Travolta Admits His Son Was Autistic

The National Enquirer has posted John Travolta’s detailed statement to the police given at the time of his son Jett’s death.   In it, he tells the police that his son was autistic.  That is not what the family ever said to the press, instead making up a story about Kawasaki Diesease.

The ENQUIRER has obtainedJohn Travolta’s statement to police,  which reveals for the first time, in his own words, how he bravely battled to save his dying 16-year-old son. Jett.

The document is a dramatic never-before-seen minute-by-minute account of the crisis, in which the star appears to have done everything he could to bring his son back to life.

In the three-page document signed by Travolta, the Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 star acknowledges that his son was autistic.

The autism disclosure adds to the family’s previous claims that Jett suffered from Kawasaki disease, a rare illness that affects the blood vessels in young children. Travolta is a leading Scientologist, and Scientology doesn’t always agree with autism as a diagnosis.

The family has suffered the greatest pain possible in the loss of this child.  No one wants them to suffer more.   But one has to ask why Scientology put them through this extra pain of deception?   How many years did the family have to at least partially deny the truth?  Was there pressure to handle the illness with Scientology practices?

We’ll probably never know the truth but for the the Travoltas to tell the truth finally about the autism would help them and the other families facing this challenge.

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9 Comments on “Travolta Admits His Son Was Autistic”

  1. David Says:


  2. lizzy0lizzard Says:

    I’m really sorry for Jett and his whole family.
    I cannot imagine the pain they had to put up with during these months, and before, covering up things like this makes them twice as hard to bear.

    Scientology should leave people alone and go back to their Galaxies (mental asylums).

    David Carradine’s death is a terrible blow.
    I don’t buy that delirious theories, I believe he was killed by his Scilon wife to get all the money and give it to Miscaviage.

    WAKE UP!!

    How many more must die before we realize this killer cult called “Church of Scientology” has tons and tons of bodies in their closet.
    (No attempt to parody or joke about DV’s murder)

  3. Relyt Says:

    lizzy: David Carradine died of auto-erotic asphyxiation. There is no conspiracy.

  4. Touchstone Says:

    It may well be that there’s no conspiracy in this or that instance, but– given Scientology’s well-documented track record– seeing them in every shadow when Scientology is involved is an understandable reaction.

    This family portrait shows how much Jett had his father’s face more than any other photo I’ve seen.

  5. Tequila Says:

    I don’t think scientology had anything to do with David Carradine’s death. They might have something to do with him possibly being hard up for cash, and scientology will definitely be involved in separating David’s family from their remaining money.

    If John Travolta had not been in scientology, he would have taken a different track in the treatment of Jett, and Jett would likely still be alive today. I hope this wakes John up. Kelly I doubt will ever wake up.

  6. Xenu Stole My Bike Says:

    Why couldn’t David Carradine jack it the normal way? Hand lotion & a pr0nz?

  7. General Public AYS Says:

    Jacking off in the normal way loses it’s effect if too often indulged in.
    Those who need that dangerous extra kick should not get overly stoned because this diminishes the capacity to get the timing right. Carradine’s advanced age may also have helped underestimate the danger he put himself in.

    But why, when he only had to spend a few hundred thousand dollars, did he not strive to achieve that wonderful OT level which renders the desire for a wank redundant? Had he finally discovered that it was all bollocks?

    You do not strangle yourself for an erection if you are able to apply safer and easier methods to enjoy pleasure. And although auto-erotic asphyxiation is not a part of any course, as far as I know, it’d be unfair to dismiss any connection between his death and the cult. I don’t think God would have told him to do it nor any divine plan of Miscavige.

    Indirectly however, due to the closeness of Carradine to the cult, what it promises and what it claims should have supported Carradine and protected him from his own stupidity. Something was amiss in the mind of a fine actor and his questionable friends failed to help him. In fact they didn’t give a toss.

  8. Benjamin Cisco Says:

    You said, “We’ll probably never know the truth but for the Travoltas to tell the truth finally about the autism would help them and the other families facing this challenge.”

    BINGO! Full disclosure and honesty is the only true healing anyone could ever do about anything.

    You truly are the Wise Bearded Man!

  9. qwertyuio Says:

    I know it doesn’t relate to the topic of your post, sorry for that, but I still thought you should know about this:

    A protester was arrested in Saint Louis for reasons similar to those you were arrested for. He was in jail for several hours and has charges against him now.

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