Interview with Pat Harney

A young woman interviews Scientology PR rep Pat Harney over the phone.  I haven’t watched this interview yet but it looks like it could be good.  You know if Pat is speaking for an hour, she has plenty of time to tell some whoppers.

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3 Comments on “Interview with Pat Harney”

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  2. Anonymous Says:

    Funny how Scientology turns on anyone who goes against them, like when Pat Harney said the France justice system is “guilty until proven innocent” and when FactVsReligion questioned that, she goes, “Uh, YEAH, it is” like some sort of valley schoolgirl.

    Oh Pat Harney … you’re not as bad as Tommy Davis, but you sure are funny when you lie.

  3. Treetale Says:

    1:38 on the first video, Pat has a Freudian slip. “Vocalized poisons” is the best description I’ve heard yet describing the mumbo jumbo these people spew out to confuse and manipulate the general public.

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