Fact vs. Religion

That’s the nick of the young woman who interviewed Pat Harney and the former Sea Org Member.  Here are a couple extra videos from her.

And in this one she says this is the moment in the interview with Pat Harney where she just gave up on trying to get anything resembling anything remotely approaching a logical explanation.

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13 Comments on “Fact vs. Religion”

  1. Ann O'Nymous Says:

    This person made a more than decent job and seems to have made more reasearch than the average journalist.

  2. Harvey Says:

    About the video last video, Pat is actually answering the question. And from a Scientology point of view, is a direct answer and not an obfuscation.

    But the last part of the video is exactly how I feel about Scientology…

    Scientology is a pyramid scheme masquerading as a cult masquerading as a religion.

  3. Dude Says:

    I don’t like Scientology. But explain me, how is that it is a pyramid scheme?

  4. Xenumania Says:

    Kudos to her for having the fortitude to do the project and to call it something other than a religion.

    I disagree with her though. In order for it to be a pyramid scheme, the profits (money) made would have to trickle down to others who are selling the product. That doesn’t happen. The money stays at the very top and it is also funneled to off shore accounts.

    It is a cult. The people at the top benefit to the detriment of it’s followers. They do not care about harming their followers, as long as they are able to keep their followers under their thumb, control them, and to force them to make money for them.

    $cientology uses certain processes through auditing and TR’s that puts their followers in a hypnotic state, thus making it easy to control them and to make them open to suggestion no matter how ridiculous it is.

    It IS a cult and a criminal money making scheme.

  5. XENU TV Says:

    It not strictly a pyramid scheme but there are commissions to certain people who bring in new members. For instance, Jason Beghe spoke about Ribisi being excited about bringing him in because he got 10% of everything Jason bought.

    I don’t know of many other churches that have sales commissions.

  6. Xenumania Says:

    Hi Mark,

    You are correct. I seemed to have forgotten about that. I concede that this does make it a “loose” pyramid scheme. Thanks for pointing that out.

  7. Xeero Says:

    Mark? I have your salvation in my hands right here, and you can get it for only $9999.99!

    (kudos to whoever can pick up the source of that obscure joke)

  8. Xenu Stole My Bike Says:

    That girl is nerdy hot.

  9. Dan Says:

    Way hot.

  10. Tarvu Says:

    Hey Mark!

    According to several news reports Beghe was brought in by Bodhi Elfman and apparently Giovanni Ribisi recruited Jason Lee. Easy to mix up Jasons. 🙂

  11. Jerry Says:

    In regards to the pyramid scheme questions: in any good pyramid scheme, the money flows from those at the bottom to those at the top, not from the top down. In my opinion, scientology is a pyramid scheme since their first goal is to build the ‘base’ larger and larger, while at the same time, all of the money flows up-lines to those (or the one) at the top.

  12. XENU TV Says:

    Tarvu, you are right. he even said so in the interview I did with him. I just made a mistake.

  13. way12go Says:

    What we know/think/remember/what-ever is negligible when compared to what we don’t know/think/remember/what-ever and what we can’t know/think/remember/what-ever.
    Atheist knows/thinks that gods don’t/can’t exist.
    Theist thinks god’s behind everything.
    Watch this video
    Theists vs Atheist

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