Nashville Anonymous Assaulted

Anonymous pinned to the ground

Anonymous pinned to the ground

Last weekend, DM was in Nashville for the opening of a new “Ideal” Celebrity Center. When DM is in the area, it is extra important for local staff to “make things go right.” That leads to goonish behavior like this.

From the YouTube Description:

The Scientologists had purchased a permit for the sidewalks from Olympic to Vernon, so we knew we could stand at the corner opposite Olympic and 8th. We could see the beginning of the sidewalk closed area on the other side of Olympic.  As we started walking up to the intersection, a combination of OSA members and people from a local security company ran toward us — the suit woman in the background is definitely OSA bureaucracy), screaming that we need to ‘FUCKING TURN AROUND’ and that the sidewalk was closed. When we tried to say that the permit didn’t reach this far down on 8th, they said that we were wrong and that we needed to leave. OSA is vicious, so we said that fine, we would go behind the sign they were talking about (the LEFT LANE CLOSED sign which the woman said was the beginning of the closed sidewalk).

Eventually, they pinned one of the Anons to the ground and told us that if we didn’t leave, they were going to arrest us too and that the Anon was going to jail because he broke the law. A Google Street View shows that is not the case. 

There’s a thread over at Why We Protest.

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29 Comments on “Nashville Anonymous Assaulted”

  1. Avery1 Says:

    Wow those rentacops are brutal.

  2. 3rdman Says:

    Brutal would be an understatement. They’re criminals for assaulting the Anon after he left. Clearly the Anons were leaving and they just attacked the one dude regardless.

    I’m wondering if this is a private security company just simply paid for by Scientology or if these are specifically trained by their org.

  3. Ann O'Nymous Says:

    It seems it is a private security company.

  4. Ironhead Says:

    those hired goons are as shameless as their scilon masters.

  5. Legion Says:

    Wow….activists becoming nuisances in order to become martyrs. It’s a brilliant, albeit dishonest tactic.Anonymous provoked it while feigning victimhood.

    They figured out the game. With a Professional Anti-Scientologist like Mark Bunker leading the way, I expect we’ll see more arrests and “violence” in the future! YAY!

    I think I might join in on this Anti-Scientology Band Wagon. I want to get arrested and then collect donations. Lulz! Profit! Lulz!

  6. Chris Says:

    This seems suspect to me. I think that the case is in fact that the Scientologists were in the right and the protesters did cross over into a restricted area.

    The Scientologists had a permit. They were doing things the right way, covering their asses legally. The protesters were pushing past the point of reason.

    Protesting is an art form. It has to be done the right way in order to be legal and effective. Being provocative and aggressive when protesting causes trouble.

    I don’t particularly like Scientology however as a free society that respects other religions I think the protesters were in the wrong here. Like it or not Scientologists have constitutional rights too, they have the right to practice their religion peacefully. Even if it is a deluded sham of a religion, it is a religion, and one that should be tolerated.

  7. slicolas Says:

    Scilons spinning their usual shit on this forum. Always doing damage control. How ethical and moral can you $cientologists really be whenever you always have to twist situations in your favor?

    Oh i forgot that whole bullshit that hubbard brainwashed you lot into believing. The shit that if it makes $cientology look bad then its bad for society.

    1.Theyre clearly within their right to walk up to there and well beyond!
    2.The $cientologists slaves blantantly over stepped their boundry and then viciously slammed the protester to the gound!
    3.The protesters were civil and were willing to work in the warpped rules the scilons laid down for them
    4.The scilons werent civil(didnt even speak to them) and broke the law themselves.
    5.Scilons taking any excuse to assult people without anyexplaination.

    Ask yourself this. In the many videos were anonymous are protesting and $cilons have walked up to them would anonymous been in the right to slam them down to the ground and drag them off to jail? How many videos do we see bullbaiting scilons, scilons tearing up signs and getting all in their face?

    Does a permit really give people the right to be totalitarian? What about peoples right to protest? They werent stopping anyone from practicing any “religion” or business practice.

    No the $cilons were well in the wrong. If they werent there wouldnt be anyone doing damage control here. Your morals are bankrupt OSA. Is your “church” all that it claims to be? Looking inside yourself you know that its not!

  8. anon Says:

    chris is a closet scientologist

  9. slicolas Says:

    Fact is its $cientology thats bad for society. Think about all the damage you do. Your fair game law and the damage it does. Any family members that have had their life ruined by $cientology(seperation, death of a member etc)Are than subject to more fair gaming. A member that leaves family and friends are forced not to talk or associate with them. Not only do they lose all the money that they have given $cientology but they lose their families. Fancially and emotionally ruining people. Killing many thru murders and mal-practice. Driving many to suicide but then washing your hands of your behavior and actions in driving people to suicide. Trampling over peoples rights in society putting yourselves and your wants above everything else. Abuse and destruction to expand $cientology only helps $cientology in limited ways but destroys society as a whole making it much worst for everyone else. And ends up being counter-productive for $cientology in the long run.

    Think about this situation here. They get a small “win” Cause they slam some guy to the ground and dont let protesters get anywhere near them. But they get a much bigger lose cause of the fear and totalitarian tratment of society. Treating people like they have no rights and $cientologists can just march all over them! But then again if hubbard the “humanitarian”*cough* said “Fair Game” was alright it must be? Why dont you look up R2-45 and see how much of a humanitarian hubbard really is!

  10. nashvilleresident Says:

    For those making the claim that the protesters were in the wrong or somehow provoked this:

    1. The assault occurred on the 1000 block of 8th Ave South, between Olympic and Archer.
    2. The church had no sidewalk permit for the 1000 block of 8th Ave. S.
    3. Since the church had no permit, the sidewalk is public property.
    4. You cannot be guilty of trespass on public property.
    5. The citation and detainment would have been illegal if the church had a permit,as there are very specific rules regarding trespass on property where the closure is not posted.
    6. All permits that the church did have expired on the 24th. The assault took place on the 25th.

    Also, you have clearly NOT watched the video.

    Mark-I have all of the permits that were pulled for sidewalks by the church for the event, stills and maps of where it occurred. (The permits are a matter of public record, so anyone can search the public works website and obtain them.) If you want it, shoot me an email.

  11. […] Assault – Nashville: Part 2 This showed up on the Wog blog too. Interesting thing is that identical comment appears in both the comments on ATS and the Wog […]

  12. Says:

    I’m not a scientologist but, you two $ci shills should STFU. Have no NO IDEA how obvious you are? Your attempts at ‘handling’ the assault is Pathetic. FLUNK.

  13. Treetale Says:

    At first I was completely surprised at this video, how could any private security force tackle and detain a citizen like that it just doesn’t make sense (mainly because of the liability issues and the fact they were wearing police issue belts with GUNS). After watching the vids and reading threads I noticed that a picture contained face shots of the men that tackled anon. After I zoomed in on the picture I noticed that one mans shirt actually says “POLICE” on it ; another mans shirt has a police shield over the breast.
    I like to read all of the crazy stuff scientology does, and continues to do, on this site and I have to say that something just doesn’t ring right about this story I feel like some facts on who these people were are purely conjecture.
    I definitely understand the case about the permit boundaries, protesters were in the right, esp. when it comes to assault. This entire situation seems like a slap in the face of liberty.
    Check out the picture if they are wearing this apparel, and not actual law enforcement I think you’ll have a great case against this group ; on the other hand, people in the security field are not stupid enough to wear a shirt that says “POLICE”. I have a feeling we’re missing some facts on this story.

    -Vox populi, vox dei
    -scientology will fail.

  14. Kenny Says:

    “After I zoomed in on the picture I noticed that one mans shirt actually says “POLICE” on it ; another mans shirt has a police shield over the breast.”

    Could you post the pics?

  15. Nashville Anon Says:

    I was one of the protesters there that day. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the assault.

    Protesting is an art form? Isn’t that a quote from L Ron Hubbard? It is obviously an art form that the CoS thought they had mastered, yet they continue to lose. Attack, never defend?

    Talk to me Chris, I will tell you exactly what happened. No, my CoS friend, we did not pull this in. You did.

  16. Artoo45 Says:

    they have the right to practice their religion peacefully. Even if it is a deluded sham of a religion, it is a religion, and one that should be tolerated.

    Chris, does the quote above make any sense? Deluded, sham religion=religion? It’s the fact that Scientology is a scam that we protest. Not Xenu. Not The Gorilla Goals. Not the tone scale. It’s the illegal, abusive structure of their business we want to expose. Believing in the batshit crazy “tech” is covered by the constitution, the abusive organization is not.

  17. Xenumania Says:

    It angers me that the Cult of $cientology gets away with hiring private security to use as their own little private police force. People need to start playing the game the cult’s way; LITIGATION. Not only was this incident a blatant violation of civil rights, it was foolish, dangerous, and excessive.

    You cannot make a private person(s) arrest in a situation like that. The sidewalk was close “by permit” and that does not constitute private property. The MOST action that could have been taken by a police officer, provided an actual officer witnessed a violation is to issue a cite to the violator. The violation could have either been an infraction or local municipal code.

    IF the situation was different and there was a misdemeanor trespassing violation there, they are required to advise the violator that he is trespassing and they must order him to leave, then they must give him ample time to leave before making a private person(s) arrest.

    So, here is yet another clear case of excessive use of force by “security” personnel.

    Were the police called? If so, did the police officer(s) view the video footage?

    Was this guy just detained or was he placed under private persons arrest? If so, what was the charge?

  18. Nashville Anon Says:

    He was issued a citation for aggravated trespassing by the local police once he was taken behind the barricade, in handcuffs by security. We are not certain if the police issuing the citation were on duty. We are fairly certain they did not witness the assault.

    The police were called, but they arrived after Anon44 had been released. He did not take a report because in words, “it was a matter for the court”.

  19. Xenumania Says:

    thanks for the update Nashville Anon. My hat goes off to you folks.

    It sounds to me like the wanna-be cops trumped up some stuff to make it sound worse than it was.

    Tell your that protester to keep any and all material related to the case. IF the district attorney even bothers to file anything against him, tell him to make sure he gets a copy of ALL discovery and to save it.

    It is likely that there will be some juicy stuff in there that your video will completely show is false. It will make for some really nice evidence should litigation against the cult follow.

  20. treetale Says:

    The picture is under the threads link on the wog blog mainpage (the thread almost at the bottom of the article). The picture in question is one in which there is a female (male with lonf hair) standing with the green flag on like a cape. The security/police are on the left coming from the pile-up of cars. Someone tell me they know why this guy is wearing a shirt with “POLICE” on it? I’d post the pic but I do mu web through a pda phone and the bandwidth blows.

  21. Xchidna Says:

    Man. You’d think that shit would stay clear of the US. But no, everywhere the squirrel dwarf goes, he’s gotta have his private security force.

    Run and hide, David. You can’t win.

  22. celegar Says:


    i cant wait to see what spin tom puts on this one.

  23. imominous Says:

    Hey Chris,

    Why are you spamming an identical comment on ATS?
    You wouldn’t be a spammin’ clam hatted to spam the articles about this assault, by any chance?

    The facts are, the sidewalk closure was not where the anons were confronted, and amusingly, the permit had expired.

    Somebody’s in big trouble, and it’s not Anonymous. I don’t even see any point to your waste of time. We have documents. We have proof. All you have is a destructive cult’s feeble attempt to shift blame onto the protesters. Don’t waste any more time. Your efforts are pointless.

  24. SP Batman Says:

    He said he had enough bologna sandwiches for all four of them… sounds cannibalistic for a pig…

  25. Anonymom Says:

    I would definitely speak to an attorney to see if charges can be pressed against the goons who assaulted the protester for no reason. It’s time these bullies stopped being able to abuse anyone they choose at will.

    Citizens of Nashville, say hello to “the most ethical people on the planet”.

  26. “celegar Says:
    May 3, 2009 at 11:27 pm
    i cant wait to see what spin tom puts on this one.”

    Check it out, lame spin is lame:

    And *he* brings up fair game, no one had mentioned it.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Obviously the hired goons were very angry over the fact that they were happily shoving dicks up their butts, only to be interrupted and called to babysit on cult members.

    Oh, and Tom Newton, I say this because I care. I know you’re reading this because keeping tabs on anti-Scientology news is your pathetic full-time job. Let me just say that you are a fucking failure at life and you are well aware that you must LIE every single day to appease your deceased racist mysoginistic drug-popping criminal prophet and his midget high-school-dropout bullshit artist tiny-dicked lackey.

    The word of one man alone is not all the world has to offer. Until you realise this and cease your idiotic activities, you will remain the laughingstock of the entire world. In the meantime, Open your mind, shut the hell up and get the fuck off the Internet, you stupid faggot.

    ❤ Anon

  28. Coyote Says:

    I say we gather a group together of a couple hundred or more and go stand right in front of the damn church for our protest. Those guards won’t dare come near all of us.

  29. storm Says:

    im with coyote,lets gather right on the steps of the church,what the worst that can happen,i mean any publicity is good publicity in this case…hell,im not going down without a fight,i make the biggest the world the violent side of scilons,beat them at there own game

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