Pet Thetans

Here’s an Anonymous suggestion for opening up new cash lines for DM.

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6 Comments on “Pet Thetans”

  1. 3rdman Says:

    Ouch. Carlos Mencia would be proud, lol.

  2. slicolas Says:

    Nice one. I wonder if we’ll get any damage control on this video. Lol well of course not theres been no $cilons caught fucking up here! i wonder what you $cilons think when you defend $cilons doing wrong? Youre obviously not out to better society but rather want to trample all over it. All that bullshit you preech is just a front.

  3. Ironhead Says:

    lol that was sweet.

  4. celegar Says:

    lets see how tom berates others because of this posting.

  5. Mary B. Says:


  6. Tara Says:

    That is absolutely hysterical!!! Good one!!!

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