Stress Test Takedown

Scientology works — and it helps people.  That is the message of Dan Murnan in 1999 and again in 2009.

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7 Comments on “Stress Test Takedown”

  1. Greg Says:

    Whoever added the donkey kong country tune to this is a genius. Great video, and nice to see Dan again. Though he looks a little gaunt…

  2. Atrocitus Says:

    And sounds like a broken record. You’d think by now the cult would give him other things to say.

  3. Cornelius Futz Says:

    Poor Dan. Scientology isn’t helping him keep his teeth. Objecting to an organization helping people? Like there’s a lot of that going around. Old man stuck on the street, suckering people into organized fraud.

  4. Nashville Anon Says:

    Beautiful! Well played! I do see a need for us to come up with some snappy come backs to the “it works and it helps people” line.

    What is so very sad is that he really believes what he is saying/selling. There is much to be learned from that exchange, including what the CoS is feeding there staff about us.

    Still, I lol’d

  5. dr.fang Says:

    Snappy combacks for “It works and it helps people”?

    1) Has it helped you save money for retirement?

    2) It certainly works in that it tricks people into giving your church money.

    3) It sure worked on Lisa McPherson.

    4) If it works, why do OTs get cancer?

    5) If it works, why do you have to buy the new books?

    6) If it works, why do people have to re-take their OT courses?

    7) If it works 100% of the time, why does it only work on the “able”?

    8) It sure helped LRH hide from the law as a fugitive for the last 8 years of his life.

    9) If it helps people, why can’t you talk openly about it?

    10) I’d think that if your Church really wanted to “free” people, it wouldn’t charge them hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it.

  6. Ohioanon Says:

    Wow he has not changed his message at all over the past 10 years – no attempt at rational defense; just parroting the same things. You can actually see how his mind has atrophied and hardened over the last decade.

    hahaha what an honor to be handled by the man who started it all – dan murnan! If only I were so lucky.

  7. I'mPregnantWithXenu'sBaby Says:

    ^ Even if it takes years for them to gtfo either way its a HUGE WIN HUGE! It makes them look like a cult even more and especially European attitude towards the cult and it helps that they don’t gain a foothold in other neighboring countries. Also the thought and attitude with other countries will be like if France can do it then others can do it too. Other countries will feel energized if the cult looses. Also the headlines of a potential dismissal from France would give credence to anonymous and what we been saying. People will here this and put two and two together and be happy to belive us with these sometimes outrages claims against the scilons which we know to be true even more believable.

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