Scientology Has Your Social Security Number

Denmark has allegedly sold personal info of every citizen to Scientology.

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7 Comments on “Scientology Has Your Social Security Number”

  1. Xeero Says:

    I can only think of two words to sum this up.

    Holy. Shit.

    This is absolutely mindboggling. I hope that the people in Denmark have a means to fight this.

  2. 3rdman Says:

    …you’ve got to be kidding me. Why? Why would they do this?

  3. Relyt Says:

    You know they’re only going to use these to harass anyone who has found a way to get them to STOP harassing them. “Using this information to find member we lost contact with” is bullshit, because if they lost contact with them, then they’re not only no longer a member, but also don’t want COS to contact them.

    There’s also the possibility that they’ll use random people’s addresses and phone numbers to send them junk, or make automated calls advertising their BS.

  4. Xenumania Says:

    Luckily in the United States, it is highly illegal to sell or provide Social Security numbers like that.

    Either way, this is un-F’ing believable. The people in Denmark need to rise up and speak out. I wonder if this news has hit Denmark’s mainstream media.

  5. Dissenting Voice Says:

    As long as they’ve got enough food, clothing, and entertaining distractions, people will put up with just about anything. Don’t expect a major uprising in Denmark anytime soon.

  6. 3rdman Says:

    According to some Den-Anons, this isn’t an uncommon practice with the gov’t

    They do this for extra cash. And Scientology can’t use these for much, they’re different than U.S. SS#s

    However, ex-Scis in Denmark may not be too happy. If Anons can network with them and help them stay strong in case Scientology decides to get aggressive with them (not suggesting violence, but in terms of convincing them to come back).

    The Anons there have also reached a lot of people who will know better when someone attempts to sell Scientology to them (however way they will try).

  7. Eric Says:

    Ok, i say we set up a paypal donation button for anon, once we all send them enough money they can then pay someone to give the general public all existing (not X) members of scientology’s SS#’s. Then we can start bombarding them with Christian pamphlets, phycological treatement coupons, flyers to parties they are not invited to, discounts on paper cups and string, things like that.

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