Why Was the Protest Ban Proposed?

Lirra Bishop and Julie Waltz continue to turn the screws on Jeff Stone over his changing story on why he brought the protest ban to the floor.

The international headquarters of the Church of Scientology are located at a compound called “Golden Era Productions”, aka “Gold Base”, in Gilman Hot Springs near Hemet, in Supervisor Jeff Stone’s district.

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10 Comments on “Why Was the Protest Ban Proposed?”

  1. Its soo badly obvious that Stone has brought this forward for $cientology’s benefit. The comments that he’s made about anonymous and his attempts so smear them are obvious even to children. Who do they think they’re fooling? It would take an ordinary person 5 minutes to work out that the propaganda brought forward has no strength. It was based on ED! A site that anyone could of created. A site that anyone can edit! If i created a site plastered $camologys name all over it and brought it forward in court i would be laughed right out of it.

    Unless you’re already bias no one would consider using such shakey “evidence”. It reminds me of the middle age which trials where there was no answer for innocent, where evidence was not needed and “hunches” was the proof to burn someone alive. We shall not sit back and have human rights trampled on. Stone must retire and no longer further his career in government. He is no good for the people and no good for government.

  2. 3rdman Says:

    Stone is about to run for election, I hope Anons are getting ready to launch a fact-campaign against Stone and his shady affiliation with that cult.

  3. WTF? Says:

    Why don’t anon protest at Gold no more?
    All the work we did and all the work the cult did and we just ignore it NOW?
    DM lives there.
    We should go there just to piss off DM and make DM go crazy at his staff and cause more scilons to become disenfranchised.

  4. loriu Says:

    Summer protest in the desert, y’mean?

  5. Martin Says:

    Is it me or does Stone not look the spit of Chevy Chase – I think we should investigate.

  6. Ann O'Nymous Says:

    It seems that the council consensus is slightly cracking and the counsel is slightly uneasy. I really hope the ladies will keep the pressure.

  7. J. Blaze Says:

    Hi, I recently was reading a news article from a
    news site and the site has hosted an ad from
    scientology.com. I think we can help stop this
    criminal organization by writing to the news site
    and telling them that it’s a criminal organization
    and they should protect their readers and not
    take advertisements from that group. The ad was
    found here:http://www.postchronicle.com/news/strange/article_212238265.shtml?rssfeed. You can write to them by going to that article there’s a link to send comments. Thanks.

  8. Hey J. Blaze, And anyone else. Ive noticed $camology are doing ads on youtube again đŸ˜¦ Does anyone know of a way to get that stopped too? They stopped for ages there not long after all that contraversy but i dont like seeing the bullshit “$camology – Get the facts”

  9. dr.fang Says:

    You can’t stop Scientology from putting ads out. Free speech works both ways, or it’s not free speech.

    but, if it’s any consolation, they only run ads like that when they’re downstat.

    Consider the ads an indication that Anons message is getting traction.

    Just keep getting the word out, and they will have to run more and more ads to reach a dwindling number of people that *haven’t* heard of Xenu.

  10. J. Blaze Says:

    It is true that they are allowed to run ads. But
    we also have the right to protest and warn the
    venues they run the ads in to protect people who
    do not know about them yet.

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