  26. Treetale Says:

    What a sad and obviously abused man. I think it’s ironic that after he starts spouting all the trash talk and he calls the guy a F***ing idiot he then says “and I don’t have to explain how or why he became one or how it was allowable”.
    Yes you do have to explain these things if it’s going on in the higher ranks of your organization, esp. since it is a religion that deals with the human spirit. You can’t just make accusations without giving some insight into how your cult turned him into that monster you just described (granted Marty isn’t a monster).
    And this statement comes just after he states that “we” CAN talk about the “time track” involving the how and why.

  27. piginthecity Says:

    Tommy is clearly a deeply conflicted individual. He can list the names of all those ex-scienos who have “gone bad” and point out that they have all made the same allegations, but, it seems, he doesn’t realise that this means that they corroborate each other’s stories.

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