Stats Leaked


In Scientology, stats are expected to go up every week or theres hell to pay.

In Scientology, stats are expected to go up every week or there's hell to pay.

Over at Why We Protest, someone has leaked an internal spreadsheet from Scientology which shows the anemic sales for the Western U.S.  I wasn’t able to download the stats myself but they are detailing the contents in this thread.

First Arlen Specter and now this.  The day’s off to a good start.  Now I just have to avoid dying of the swine flu.

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15 Comments on “Stats Leaked”

  1. Politics Again Says:

    Again you have to inject your politics into this WBM? Fuck you then, I’ll leave Scientology be and concentrate on supporting my right wing & libertarian causes.

  2. Tequila Says:

    Wow…doesn’t take much for you, does it?

    I smell troll anyway.

  3. XENU TV Says:

    Yeah, I know how much it sucks when someone brings up Scientology in a story about politics. Oh, wait, no. It doesn’t have to suck because all of life isn’t tucked away into neat little boxes.

  4. XENU TV Says:

    BTW, Bob Minton was a Republican as you could be. That didn’t mean we couldn’t work side by side, be friends and not stomp off in a hissy fit at the slightest mention of the news of the day.

    So, behave as you wish. Seems rather petulant but, hey, it’s up to you.

  5. Dave Says:

    Well, I’m not about to leave in a huff. I’m a right-winger, and more socially tolerant than some members of my family would like. But I’ve got to say that injecting your politics into this blog bugs me, and it chases off people who want to be your ally. Can’t please ’em all, I know. But still…

    I’ve enjoyed following your blog for some time. You’ve helped me make people aware of the dangers that Scientology poses. This takes on an additional dimension in that I know people who dabbled in Scientology and left. I’m glad they did.

    I know, based on the subject matter that you cover, that you can’t reveal too much about what you like and dislike. I just wish you could talk about something other than your politics.

    So I’m sorry to break out of lurker mode to complain.

    Coincidentally, I live in Pennsylvania, and even though I’m not a Republican or Democrat, Specter’s party switch doesn’t really come as a big surprise. It was inevitable, seeing how national party politics is these days.

  6. XENU TV Says:

    As a Howard Stern listener, I know he is going to offend everyone at sometime. For me, it’s when he says Sid Caeser isn’t funny. Them’s fightin’ words. But I still love Stern. And we disagree on a lot of political and social issues and even his taste in awful TV shows like Dancing with the Stars.

    But I still listen. You have to be open to other viewpoints even if you don’t disagree.

  7. Dave Says:

    There ya go! I love Sid Caesar, and just until you said what he said, I had no reason to hate Howard Stern. 🙂

    It’s still good to be here, even if we may disagree. Even better when we do agree, but that goes without saying.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    rightfag Anonymous here, and I agree with WBM completely. Listen, freedom of speech is what we’re fighting for here, and even though I disagree with WBM’s politics here, I’ll die for his right to believe it.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Oh, and also, great news!

  10. Paul Delaney Says:

    Well Mark.. as a libertarian I suspect I would disagree with many of your political views but I definitely agree with you about Scientology and your political comments don’t make me angry even if I do not agree with them 100%. Its a free country and a free internet and I want it to stay the way.

  11. 3rdman Says:

    Politics aside (srsly, if Congress just up and quit, nothing of value would be lost), interesting stuff on the forum to read. Statistical analysis is still happening, but yeah, stats aren’t looking good for Scientology, assuming we’re reading it right.

  12. Jane Says:

    If it was as “petulant” as you say, why bring it in? It’s not like comments haven’t been made in the past about bringing in your liberal leanings.

    Whatever though, free country and it’s your blog Mark.

    Good luck with Specter, he won’t help reverse the most dismal 100 days ever from any President in history.

    And now Obama is moving toward reviving the military commission system for prosecuting Guantánamo detainees.

  13. XENU TV Says:

    I’ve always like Specter as a Republican. I can’t imagine he’d bring much as a Democrat. But to tie in the Scientology and politics threads, here’s what Frank Rich wrote about the Republican party in his latest column:

    “That Obama needs a serious counterweight in the political arena. But the former party of Lincoln and liberty has now melted down to a fundamentalist core of aging, rural Dixiecrats and intrusive scolds — as small as 20 percent of the populace in the latest polls. Its position on the American spectrum of ideas is somewhere between a doomsday cult and Scientology.”

    I promise to only link to Rich if he mentions Scientology.

  14. Jane Says:

    HAHAHA Good one. Frank Rich, no bias there.

    Injecting political views into a cause you ask folks to support, especially during these times when the country is so divided doesn’t make very good sense to me.

  15. XENU TV Says:

    Yet, Jane, people should be able to speak freely. I never stop anyone from saying anything here so long as it isn’t spam or threats of violence.

    And really, 70% approval isn’t that divided. That’s a pretty strong vote of confidence at a time when the country had been plunged into terrific turmoil.

    The country has been far more divided in its past and we survived. Even the Civil War.

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