L.A. Book Fair

A Scientologist gets into Doug Owens face at the L.A. Times Festival of Books.

Read more about the event at Why We Protest.

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18 Comments on “L.A. Book Fair”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Shocker. NOT

    Thanks Doug for all you’ve done, and all that you continue to do.

  2. David Mudkip Says:

    Doug is awesome, even if his Russian isn’t.

    Sergei, on the other hand, is a tool.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t know; I mean I understand the secrecy behind it is very strange and the video cameras that get thrust in every scientologist’s business is a window for the mass to see the peculiarities of the few, but the fervor in which cameras are thrust is quite jarring. At times, it reminds me of bullying, like in this video.

  4. XENU TV Says:

    These stress test events are sales pitches. A camera present makes the salesman uncomfortable but Doug did nothing wrong.

    For too long Scientology has recruited members through deceit. I think it’s a good thing to bring a little attention to the recruitment tactics.

    And if the staff member’s stats crash and they get some extra pressure on them back at the Org, perhaps it will introduce a glimmer of doubt as they wonder why they are being punished for something beyond their control. Did they really pull it in, or did the Org pull it in?

  5. Benjamin Cisco Says:

    XenuTV hits the bullseye. If the public gets educated about any scam then investigative journalism is a good thing. Thanks to Doug for doing such a great job and Mark for posting it and giving his insight.

    Free stress tests lure people in. Setting up an e-meter at a book festival is wrong.

  6. Greg Says:

    I love the way the camera man handles this.

  7. Actually, I retract my statement that “…if the public gets educated about any scam then investigative journalism is a good thing…”

    What Mark Bunker, Doug Owens, and the Anonymous anti-Scientology extremists are doing isn’t investigative journalism. It’s AMBUSH Journalism.

    Mark’s fatass used to do the same thing to Christian Bob Larson. It’s a racket. The Anti-Scientology Racket to be precise.

    Benjamin Cisco

  8. Ann O'Nymous Says:

    I am quite sure that the Marks are counting the many dollars they gain as anti-scientologists…

    “Anti-Scientology Racket” is ludicrous, like many other scientology tricks, e.g. “psychiatrists did 9/11”.

  9. SoulWarrior Says:

    What Hubbard actually tried to do with Dianetics is removing the soul, which he redefined as the “reactive mind”.
    According to him the reactive mind is the source of all psychosomatic illnesses. “psyche” means soul.
    “soma” means body. So the true source of psychosomatic illnesses is of course the soul.
    Sometimes when your soul is hurt for some reason, for example when you are lovesick, this can also have an effect on the body. This would then be a psychosomatic illness.
    Hubbard also wrote that we have an analytical mind, which would in principle function flawlessly like a computer, if it weren’t for the reactive mind, which sometimes interferes with the analytical mind leading us to make irrational decisions.
    But the true reason for this seemingly irrational decisions, is of course that we have a soul.
    Hubbard thought, if he could remove the soul, then no one would get sick anymore and the analytical mind would take over. We would essentially become soulless robots.
    The goal of Scientology is a world without insanity, criminality and wars.
    This goal would be achieved, if everyone would lose his soul and act like a roboter.

    Fortunately it is not possible to remove the soul from anyone.
    This is also the reason why there are no true “clears”.

  10. infallible Says:

    While the constant cameras can seem annoying, remember that it was started by the Scientologists. They would always record EVERYTHING on the slightest chance that you would do something wrong. Like the masks, protesters had to carry cameras for their own protection. So for outsiders that see Anon protesting with masks and cameras all the time, I can see how that could make Anon look a little crazy. But they pretty much have to, or be Fair Gamed.

    Now, this is purely speculation on my part, but I think one of the reasons that Scientologists loved using cameras so much is that photographing and videotaping someone without their permission is pretty off-putting. For whatever reason, people get off-balance in front of an unexpected camera. I can’t help but feel like it’s just desserts having it done back to the Scientologists after they employed the tactic for so long.

  11. XENU TV Says:

    It should come as no surprise that once again “Tom Newton” is lying as he adopts the suitable guise of “Benjamin Cisco” to post the retraction of his “first” comment.

    But really, Tom, when you use IP address for all your smears it is easy to trace them back to you.

    Why you decided lying is a good way to make your points escapes me. I think most people wouldn’t trust anyone who lies and deceives.

    It makes a person no better than L. Ron Hubbard, the notorious liar and conman.

  12. Artoo45 Says:

    Oh yeah? Well I’m anti-anti-anti $cientology! So there! C’mon Newton Von Cisco, make my day . . . dare to be anti-anti-anti-anti $cientologist. But on the other hand, where will it all end?

  13. Benjamin Cisco Says:

    (Everyone who knows me, knows that I don’t change my mind easily and rarely retract. Having ‘snapshots’ showing epicnoseguy’s website associated with my misused name is just another dose of humiliation for the internet-challenged.)

    Doug is a street-journalist and one of the best. Getting an example of the $cientologists with their e-meters at a Book Festival is so poignant. Could you imagine the RCs bringing a confessional booth to a Rock Festival? HAHAHA Silly $cilon cult.

  14. Automaton 478b90-07c Says:

    It’s being talked about now if Tom Newton might be a group of people using the same nick hired by the cult of scientology to antagonize and distract anonymous.

    After having read some Tom Newton material forwarded to me, I would have to say the chance this is true is at least very possible.

  15. 3rdman Says:

    Your speculation about Newton just being a group of people is possible:
    This is alleged. Would have been nice if actual recording was involved, but still.

    As for the recording: Its a public event, anyone can record anything. Scientology maybe getting nervous because every time there is a recording, its probably a critic.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Tom your continued failure is so entertaining.


  17. Jerry Says:

    Does anyone know why this video was “removed by the user”? Can it be found anywhere else? I haven’t gotten to watch it yet.

  18. slicolas Says:

    SoulWarrior what you said was deep. I liked it. Think im gonna post it on my youtube channels 🙂

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