CCHR Counter-Protest

The San Francisco Anons are planning to add some much needed perspective to Scientology’s protest of a psychiatry convention on May 16th-21.  They will be there to explain Hubbard’s paranoid ramblings about “evil psychs” and why the group he created has the insane beliefs they do.

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9 Comments on “CCHR Counter-Protest”

  1. 3rdman Says:

    Being a psychiatry critic, I must say about CCHR: losers, all of them. This cult tool and the Scientologists that run it are wrong on so many levels They’re bullshit stigmatizes legitimate psychiatry critics who try to use real arguments backed up by REAL references and evidence

    Its depressing how they misconstrue statements by Gwen Olsen and twist it for their own agenda. So now when anyone criticizes psychiatry, your reduced to being labeled a crazy Scientologist or just a wack job.

    Not totally against psychiatry, but its a field that needs changes, positive ones that will make things based on real Science and professional conduct instead of business.

    Good luck SF-Anons. Show the people what the CCHR is really all about.

  2. celegar Says:

    hundred percent agreed with 3rd. im not exactly pro psychiatry, since the doctors that practice it still work with hit and miss, but thats how ALL SCIENCE WORKS!!! WITH HIT AND MISS, YOU HAVE TO GET IT WRONG A HUNDRED TIMES BEFORE YOU GET IT RIGHT. this also goes into the saying that there is no exact science, but at least their lagitimately trying to map the human mind, and since EVERY person is different, no one method will fix everyone.


  3. Scientologists says they are against psychiatry. Still, they will faild to name you three important anti-psychiatry personnality who aren’t linked to Scientology or to CCHR.

  4. Bob Loblaw Says:

    Hey Mark, any chance you’re going to be able to make it up from LA to join us for this? We’d sure love to see you!

    -Bob Loblaw

  5. XENU TV Says:

    I live in San Diego. I’m considering it but not sure if I can do it.

  6. Benjamin Cisco Says:

    Hey guys. Can you do me a favor and let the CCHR protesters of psychiatry know that they’re a bunch of “Psychiatry Bigots”? One thing I hate is bigots….
    Good luck!

  7. ♥X♥0♥X♥0♥X♥0♥ Says:

    There will be hugs if you do come :3 ♥

  8. Matt Says:

    The thing that bothers me the most about what Tom does on the internet for $cientology is that he thinks that its working and that it helps scilons and hurts anon. Its one thing for us to have an honest open debate in the comments section of blogs where we point out each others argument back and forth trying to convince the other that we are right and the other is wrong. But what Tom does is truly pointless and actually counter productive to the aims of $cientology. He hurts their already damaged image by constantly failing to win the argument in front of potential scilons or anons or regular public who might be on the fence. When he is proven wrong by anonymous members time and again his response is in effect “I’m wrong and I have no proof to counter their argument. What can I do when they have clear and obvious dox and I don’t have any dox or proof to counter with.” So what does he do? He ignores the obvious correct statements or videos and dissects something from the video or article and twist and manipulate it and change the story to fit his argument. Maybe he throws something in from another page maybe ED or maybe he takes something old and repackages it differently and says its new. The same old allegations are falling on deaf ears since he can’t prove what he’s saying as fact and everyone eventually figures out its just his opinion and anything he says should be disregarded. His response to this will probably be the same waste of time he’s been participating in for the last year but I say hey let him help us by making all scilons look crazy and racist and not able to think clearly and for themselves and has to do what ever his silicon handles say. Tom will try to link everyone and everything into a simple package like anon are pedo’s by taking some dumb twisted comment from ED and say all anonymous is just ED and everything is linked because some anions go to that site. How stupid. Everyone can see through this. Everyone can see Tom for what he is and what he does. How pathetic that Tom’s “religion” has him serving them by doing this stupid shit on the internet and always loosing the battle between fact and opinion. Is this what $cientology is all about? Tom what are you doing this for? Why look stupid and waste your time. Your only one man, anon is an army. How can you thin you could ever even try to keep up. Like if I offered the fair game argument and said that I can physically hand you court papers from several old scilon cases proving fair game exists and you will still say that it does not exist and those papers with a government seal are fake and part of the extremely lucrative “anti-$cientology racket”. TOM’S REAL NAME IS……. THOMAS “FAIR” GAME the III. I got more to say but its pissing me off how much time I’m wasting on this turd so I’m gonna stop proving how pointless Tom’s comments really are and how ineffective a strategy like the one he is using since he’s so outnumbered and has nothing but opinion and when someone who is not anon asks for real proof of wrongdoing they never get any and right their his total ineptitude lost another one to our side.

  9. everanonymous Says:

    Tom is a troll who likes to read his own blog. whether or not he’s serious is beside the point. the only people who actually read his site are anon’s. don’t feed the troll. just read, laugh, and move on. that is unless you like futile arguments on the internet.

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