Austin Raid

AustinAnonymous1 shot this video. It’s clear the Austin Org needs to invest in some shades because the staff is forced to carry huge placards to block the windows when Anonymous drops by.  Or at least get bigger plants.

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4 Comments on “Austin Raid”

  1. qwertyuio Says:

    Scientology has no confront. Even when they try, they fail:

  2. jups Says:

    Nice job AustinAnon. He and anonsparrow (DC anon) are machines when it comes to flashraids.

    Mark, did you catch the G. Gordon Liddy interview of Anonymous on Radio America back in March? There’s a combo I’d never thought I’d see:

  3. Atrocitus Says:

    Well done, Austin. We’ve been experimenting a bit with silhouette tech since our local org puts up large pieces of paper in their windows. Thankfully the back windows are almost always open. 😀

  4. XENU TV Says:

    Thanks for the tip on the Liddy interview. i’ll listen this weekend.

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