Roses of Success

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49 Comments on “Roses of Success”

  1. Tom Newton Says:

    For once I agree with you Mark Bunker. The Anti-Scientology Racket’s collective attention whoring has been very successful.

    Good Job.

    Tom Newton

  2. Nashville Anon Says:

    Tom, Tom, Tom. Where did your mother and I go wrong?
    I ask you Tom, to take a minute and think about how getting arrested or any of the other so called dramatics actually help the good men and women of Anonymous? Do they get paid? Do they get fame? Does having a police record somehow help them in life?

    You see Tom, what anonymous wants is to end the abuses of the cult of Scientology. They remain anonymous, so there is no fame. They use their own time, energy and resources so the cost to them in some cases is great. In the end they gain nothing when they accomplish their goal of unseating Miscavige and seeing and end to the labor abuses, forced abortions and human trafficking. So tell me Tom, what is in this for Anonymous?

    We’re trying to help you Tom. Why do you find that so offensive? Did you sleep under your desk last night? Were you forced to decide between your family and your “religion”? We’re here to help Tom. Why are you afraid of us?

  3. Mary B. Says:

    Well put Nashville!

  4. Tom Newton Says:

    “I ask you Tom, to take a minute and think about how getting arrested or any of the other so called dramatics actually help the good men and women of Anonymous? Do they get paid? Do they get fame? Does having a police record somehow help them in life?”

    Standard extremist tactic: Become an activist, then turn into a nuisance in order to get arrested. Martyrs make the newspapers. Any intelligent person can see through this.

    As far as fame and money? Ask the Angry Gay Pope.

    Oh, and try to respond without personally attacking me. Your lack of substance becomes very obvious when you do this.

    Tom Newton

  5. Nashville Anon Says:

    Didn’t attack Tom, sorry you felt as if you were. I try not to use your tactics, or the tactics of your ilk. I shall keep myself in check for the rest of this discourse.

    So we want to be martyrs? What do we gain? What is in this for me Tom? And if I wanted to be a martyr, or famous or be an attention whore, why do I and my collegues remain not use our names and cover our faces when we protest?

    You routinely mention only a couple of anons who you claim to be fame whores. What about the vast majority of anons who do not fall into this category?
    What is in this for them Tom?

    What, Tom, is in this for us? What do I have to gain by helping you?

    And yet we do and will continue.

  6. Tom Newton Says:

    Anonymous members frequently cite “Fair Game” as the reason for wearing those ridiculous masks.

    This term refers to the Church of Scientology’s alleged tactics for handling their critics. However, despite what the critics of the Church profess to believe about “Fair Game,” it never actually happens.

    Without exception, all instances of the Church’s supposedly litigious nature can in fact be demonstrated to have been provoked by the very radical extremists themselves.

    Being sued by the Church is a badge of honor among these hateful and deceitful activists. In fact, there is NOTHING the Church is reputed to do to their critics which Anonymous hasn’t already done to many random and not so random individuals (Do a Google search of Hatch Mckay and Anonymous and see what turns up).

    Anonymous is a hypocritical hate group. Members do exactly the types of things they claim the Church does. This is a demonstrable fact, as all non-Anonymous readers of this blog can attest. The true reason they hide behind their masks is because they don’t want to be connected to hate crimes, cyber-bullying, and child porn.

    Here’s a recent thread at one of their sites where members are discussing the fact that “Fair Game” doesn’t ever really happen:

    Another salient fact: thousands of Anonymous members live in places where masked protests are not permitted. Combine this with the dozens of anti-Scientology authors, prominent critics, and various un-anonymous Internet activists, such as Donald “The Angry Gay Pope” Mires and, to any thinking person anyway, there is no reason to believe that there is any danger whatsoever in being a religious bigot with a gripe against Scientology. That is, if one is committed to legal and ethical behavior.

    Tom Newton

  7. XENU TV Says:

    Don’t spam, Tom.

    How does Paulette Cooper fit into your theory? Or Gabe Cazares? Or journalists and publishers of Time Magazine and other other such exposes?

  8. Tom Newton Says:

    “How does Paulette Cooper fit into your theory? Or Gabe Cazares? Or journalists and publishers of Time Magazine and other other such exposes?

    How does Red Herring fit into your theory? Or Red Herring? Or the frauds and apostates who sell their lies for big money? What about the Anti-Scientology Racket?

    Enjoy your trip to London, the HD Camera, or the tens of thousands paid to you by BM?

    Tom Newton

  9. Benjamin Cisco Says:

    Thanks for posting Mark! That video was great and had quite a few people and events that I had forgotten. Like that so-called church leader Carmichael and his utterings of female genitalia. [what’s with the sexual obsession of $cilons?].

    If I’m a religious-bigot for saying that he reeks of corruption, then so be it! I would rather be a religious-bigot against a so-called religion than a brainwashed, psychiatry-bigot who can’t tolerate free speech and any critic.

    These poor people in the cult. If they only knew how they are being perceived by society. I’ve shown videos to friends with no relationship to activism, Anonymous or the $cilon-hive and they all agree. They’re nucking futs!

  10. Wow, the comments for this post remind me of that awkward feeling you get when someone (Tom) starts getting defensive and loud at a party while talking to people.

    So I guess I’ll just do what I normally do when that happens, which is ignore it (whilst secretly listening) and go get another beer…

  11. Nashville Anon Says:

    But still Tom, you have yet to tell me what is in this for the average protester. What Tom, is in this for me?
    Maybe helping to prevent another Lisa McPherson? Or another underage person from working 12 hour days and being removed from her family after signing a billion year contract? Or maybe, just maybe preventing another woman from having to choose between her unborn child and her so called religion? Or maybe trying to keep families together, so that no more mothers have to wonder where their child is on mothers day because the church has made them disconnect?

    Yep, us do gooders are pretty selfish bunch, all personal gain, only in it for ourselves.

    Tell me Tom, you still haven’t answered my question. What does the anti scientology racket have in it for me?

  12. Chris Perez Says:

    Scientology is creepy. Tom is legion. Anonymous is societies way of curing the infection.

    Goodbye cult. You’re only worth is a lesson on what to look for the next time your ilk comes along.

  13. Tom Newton Says:

    “Author: Nashville Anon
    But still Tom, you have yet to tell me what is in this for the average protester. What Tom, is in this for me?”

    The average protester is a dupe.

    “Maybe helping to prevent another Lisa McPherson?”

    That conspiracy theory was debunked a decade ago.

    “Or another underage person from working 12 hour days and being removed from her family after signing a billion year contract?”


    “Or maybe, just maybe preventing another woman from having to choose between her unborn child and her so called religion?”

    Scientologists believe that life exists before conception, upon conception, and even after the body dies. They are anti-abortion since to them, it infringes on human rights.

    “Or maybe trying to keep families together, so that no more mothers have to wonder where their child is on mothers day because the church has made them disconnect?”

    You are mischaracterizing the Church. Or parroting someone else’s lies.

    “Yep, us do gooders are pretty selfish bunch, all personal gain, only in it for ourselves.”

    Do gooders don’t smear public hair on Churches, cyber-stalk, cyber-bully, and discriminate against minorities for fun.

    “Tell me Tom, you still haven’t answered my question. What does the anti scientology racket have in it for me?”

    Self-righteous pigs rarely need an incentive to act.

    Tom Newton

  14. Nashville Anon Says:

    Mark, don’t know if you’ve heard the news, but the
    charges against 44 were dropped and will be expunged from his record!

  15. Darth Anonymous Says:

    You’re right Tom we’re all evil. We’re in league with Xenu and planning to take over the universe. In fact I’m smearing radio-active pubic hairs on myself, but it’s ok, the purif will cleanse me of that.

  16. Nashville Anon Says:

    “That conspiracy theory was debunked a decade ago.”

    No Tom, they lied to you. Google it.

    “You are mischaracterizing the Church. Or parroting someone else’s lies.”

    Your church has lied to you Tom. Try going here:


    From Laura DeCrescenzo’s current lawsuit:
    At age 10, Laura was a full-time staff member. At 12, she left her home in New Mexico, without her parents, and moved to California to join Scientology’s elite Sea Organisation, signing a contract to serve for one billion years.

    At 17, Laura was coerced into having an abortion. She was told that to have the child she was pregnant with would be “out-ethics”, a Scientology term meaning “unethical”, because it would interfere with her work for the Church.

    I believe that is dox for two of your claims. Just what I have on hand. For others I refer people to
    Ex Scientologist message board.

    “Do gooders don’t smear public hair on Churches, cyber-stalk, cyber-bully, and discriminate against minorities for fun.”

    I’ve never done that Tom, nor have any of the other anons I know, and I know quite a few. As for minorities, I am one. That is why you will find many of us involved with Anonymous, we know discrimination. We’ve lived it.

    “Self-righteous pigs rarely need an incentive to act.”

    Gee Tom, is that a personal attack?

  17. 3rdman Says:

    “Mark, don’t know if you’ve heard the news, but the
    charges against 44 were dropped and will be expunged from his record!”
    I will look for this good news on WWP for verification. Otherwise, awesome.

    On the subject of “Tom” vs. Everyone:
    Why are we being distracted by OSA drones in this topic? We are not getting sound answers from them, or a decent argument, or a sound debate, or much less any accomplished endeavor after proving the Scifag trolls wrong again and again and again. These are bigots in a sub-organization trained to fuck with what Scientology perceives are their enemies. They’re paid to do it. Feed the trolls if you want but don’t let them distract you from what is really important:

    That this video kicks ass and is well made! It illustrates some of the biggest footbullets related to Scientology that contributes to the increased media attention towards the cult. Love the song too. Watch and enjoy!

  18. Tom Newton Says:

    “That this video kicks ass and is well made! It illustrates some of the biggest footbullets related to Scientology that contributes to the increased media attention towards the cult. Love the song too. Watch and enjoy!”

    The video opens up with an Anonymous slathering Vaseline, Toe Nails, and Pubic Hair on himself–right before he “raped” the books and furniture.

    How is that a good thing?

    Tom Newton

  19. Xenu stole my bike Says:

    That video is f@#%ing awesome, and it’s making Tom Newton batshit insane.

  20. XENU TV Says:

    Yes, Tom is over-reacting which is oddly what we see in thbis video. Scientology is lashing out as things get rough for DM and his gang.

  21. Ubernon Says:

    Tom Newton, since you went off in a whinging hissy fit last time, I will direct your attention to a post which proves once and for all that Scientology fits the very description of a hate group.

    Read it.

  22. Dave Says:

    The death of Lisa McPherson was a conspiracy? Tom Newton, stop failing the Turing test!

    Nashville Anon, great to hear that about 44!

  23. Matt Says:


    Suck on this Tom. You keep winning. Anonymous keeps losing, right? All your effort really accomplished much, huh? All anonymous does is bring awareness to the public about the cults actions. The court of public opinion is our best weapon. No one takes $cientology seriously. Its thought of not as a dangerous cult that kills (as much as we want it to be known as) however it is seen as a silly alien cult religion group which is very expensive and only compatible with celebrity’s. Not dangerous but a big joke. So either way dangerous cult like we say or a silly stupid celebrity cult money waste of time. Either way it is not good for them. No new members are coming so they will eventually bleed the current members dry and run out of property and force to sell its holdings and rights to copyright shit just to maintain the “get new members right now” plan they been trying since their stats drop.

  24. mikethemarcabian Says:

    I actually feel sorry for Tom. He must work awfully long hours against an army of people who simply let the public know the truth about $cientology. All the $cientology secrets are free online. The abuses are online. There is no way the cult can keep the many thousands of people who have suffered under its hands quiet anymore.

    The public were once blase about $cientology. Then they realised there was something creepy about it. But now things are even worse. $cientology is openly ridiculed and has become laughing stock. Your leader is mocked, your space alien secrets are laughed at, the evil-eye stare is copied to comic effect. $cientology would be halarious were it not for the awful abuses that take place within its confines.

    Tom, I am an exmember of your cult. You do not know who I am. All the people at my local org do not even know I am protesting so I am yet to be declared. I have personal experience of the abuses and frauds that occur in $cientology. I have learnt to beat the E-Meter and have shown other scientologists how to do the same. The rot has set in. The Tech is in trouble. The PR is bad.

    I feel so sorry for you Tom. Don’t you want a normal job? Settle down and start a family? Go on vacation twice a year? See the people you love every day? Have time to enjoy your life? Read a book written by someone other than LRH? It can be done Tom. I am living proof. I wish only the best for you friend.

  25. Matt Says:

    The thing that bothers me the most about what Tom does on the internet for $cientology is that he thinks that its working and that it helps scilons and hurts anon. Its one thing for us to have an honest open debate in the comments section of blogs where we point out each others argument back and forth trying to convince the other that we are right and the other is wrong. But what Tom does is truly pointless and actually counter productive to the aims of $cientology. He hurts their already damaged image by constantly failing to win the argument in front of potential scilons or anons or regular public who might be on the fence. When he is proven wrong by anonymous members time and again his response is in effect “I’m wrong and I have no proof to counter their argument. What can I do when they have clear and obvious dox and I don’t have any dox or proof to counter with.” So what does he do? He ignores the obvious correct statements or videos and dissects something from the video or article and twist and manipulate it and change the story to fit his argument. Maybe he throws something in from another page maybe ED or maybe he takes something old and repackages it differently and says its new. The same old allegations are falling on deaf ears since he can’t prove what he’s saying as fact and everyone eventually figures out its just his opinion and anything he says should be disregarded. His response to this will probably be the same waste of time he’s been participating in for the last year but I say hey let him help us by making all scilons look crazy and racist and not able to think clearly and for themselves and has to do what ever his silicon handles say. Tom will try to link everyone and everything into a simple package like anon are pedo’s by taking some dumb twisted comment from ED and say all anonymous is just ED and everything is linked because some anions go to that site. How stupid. Everyone can see through this. Everyone can see Tom for what he is and what he does. How pathetic that Tom’s “religion” has him serving them by doing this stupid shit on the internet and always loosing the battle between fact and opinion. Is this what $cientology is all about? Tom what are you doing this for? Why look stupid and waste your time. Your only one man, anon is an army. How can you thin you could ever even try to keep up. Like if I offered the fair game argument and said that I can physically hand you court papers from several old scilon cases proving fair game exists and you will still say that it does not exist and those papers with a government seal are fake and part of the extremely lucrative “anti-$cientology racket”. TOM’S REAL NAME IS……. THOMAS “FAIR” GAME the III. I got more to say but its pissing me off how much time I’m wasting on this turd so I’m gonna stop proving how pointless Tom’s comments really are and how ineffective a strategy like the one he is using since he’s so outnumbered and has nothing but opinion and when someone who is not anon asks for real proof of wrongdoing they never get any and right their his total ineptitude lost another one to our side.

  26. CrazyDelaney Says:

    Hey Tom,

    Are there any other anti-religious extremists you think need to be opposed? I mean, besides the ones attacking Scientology? You seem to be focused on Scientology exclusively.

  27. Tardy Says:

    I am no fan of the cult of Scientology (Live in the UK so I am allowed to call it a cult) and this Tom Bloke seems to be totally clueless about the evil that Scientology does or at least is so brain washed as to make him unable to believe them, therefore what is the point of debating with him, you will only get the same answers you will get from any Scientology handlers.

    However I do have one question why is the link he made not ‘live’ and why does he get told not to spam when there are other links on the thread.

    The reason I am asking is I think Scientology is EVIL but you cant have double standards and tell one person off for spamming with a link even though its not active when other people are also doing it.

    Finally before either side accuse me of bias I will state I have an interest in Scientology from the position of having an M.A in Divinity where I studied world religion and cults. The only one that was ‘off limits’ to debate and hardest to find unbiased material on was Scientology which naturally peaked my interest in what they were hiding.

    P.S I left uni way before any of the material now in the public domain was easy to get at.

  28. Johnny B Says:

    Well done Tom. Answering questions with questions, not answering the questions directed at you, and calling names. You are a beacon for Human Rights activists everywhere. By “beacon” I mean “embarrassment”. All you have done here is belittle and accuse and yet you criticize everyone here for belittling and accusing? This is indeed typical of you, and maybe if I type it enough times you’ll start to think about it and actually consider not being the pot here in kettleville. p.s. I love your “holocaust denial” style selective ignorance of ‘fair game’ and Lisa McPherson. Have you ever seen Mark’s video of the picket at his house?

  29. Treetale Says:

    Sweet video with a great compilation of all the scifag f*ck ups.

    Oh yeah, I’m done feeding Tom all the attention, he loves it.
    Let’s just starve him of stimuli.

  30. Nashville Anon Says:

    @Treetale I am too busy celebrating the victory of anon 44.

    Party in Nashvegas. Bring your own bologna sammie. Video roses included.

  31. Treetale Says:


    So when is 44 going to turn the tables and sue those assaulting bastards? His rights were infringed. I suppose that would put his name out there an that would suck.

  32. celegar Says:



    “prove it, prove it, proooooove it, prove it, prove it, prooove iiit!!!!!”

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Tom proves moar and moar each day why he is useful to the cause.

  34. XENU TV Says:


    The link isn’t active because Tom didn’t enter a full and proper url. It’s nothing done by me.

    And I tell him no spamming because he cuts and pastes the same drivel over and over. He could at least come up with new drivel.

  35. Tom Newton Says:



    I speak the truth.

    Tom Newton

  36. XENU TV Says:

    See, that’s what I like about you, Tom. You make me laugh.

  37. Adam Says:

    I agree with Tardy. Why argue with Tom? It’s the same tired nonsense time and time again, and it’s just turning the comments section into a never ending flame war based solely on the attention you pay to him. He’s trying to get under your skin. Just ignore the guy.

  38. slicolas Says:

    My god Tom when it comes to scilons it doesnt matter how many claims that anonymous and even $cientologists themselves have proven they keep redenying it and when the proof is so overwhelming they say “So what?”

    Like Lisa Mcphearson, youre trying to claim that was debunked yet you forget at the time the documentation was out there and Mike Rinder admited it all.
    When it comes to child labour dispite all the many ex-$cientologists/freezoners that say its true they have been filmmed.
    When it comes to Xenu, dispite the years of released docs, ex-$cientologists/freezoners and the many hours of hubbard talking about it we have Tommy Davis coming on air and admitting thats its true saying “those beliefs are copyright and im tired of people bring them up”
    Dispite all the leaked docs on fair game the video footage of fair game, the court testimony of fair game, testimonies from ex-$cilons/freezoners. The head of $cientology in America and the then current spokesman admited it was true on television and confirmed that documents signed by hubbard were true! On air many times we’ve seen $cientologists deny it and on air we’ve seen those same $cientologists admit that its all true.

    The fact that youll deny any of what the very top people in $cientology have admitted to, either tells me you dont know, or that youre a liar always wanting to do damage control and never being honest. How can anyone trust a person like yourself who either denys facts proven again and again or doesnt have the gumption to do some research and find out whats true and what isnt?

    So the sources we have got these claims from are, ex-$cientologists, freezoners, family members, ex-PI, Ex-cops, current cops, lawyers, judges, the court system, FBI, documents, reporters, hidden cameras from inside the cult, documents currently being leaked, years worth of film footage, court testimonies, cult experts, your books and policy letters and the one youll be most foolish to deny, the very heads of $cientology admitting that its true.

    Try and look crediable will you Tom?

  39. axelfoleygonnafightthatcrime Says:

    Why hasn’t Tom Newton finished “shredding anonymous” and brought about our destruction….? Oh wait that’s right Tom just needs to quote ED a little more and then everyone will believe him. Well before Tom starts lurking let me ask a rhetorical question to him: can he provide “evidence” about any so called crime committed by anonymous if he cant use ED as a source. Can he quote any “proof” without having to twist the story and add in a URL for some ED page that has nothing to do with peaceful protesting of the cult of $cientology. Oh who am I kidding TomBot won’t die unless ED goes offline and Toms infinite source of everything anonymous goes away and he can’t provide “absolute hard evidence” any more (hahahah evidence, lol) Like how every member of anonymous and you too Tom for going their yourself to jack off to pink bears and those others who only visit ED and all of which are obvious pedophiles right. Blah blah blah I can’t believe he thinks he can win against a whole army of people who all universally don’t know or even care about each other but who all share a common bond….. they have had very negative experiences with the cult of $cientology. And the best thing is the blown members bring new information with them everytime they leave the cult and we use that to wage our war which is practically at its middle. I know anonymous has YEARS of fighting still to do but let me ask you this… the cult or anonymous? Who can outlast who? We need very little money and resources to practically shut down the church and restrict any new members and hurt its public image all with almost no money or resources and very little supplies and yet on the other hand they spend hundreds of millions of dollars a year on all sorts of fail shit and its gets them nothing but big fancy empty building and when they harass newcomers those being harassed get embolden and they now feel like it is personal and they feel the fight against the cult is a just fight and deserves ALOT of the individuals time and money and effort. The cult is after all the cults worst enemy. By attacking everyone they create new anti-$cientology supporters everyday, not just anonymous but everyday normal people who got mixed up in fair game by asking a simple question to a scilon like “What is your religion about? Is it really about aliens and lots of forced donations?” and then boom they are followed and harassed and fair gamed and then right their $cientology has a new life long enemy who would have probably forgot it if the cult didn’t push the person into taking a real stance against them. And new ideal orgs filled with nothing but empty air is not gonna go well when you got bills and lawyer fees and court cost and PR boners left and right cuz I for one will never give up. I know the hard core anons who will never and I mean never stop fighting the cult. And now we can do more with less. I mean after all in the beginning with almost 12 thousand members shit wasn’t popping in the news all that much but now as were down to a few thousand world wide the TV and Internet are alive with anti-$cientology stories. We may not be able to make your current brainwashed members quit but I can say with absolute assurance that you will not be getting any new members and eventually you will bleed them dry and they will physically have no more money and you will be forced to sell scilon properties and maybe even the rights to some LRH copyrights. Oh fuck it I’m tired of telling the world were winning and $cientology has been losing for at least the early 90’s when stat drops were at their worst then a slight rebound in the early 2000’s with the help of celebs but even now ask yourself this: When was the last time a real, for real type, celeb publicly praise scilon and said they support it as a whole other than Will Smith or other cultist that been indoctrinated. When did you see Juliet Lewis or fat ass Kirstie or Giovanni Ribisi or that blond dyke at a CCHR function. FUCK YOU $CAMOLOGY. anonymous legally can’t fail.

  40. XENU TV Says:

    Alex, please don’r spam.

  41. piginthecity Says:

    Excellent Video – very uplifting and apt. As a fan of the film from which it was taken I can attest that’s particularly appropriate for the following reasons.

    1) The bad guys in the film have created their ‘perfect society’ based on hatred and repression, built upon real and terrible suffering is caused to the victims.

    2) Baron Bomburst and his wife are ridiculously and hilariously pompous, emotionally dysfunctional, and secretly hating each other, yet also genuinely evil. Hubbard, Miscavage and Cruise to a tee!

    3) The way the bad guys were defeated was a revolt by the oppressed, triggered when lies told by the Baron were exposed, and his fear held no sway.

    4) The enslavement is performed (by the child-catcher character) using a mixture of charm, deceit and menace.


  42. But Mark I suck your cock with envy why cant I put the post that I worked my ass off to write and spell check and perfect in a hour in every post so if someone misses it on one they see they other. Im just trying to get the anti troll message to everyone. Don’t hate me for that. Ive been buying and distributing ur video since the 90s and I use to donate and I live in NJ where thier isn’t much to do and I can only flyer and post… so I ask u wut do u want me to do oh leader of anonymous… I will do what ever u command since you run the lucrative anti-scilon market…?

  43. Tom what are you gonna do now? At this rate the cult will be bankrupt within a matter of a decade. Yes a decade I said. But constant pressure and more young people raised on the Internet and who have free access to all this hard data will learn what is cult and what is not cult. Plus the bad economy for the next few years plus all the international court and other probs you been having. I think its almost over. Just stay applying the pressure and maybe the cult will crack within ten years? Time will move before you know it will be 2017 and the newly formed FBI cult watch group will raid RTC and arrest the new leader as DM will die from being a asthmatic dwarf douche who is a pussy and punches staff bigger then him only when he has 11 Sea Org bodyguards behind him to stand on their shoulders. David Miscarage of justice is only 5’3 in real life. I saw him at an event in 99 when my family was still kind of active. They use to throw out all the papers and private and sensitive material in locally placed garbage cans around the building and I stared stealing and leaking documents that a year later they instituted a new policy about having those mini shredders attached to the top of these grey garbage cans and anything important or sensitive would be destroyed before it go to the “big outside garbage pile” from which I and my sister stole literally hundreds of documents. Most were stupid nothing of interest papers but one out of every 50 pages of useless junk was one paper with lots of damaging info and I would re-release them to the Internet but its got so much legal and copyright probs I would be found out as my family is on the PTS list of semi active members who attend big events but not regularly participate yet the cult still considers full active members and if I leaked them I might get a Gerry Armstrong type of wake up in the near future cuz some of these have never been released by the gov…. even 7 IRS related papers that the FOIA request denied me. (they don’t have much other than list of lawsuits and the money and lawyers they were paying and how much it was costing each year to fund these suits versus the total possible profit if they could achieve tax status

  44. XENU TV Says:

    Not surprisingly, that whole string of comments (pro and con) come from one IP address:

    Why must Scientology lie?

    And if it was an experiment to see if I would tell someone other than Tom not to spam, yes, I will.

    Say what you like but lying helps no one.



  47. Holy-smokes Says:

    Wow, just wow.

    All we need to bring down scientology is a few more scilon or scilon hired trolls like the ones floating around on this board.

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Mr. All Caps Cruise Control, Pfizer gets us all the best pinks and blues. Chill out.

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