Charges Dropped

"Arrest that man!"

"Arrest that man!"

Well, as Doug Owens reported a couple days back, no charges have been filed in our arrests outside the squirrely gates of Gold.   Seems there really was no reason to put us under citizen’s arrest.  Except as a PR move by the PR people who made the arrests.

The Riverside Press-Enterprise published a blurb about the charges being dropped.

Thanks for everybody’s support during this.

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37 Comments on “Charges Dropped”

  1. CrazyDelaney Says:

    The cult fails again…. and looks like a bunch of jerks in the process

  2. Tom Newton Says:

    ” Seems there really was no reason to put us under citizen’s arrest. Except as a PR move by the PR people who made the arrests.


    Typical activists; becoming nuisances in order to get media attention. Maybe you should just put a Scientology is a Cult sign on your double-wide ass. That’ll get people to notice you.


  3. XENU TV Says:

    But, Tom, if i did something wrong why are there no charges?

  4. Avery1 Says:

    Is there any penalty for issuing a bogus citizen’s arrest where no charges can be pressed?

  5. Tom Newton Says:

    Attention Whore:

    “How much do you suppose bail is? Because I’d willingly get arrested.”

    Mark Bunker, Anti Scientologist, moments before getting arrested.

    Tom Newton

  6. Tom Newton Says:

    Mark Bunker is just the latest among many professional Anti-Scientologists to intentionally get arrested. The “Anti-Scientology Racket”, as it’s known to insiders, profits tremendously from media attention. This explains why the most prominent members of the Anti-Scientology movements are failed entertainers. It certainly explains why they would relish an opportunity to hate on a religion known for its celebrity membership.

    Most of the time, these haters are completely ignored by the media. This is because they don’t really have any way of substantiating any of their claims. It’s all hearsay, apostate testimony, conspiracy boilerplate, and demagogic fear mongering.

    So every once in a while, whenever a “critic” is experiencing a diminished sense of self-importance, he or she will go get arrested. If you look into their histories, you’ll see that getting arrested is both career launching, and career revitalizing for every single one of these purveyors of hate.

    This also explains how these “critics” have managed to paint up the Church up as “litigious.” For decades these people have been manufacturing a straw man to collectively attack, and profit off of. The term “vampire” comes to mind. Their predation has a cold and calculated quality which I find disturbing. It’s like trying to get into the minds of a group of gang-rapists—they don’t care how much harm they do, so long as they “get some”.

    Mark Bunker provoked his own arrest by pointing his camera in the face of an arresting officer, and insultingly insinuating that the officer was “…in the pockets of Scientology” as another protester was being apprehended. I will not name the other one who was arrested because I don’t want to help his career.

    In the case of “Anon-Orange” it was determined that he provoked an arrest by both yelling “FUCK YOU” repeatedly to security guards (this was caught on film), and also by biting the security guard making the citizen’s arrest.

    Tommy Gorman attempted to provoke fights with Scientologists, both online and in the streets. He and his wife Jennifer, in a recent attempt at getting the attention of Anonymous, trashed their mobile home and attempted to blame the Church of Scientology for it. He has not been arrested, and therefore, you probably don’t know who he is.

    The failed comedian and Anonymous hate group leader Donald “the Angry Gay Pope” Myers started sexually harassing parishioners, both male and female, until he was served a restraining order. His newly found Internet fame has landed him a poorly conceived website (with a donation button) and a career as a full time “Anonymous” member.

    Stu Wyatt, a very violent Anti-Scientology activist and all around sleaze, cemented his place as an icon to Anti-Scientology activists everywhere by getting arrested in the midst of generating a great deal of drama when he started videotaping his verbal abuse of Scientology staff members. Although to be fair, he didn’t get himself arrested–I was behind that. It did, however, boost his popularity. I called him a sleaze because, as I documented before, Stu tried to use his e-fame to seduce a minor. I do recall feeling a little bit remorseful after placing the anonymous tip off to the local police that Stu was hoarding lots of marijuana in his flat, but his actions towards that innocent girl provided all the justification I needed.

    The very disingenuous Captain Adderal stalks female parishioners and combines the resultant footage with pornographically themed video footage, posting the horrendous results on the Internet. His most famous one entitled “Scilon Lesbians: Disconnected from Love”, included the unwitting participation of female employees of the Citizens Commission for Human Right’s headquarters. He wears a Guy Fawkes mask, attends Anonymous protests, and regularly visits Anonymous websites, yet, despite all of this, he maintains that he is not a member of Anonymous. The Captain hasn’t seen the inside of a prison cell yet, but I’m working on it…..

    “Epic Nose Guy” was arrested after refusing to comply with the officers overseeing the protest/ hate rally he attended. He brandished a sign with the word “CULT”, even after the police told the protesters that the Church members found that epithet offensive and misleading. You can learn more about Epic Nose Guy by going to and searching the archives.

    Early in her Anti-Scientology career, Tory Magoo had herself arrested at a picket. It was a defining moment for her and, as a Public Relations expert for over 20 years, she probably understood the power of negative publicity better than any of the others.

    This is not an attempt at a comprehensive overview of all of the arrests, nor of all the major media events generated by the Anti-Scientology Racket, but these are some of the clearest examples of activists becoming nuisances in order to become martyrs. It’s a brilliant, albeit dishonest tactic.

    But what else would you expect from a network of con-artists and wannabes?

    Tom Newton

  7. XENU TV Says:

    Sorry it didn’t turn out as you hoped, Tom, but Doug and I did nothing wrong and should never have been arrested.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Tom, thanks for trolling my Ning.

    and being an entertaining troll in general.

  9. Xenumania Says:

    Congrats Mark! you ought to sue the hell out of Co$ and the $cientologists who arrested you.

    Tom Newton (OSA) likes to spread propaganda doesn’t he? Ya Mr. OSA, I am sure Mark intentionally got arrested. he must have FORCED those $cientologists into placing him under private persons arrest. Maybe Mark is a secret OT-8 and he used his OT powers to implant the thoughts into the $cientologist’s minds.

    /tinfoilhat off

    Get Real Mr. OSA Tom Newton.

  10. 3rdman Says:

    Avery1: If repeated arrests are made with no charges often, then yes. Police are not immune to harassment charges, especially if they abuse their arrest powers.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Tom, you forgot to follow up with, “YOU’RE A POOPY HEAD!”

    Also, I love how you put every word in bold. Am I sensing some anger? Are you trolling us or are we trolling you?

  12. Tom Newton Says:

    ” Xenumania Says:

    April 23, 2009 at 8:11 pm

    Congrats Mark! you ought to sue the hell out of Co$ and the $cientologists who arrested you.”

    Wow. Now who is it that is litigious? Is it the Scientologists, or the critics?

    Hypocrites, all of you. I will bury you haters in your own shit.


  13. Dissenting Voice Says:

    Whether they’re litigious or not has no bearing on the fact that the Church -is- litigious, a documented fact (Documented by the volume of suits they’ve filed).

    When you try to muddle the facts by attacking the people reporting the facts, you’ve contributed nothing to the discussion, only injected ad hominem attacks.

    Ad hominem attacks are fallacies.

    I’m sure you of all people don’t want to be caught with a fallacy issuing forth from your mouth, Tom.

  14. Tequila Says:

    I am glad that someone realized that this was a waste of county resources.

    Good work Tommy Davis! You earned your rice and beans. Keep doing what you do, as it always seems to help the critics out in the end.

  15. Xenumania Says:

    Actually OSA Tom, the difference between critics and Co$ being litigious is that Co$ sues people as a means to destroy them or silence them (fair game). Critics and ex-scientologists sue the cult organization when the organization harasses, abuses, and commits crimes against them.

    The great thing is, there is overwhelming evidence and a very long and well known history about Co$’s “fair game” tactics.

  16. Xenumania Says:

    ….and also OSA Tom, I appreciate your blogo site and I appreciate you trolling here. Your blog and your actions prove what critics have been saying all along. You personify the culture of Co$.

  17. Tom Newton Says:

    ” Dissenting Voice Says:

    April 23, 2009 at 11:17 pm

    Whether they’re litigious or not has no bearing on the fact that the Church -is- litigious, a documented fact (Documented by the volume of suits they’ve filed).”


    The only evidence of litigiousness stems from the actions of the critics themselves.

    It’s called the Anti-Scientology Racket.


  18. WolfyRik Says:

    Excellent stuff, glad and unsurprised that the charges were dropped. Why is everything with scientology about PR? You’d think that the self-proclaimed “most ethical people on the planet” and “fastest growing religion in the world” would have enough press and media for all their good works without having to resort to PR stunts like this.

    Of course it also raises the question, if scientology is growing so fast and so effective at helping people, why hasn’t anyone actually noticed and reported these effects?

    I’ve yet to see a positive article about the CofS that was printed by a neutral third party. Just as I’ve yet to see a negative article about a critic that wasn’t also created by the CofS.

    Funny that.

  19. […] Charges will not be filed in Scientology protest. Mark already filled us in on this one in his blog (and where Tom Newton turns the comment section into his own rant-blog), but nice that regular news […]

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Tom. Guess what.

    The head of the Galactic
    Confederation (76 planets around
    larger stars visible from here)
    (founded 95,000,000 yrs ago, very space opera)
    solved overpopulation (250 billion
    or so per planet — 178 billion on
    average) by mass implanting.
    He caused people to be brought to
    Teegeeack (Earth) and put an H Bomb
    on the principal volcanoes (Incident 2)
    and then the Pacific area ones
    were taken in boxes to Hawaii
    and the Atlantic Area ones to
    Las Palmas and there “packaged.”
    His name was Xenu. He used
    renegades. Various misleading
    data by means of circuits etc.
    was placed in the implants.
    When through with his crime Loyal Officers
    (to the people) captured him
    after 6 years of battle
    and put him in an electronic
    mountain trap where he still
    is. “They” are gone. The place (Confed.)
    has since been a desert.

    Run along, now.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    It’s absolutely hilarious that Tom Newton ignores all evidence that he is, in fact, lying, and responds only by attacking. Scientologists refer to as the “Always Attack, Never Defend” policy set forth by L. Ron Hubbard, knowing that the bloated con-artist was full of shit and had no legitimate defense for his astounding number of crimes (Operation Snow White), abuses (Fair Game, Operation Freakout), and drug addiction (Vistaril).

    Tom, all you’re doing by acting like an angry child denied a cookie is proving that we are right in everything we say about how OSA operates. If you really wanted to stick it to us, you’d be mature, debate intelligently, and try to disprove us by NOT ACTING LIKE A SCIENTOLOGIST, and arguing in a calm, rational manner.

    Something that, as anyone not in the cult can attest to, is impossible for a brainwashed-until-blind Scientologist like yourself.

  22. Relyt Says:

    “Tom Newton” isn’t a Scientologist. He’s sort of like a pseudo-apologist who thinks Scientologists will give him money if he attacks Anonymous enough. He’s just a random nutter that many people seem to be wasting their time on.

    I don’t think Scientology would even want him… he would be bad PR, even for them.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Tom is really Sean Carasov working to disredit anon. I have proof.

  24. Bryan Renno Says:

    Relyt is “Tom Newton.”

    Prove me wrong.

  25. Outside drinking your coffee Says:

    Tom is Daywatch Relyt = Herro amiright.

  26. Tom Newton Says:

    I am such a loser. I apologize for my behaviour

  27. Anoynmous Says:

    Jippy jip jip jip Hoorah!

    Great news.

  28. o_O Says:

    The Scientology apologist story = we did nothing wrong, it’s all them.

    After years of working with liars at a youth treatment center, I have come to know this is a very strong indicator the person making the claim is usually guilty.

    And then resorting to sleezifying to the max the descriptions of their enemies (or critics), while claiming at the same time they are innocent, is another sign of malcontent. Not that it’s not possible they are innocent, but instead isn’t the behavior of what most innocent people do but instead is the behavior of what most malcontents do.

    The problem with Scientology is most of it’s adherent’s are victims and can’t see the scam. I even kind of believe David Miscavige even believes at least some of the BS too. But the reality is L. Ron was a con-artist/pathological liar out to make a quick buck with his 500+ page advertisement known as Dianetics (seriously, you could have summed up all the useful points in that book in under 10 pages at best, the rest was fluff and “how-great-I-am”).

    But there are people in this world who are not secure with themselves and want to believe what they are told. It’s unfortunate some of them end up meeting up with the likes of scams such as Scientology. Most, thankfully, grow out of it as experience hardens them, but for those few…

    And of the cynical of mind, what’s more likely?

    A) Some guy happened upon a secret that will save the world (or the universe, or existence even),

    B) or a con artist got a bunch of victims involved in a scam?

    The answer to this one isn’t hard. it’s pretty easy to pick it out. And it is, just that simple.


    Tom, you’re not a parishioner, you are a victim.

    As an intelligent being, it’s your duty to question EVERYTHING. Sometimes when you do you find out things you really thought was true and correct was actually wrong.

  29. Relyt Says:

    No, no, Tom just wants in on Scientology’s money.

  30. That’s great news, Mark. Also, anything that gets that nutter Tom Newton bawwing so much is fine by me 🙂

    Keep up the great work!

  31. Tom Newton Says:


    “How much do you suppose bail is? Because I’d willingly get arrested.”

    Mark Bunker, Anti Scientologist, moments before getting arrested.

    Mark Bunker and Douglass Owens will not be charged for trespassing at the Church of Scientology compound outside San Jacinto. According to prosecutors, there was insufficient evidence to file charges after Mark Bunker and Douglas Owens were arrested and released Feb. 24 for blocking the driveway of Golden Era Studios on Gilman Springs Road.

    These two con-men know exactly what they are doing. This is a standard tactic employed by all established “critics” of the Church of Scientology. It’s a slippery, slimy thing to do. It works like this:

    Critic becomes a nuisance. Critic goes to jail. Critic becomes martyr. Critic released.

    This cycle is repeated as frequently as necessary to provide the illusion that the Church is litigious, and to lend credibility to the agitators and their campaign of hate. This is clearly an abuse of the legal system, and is just one example of the duplicity and hypocrisy of these self-identified critics.

    Several anonymous sources have indicated that the real reason the charges were dropped is that Mark Bunker got the the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance (NAAFA) involved. Scientology knew that if they maintained their position that Mark Bunker was blocking the driveway, they could expect a NAFFA backed discrimination suit in retaliation.

    This ruse will continue as long as gutless reporters like KESQ-TV’s Nathan Baca fail to wrap their minds around the fact that Anti-Scientology Activism is a criminal racket. Pathetically, these underpaid, self-serving so-called journalists opt for sensationalism over substance, taking everything the critics say as truth. Lies beget more lies and the deception continues….

    Tom Newton

  32. XENU TV Says:

    It’s okay to call me fat, Tom. I don’t mind. You see I live in a fact based world and it is a fact that I am overweight.

    But when you mix in lies with facts, such as some organization coming to my defense because I’m fat, it points out that you don’t care what is true and what isn’t.

    It tells people you are a liar and can’t be trusted.

    And it undermines your central thesis which is, in itself, quite silly.

    Doug and I abused the system because a phony citizen’s arrest was made by Scientology’s PR person? Just silly.

    An hour before the arrests, she had been told by the Riverside County Supervisors that protesters would still be allowed to picket at Gold despite the hard months-long battle Scientology fought to stop all protests. It was PR lady’s job to “make this go right” and she stupidly went too far.

    You should know about stupidly going too far. You do so with virtually every post.

  33. Tom Newton Says:


    I think you could get more people on your twitter if you go harass some local Scientologists and create a disturbance.


  34. XENU TV Says:

    Tom, the last thing I want are more people on Twitter. I almost never update it.

  35. Logic Says:

    Tom Newton is a prime example of Scientology “logic”. He claims, that the protesters are just “attention whores”, and yet he spends his entire life paying attention to them, making websites and posting ramblings like those here.

    This is not just him. Scientologists always pull more shit storm in with their stupid behavior: There would be no KESQ-investigation without their lawyers silly ordinance idea.

    The sheriffs office is now annoyed, because Scientology made them look stupid: Arrested two men, no evidence of wrong doing, despite extensive video footage.

    Why do they act like that? Because Hubbard said so! They have to confront! What a silly cult.

  36. The King Of Grimpen Mire Says:

    Tom Newton, it seems you only attack ,and you certainly never let the facts get in the way of your own agenda, such a pity ,because the only think you ever accomplish is making yourself look like a complete moron .
    W.B.M., Please Sir , carry on the good work , oh and might I suggest you carry a can of my new Product , “CultOff, one spray and the Cult runs away”. Ohh how I wish!

  37. celegar Says:

    no no, leave ol tommy alone, its not his fault that he was assigned the task of “handling” this blog. besides, nobody with even a quarter of a brain would actually take anything he says seriously without ACTUAL proof, as opposed to the proof that WBM presents every time this blog is updated.

    besides, i think tom’s hillarious. i mean, when is a ranting loony every not hillarious.

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