A Star is Born

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30 Comments on “A Star is Born”

  1. Avery1 Says:

    Wow. Crazy. Poor daft crazy woman.

  2. binturong Says:

    frikin wow.

  3. Atrocitus Says:

    Is this the part where that one song from “Cats” plays in the background?

    Greetings from MNRaid, btw. We’re hoping she shows next month for more laughs at her expense.

  4. we love Tom Says:

    That is Tom Newton!!!!!!

  5. celegar Says:

    not gonna lie, i wouldnt be surprised at ALL if that woman actually was the face behind tom newton.

  6. Atrocitus Says:

    A few Anons here have expressed the same sentiment. Until then, she has been labeled Georgia Tourettes.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    haha! what a freak! That probably is Tom Newton. damn, I didn’t even think of that until I read the above comments.

  8. anon9000 Says:

    wow – Scientologists are nuts!

  9. wannabeclear Says:

    Wow! That must have been the latest PSA to KSW!

    From watching it, it’s obvious that THE TECH WORKS! Look at how much more evolved she is than the WOGs, apostates and “Professional Anti-Scientologists” out there! Her communication skills are superior and she’s certainly found the way to happiness!

    Where do I sign up?

  10. 3rdman Says:

    Join Scientology! Learn proper social interactions! Cross the bridge to happiness! Just look at this lady. Isn’t she happy? WELL?!? ISN’T SHE!?!?!?!?!? >_<


  11. Tom Newton Says:

    Real nice Mark. Making fun of the mentally retarded must make you feel real smart, huh?


  12. XENU TV Says:

    Okay, Tom. You got me there. What in hell are you talking about? Are you saying the angry woman is retarded? i don’t think that’s fair. She’s simply angry and lashing out.

    Much like you.

  13. Tom Newton Says:

    It’s not fair to ridicule her like this.

    Please remove this blog post, or I will let people know what a mean jerk you can be.

    Tom Newton

  14. XENU TV Says:

    It what way am I ridiculing her, Tom? I said nothing at all about this video.

    Now, you I’d ridicule. You purposely lie, distort, deceive and do so in the most childish, transparent way. It really is rather sad.

  15. Tom Newton Says:


    If you aren’t ridiculing her, then what are you doing?

    Do you see why I call you anti-Scientologists Orwellian? You have one of the most pronounced cases of forked-tongue-itis that I have ever observed.


    (Don’t dodge my question, please: If you aren’t ridiculing her, then what are you doing?)

  16. Canon Says:

    Well, Tom

    > Please remove this blog post, or I will let people
    > know what a mean jerk you can be.

    That’s what you are trying to do all the time, with
    great fail.

    Yes, you have made an ass out of yourself in this video
    (like this wasn’t what Scientologists do all the time),
    but it’s in a public place, and you’re gonna live
    with it now.

    I’d say get your act together. 🙂


  17. XENU TV Says:

    Here’s what I’m doing, Tom. I put a video on my blog that shows an angry woman shouting at people in the street. That’s all.

    The video speaks for itself. I made no commentary.

    But like great art, it appears to have stirred within you emotions that trouble you.

    It’s must be like an inkblot test. I see a Scientologist (if that is what she is) who has flunked TR-Bullbait and is not demonstrating basic communication skills, which is the simplest, elemental concept in Scientology.

    You, on the other hand, seem to this this woman is ridiculous.

    Clearly, she seems upset by the appearance of Anonymous. Well, look at my video of the Revenge Picket. Two Scientologists came to my house with the intent to smear my good character. Did I scream and curse? No. I had a calm conversation with them.

    And I managed to behave better than this woman, without having taken a single Scientology course.

    That’s why I say I’m a natural OT.

    Now, ease up on her, Tom. Stop trying to make her look bad.

  18. Tom Newton Says:

    Come on Mark.

    There is nothing you won’t defend, provided it’s vile enough. You also defend Anonymous’ penchant for dressing up as black stereotypes.


  19. XENU TV Says:

    I defend your right to lie and slander, Tom. It’s what you do.

    And while I think your are wrongheaded for behaving the way you do, you have the right to be a dick.

  20. Shimmy Shapiro Says:

    Poor woman. All that plus she is stuck with scientology.

  21. w0g4life Says:

    I love Tom Newton. He’s funny in the same way watching Benny Hin is funny in that tragic kind of way.

  22. JJ Says:

    I bet she went home after that and took a huge nap. Probably the most exercise she’s had in a long time. Always attack, never defend: vulgar edition.

  23. Xenu stole my bike Says:


  24. Artoo45 Says:

    Newton, she’s not “retarded”. The (eeeeeeeevillle) psychiatric community doesn’t use the word retarded anymore. Try mentally ill. Do we know if she’s a scientologist, or just some, shall we say, neurodiverse citizen who just happened to be passing by, off her meds and was triggered by the protesters? I could see it going either way.

  25. Artoo45 Says:

    Oh, and your faux concern for her is truly unctious (Word Clear! Word Clear!).

  26. Shocked Says:

    You know what shocks me most?

    That the people inside the org allowed her to do that.

    Honestly, it’s shocking from that perspective.

  27. Symph Says:

    What I found the most interesting was the part where she’s yelling about there being children out here and then every other word out of her mouth was F**K.

  28. Johnny B Says:

    “Please remove this blog post, or I will let people know what a mean jerk you can be.”

    I love how Tom comes to the website, calls a woman in a video “mentally retarded” when there’s no proof of such a claim, and then he throws empty threats at Mark as if he could/would do anything. If Tom actually tried to “let people know”, who of any consequence would he tell? Who would ever take him seriously enough to honestly consider his libel/slander? Entertaining? Yes. But that’s all. How about spending some time outside for a change Tom? Sounds like you need some sun!

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