Narconon in Norway

Narconon is having trouble setting up shop in Norway. The Health Department recently issued a report that was quite critical, and Narconon has been banned in at least one area. The report is largely in English.

Narconon in Norway

Remember, you can’t spell Narconon without con.

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3 Comments on “Narconon in Norway”

  1. 3rdman Says:

    This article is made of win. Its harpooned direct hit against Scientology’s Narconon and to the Co$ in general.

  2. Eyez Says:

    Norway already has a plethora of state-sponsored drug rehabilitation programs. As to how successful they are I don’t know since I’m not ON them, but I think Scientology is barking up the wrong tree in Norway (and more than just with Narconon, although Norway’s not immune to things of this nature when they come from other sources).

    It’s not home of Operation Clambake for nothing.

  3. David Says:

    Also they pushed that MP’s daughter (Kaja Ballo) into suicide.

    Norwegians are welcome to

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