The Scientology Plan

Here’s a new German documentary featuring Marc Headley, Jason Beghe, Bruce Hines and Ursula Caberta.  You know this is made of win.

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16 Comments on “The Scientology Plan”

  1. pooinurmouth Says:

    hurry up tom go head and discredit it. why is this a fail for anonymous and a win the the cult…? IT ISNT!!!! U R ON THE WRONG SIDE

  2. Tom Newton Says:

    Why hasn’t Tom Newton finished “shredding anonymous” and brought about our destruction….? Oh wait that’s right Tom just needs to quote ED a little more and then everyone will believe him. Well before Tom starts lurking let me ask a rhetorical question to him: can he provide “evidence” about any so called crime committed by anonymous if he cant use ED as a source. Can he quote any “proof” without having to twist the story and add in a URL for some ED page that has nothing to do with peaceful protesting of the cult of $cientology. Oh who am I kidding TomBot won’t die unless ED goes offline and Toms infinite source of everything anonymous goes away and he can’t provide “absolute hard evidence” any more (hahahah evidence, lol) Like how every member of anonymous and you too Tom for going their yourself to jack off to pink bears and those others who only visit ED and all of which are obvious pedophiles right. Blah blah blah I can’t believe he thinks he can win against a whole army of people who all universally don’t know or even care about each other but who all share a common bond….. they have had very negative experiences with the cult of $cientology. And the best thing is the blown members bring new information with them everytime they leave the cult and we use that to wage our war which is practically at its middle. I know anonymous has YEARS of fighting still to do but let me ask you this… the cult or anonymous? Who can outlast who? We need very little money and resources to practically shut down the church and restrict any new members and hurt its public image all with almost no money or resources and very little supplies and yet on the other hand they spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on all sorts of fail shit and its gets them nothing but big fancy empty building and when they harass newcomers those being harassed get embolden and they now feel like it is personal and they feel the fight against the cult is a just fight and deserves ALOT of the individuals time and money and effort. The cult is after all the cults worst enemy. By attacking everyone they create new anti-$cientology supporters everyday, not just anonymous but everyday normal people who got mixed up in fair game by asking a simple question to a scilon like “What is your religion about? Is it really about aliens and lots of forced donations?” and then boom they are followed and harassed and fair gamed and then right their $cientology has a new life long enemy who would have probably forgot it if the cult didn’t push the person into taking a real stance against them. And new ideal orgs filled with nothing but empty air is not gonna go well when you got bills and lawyer fees and court cost and PR boners left and right cuz I for one will never give up. I know the hard core anons who will never and I mean never stop fighting the cult. And now we can do more with less. I mean after all in the beginning with almost 12 thousand members shit wasn’t popping in the news all that much but now as were down to a few thousand world wide the TV and Internet are alive with anti-$cientology stories. We may not be able to make your current brainwashed members quit but I can say with absolute assurance that you will not be getting any new members and eventually you will bleed them dry and they will physically have no more money and you will be forced to sell scilon properties and maybe even the rights to some LRH copyrights. Oh fuck it I’m tired of telling the world were winning and $cientology has been losing for at least the early 90’s when stat drops were at their worst then a slight rebound in the early 2000’s with the help of celebs but even now ask yourself this: When was the last time a real, for real type, celeb publicly praise scilon and said they support it as a whole other than Will Smith or other cultist that been indoctrinated. When did you see Juliet Lewis or fat ass Kirstie or Giovanni Ribisi or that blond dyke at a CCHR function. FUCK YOU $CAMOLOGY. anonymous legally can’t fail.

  3. 3rdMan Says:

    (watching documentry. reviewing resources for accuracy, will give opinion once done)

  4. 3rdMan Says:

    repost with better grammar (watching documentary, reviewing sources of info for accuracy, will give opinion once done).

  5. Bill W Says:

    I thought I saw Stacy Yound in the video. Must be fairly old footage. I thought she was out of the public eye when it came to CO$. Anyway, I like to crtical analysis from the German reporter; who constantly goes back to Sabine and asks relevant questions only to get stone-walled. Haven’t seen Tom recentle. Maybe he’s just waiting for the right time to pounce. LOL

  6. XENU TV Says:

    Yes, that was my footage of Stacy and Bob picking up Ursula at the Tampa airport. If the producers had asked me, I would have given them a better copy.

  7. piginthecity Says:

    This was an informative video. It shows that there’s a battle to be fought within the European Union to try to get everyone to follow the German government’s lead in robustness towards the cult.

    Also highlighted by this video is that ‘Human Rights reports’ and so on are also a battleground. I would hope somebody would ask why, if an information pillar in Germany can be considered a breach of human rights, can a private prison camp in USA, where a sufferer of MS is denied medical attention not be considered so.

    I wonder if this RPF or ‘cult concentration camp’ has appeared on Germany’s report on human rights within the USA.


  8. Benjamin Cisco Says:

    Wow! Well done documentary from Ms Gargosch and ZDF TV. We now have a current status of the cult, with updated data and the newest heroes added (Mr. Headley, Mr. Beghe, Mr. Hines).
    Thanks to the YT poster who supplied the version with English subtitles and of course, Mark for getting this out to folks like little old me.
    Brava all!

  9. Ackerland Says:

    Mr. XenuTV … can’t you put up a better quality version of the incident? This material has been out for years, so it still has the shitty real media stamp-size quality from 10 years ago. And I really think this is key material in our fight against the cult.

  10. Whys Tom Cruised praised? He should be int the RPF's RPF! Says:

    Thanks for posting this. Ive seen part of this documentry before and its very very good.

    If i was a $cientologist that was sent to the RPF id be very very pissed with Tom Cruise! Hes started the whole anonymous movement and has been the biggest overt product maker or stat crasher of all people thats ever existed. $cientology was doing quite well until Tom jumping on the couch, his wierd reactions to getting squirted in the face with water and his numourus other interviews that make him look like a total wierdo. Not to mention the leaked video that actually started many people like myself to find out about $camology.

    Yeah if Tom was any other $cientologist he’d have a R2-45 done on him. His best case scenario would be to be sent to the RPF’s RPF for the rest of his life. Yet cause of his celibrity hes hailed as a poster boy. “Look at what you can become” Dispite the fact 99% normal people have little to no respect for him and think hes loony. Look at how hes portrayed in the media and comedy shows!

    Plus did anyone hear that when Christian Bale did his performance in American Psycho he based his acting on Tom Cruise. And i dont mean his acting style! Hes even in the book American Psycho where Tom acts even wierder than Patrick Bateman! Cristian Bale even takes the piss out of $cientology in a couple of movies.

    Really how can $cientologists hail him when they should really be cursing him? Well i know that answer! $cientology internal propaganda. Everything ive seen looks like Nazi “uberman” propaganda. Become clear, become homo novis, become OT. Theyre not better than anyone, else actually worst. But theyre the highest a $cientologist wants to get. Backwards philosophy that, removing all emotion to become robotic atomitons. Sounds horrible to me. A fate worst than death!

  11. I wonder if Tom Newton is gonna try and defend Tom Cruise??? Wait as second! Tom Newton. Tom Cruise. Tom Tom. Thats it! Tom Cruise is doing the only thing he knows how which is pathetic damage control on the internet which everyone can see thru and makes him look even worst!

    Really if $cientology worked thered be loads of proof out there and thats what they would use instead of rhetoric!(Word clear rhetoric) How much did your shatter suppresion course cost Tom? We seen you on the video saying how great it is! So why hasnt one $cientologist demostrated this on the street? Surely with all the times you guys have talked to annonymous members and filmmed it there should be some proof of the tech working? Thats proof im talking about not rhetoric!

    No proof for anything! Wheres the clears, wheres blind being cured, cripples walking, people with improved eyesight, hubbard healing himself and others in WW2! Dont you think the military would still be using it if hubbard story was true?

    One word. Rhetoric! Seek out proof! Everything would be documented and tested otherwise!

    What better way to recruit recording and proving? A hypnotist can convince me that i can fly, he can convinced me that im a high powered lawyer or that everyone compared to me has the intelligence of an ant. But those fance videos of people saying how much their vision has improve etc… RHETORIC.

    If $cientology greatly improves IQ how come someone hasnt gone beyond Rhetoric for proof?

    Dont blindly follow, seek out proof.”Think for yourself” has a double meaning doesnt it. “Think [this] for yourself”

  12. 3rdMan Says:

    Watched, reviewed, researched; verdict: seems accurate and well researched. Glad it was done well and not botched like a Michael Moore production.

  13. dr.fang Says:

    Wow, that was interesting. I knew that Germany was a point of contention for CoS, but not to this degree.

    I find it telling that Scientology uses the same disinformation tactics that LRH started back in the 1950’s.

    Telling, and laughably pathetic. A lie only works if you have some sort of credibility to encourage the receiver to believe that you’re speaking the truth. For every lie you get caught in, the effect on your reputation gets more and more devastating.

    In the age of the Internet, Scientology’s lies are not only impossible to keep secret, they stay in circulation like so much orbital space junk. The net result is a sky getting cumulatively more cluttered with lies; resulting in a Constellation of Fail for all to see.

    So, as Scientolgy gets a worsening reputation for being a paranoid, deceitful group that attacks it’s critics; their only reaction (if they are going to follow the “unchangable” tech) is to continue to lie, attack its critics and generally act in a paranoid fashion. I admit it makes fascinating viewing on YouTube, but I gotta admit-the plot elements are getting pretty predictable.

    Which means Anonymous is going to win; they have to-it’s inevitable. Scientology cannot change its tactics without abandoning the “tech”. And if they don’t change their tactics, they’re going to lose.

    The real achilles heel of Scientolgy is that they are not allowed to think critically. A critical thinker would say, “Gee, what we’re doing is actually making things worse. LRH’s tech isn’t working anymore. We need to change our behavior because we really *are* acting like a paranoid cult.”

    Instead, a Scientolgist is taught that if the tech isn’t working for you, it’s YOUR fault because you’re not applying it right. So, the cycle is: Apply tech, Fail, Repeat.

  14. 'Le Tom 'El Newwwton Says:

    Résumé : A dix jours de l’ouverture d’un procès à haut risque pour l’église de scientologie, pour la première fois, l’un de ses adeptes s’exprime publiquement et accuse. Comment Alain Stoffen aurait-il été manipulé et ruiné par l’organisation ? Enquête.

  15. 'Le Tom 'El Newwwton Says:

    Résumé : A dix jours de l’ouverture d’un procès à haut risque pour l’église de scientologie, pour la première fois, l’un de ses adeptes s’exprime publiquement et accuse. Comment Alain Stoffen aurait-il été manipulé et ruiné par l’organisation ? Enquête.

  16. Jerry Says:

    From now on, I will only refer to Miscavige as the “Chef” of scientology.

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