Jeff Stone’s Lies

Lirra Bishop asked a very simple question of Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone at yesterday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.   Stone sat with his usual smug smile, not answering as usual.  I have a feeling when this is all over, he won’t be quite so smug and the smile will be long gone.

Here’s Julie Waltz and Lirra Bishop from two weeks back asking who gave Stone the Anonymous DA packet to begin with.

All of Riverside County should thank these two women for standing up for everyone’s rights and daring to take on Stone who is turning into one of the worst examples of a public servant that I can think of.

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9 Comments on “Jeff Stone’s Lies”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I just have one thing to say.

    Jeff Stone, fuck you.

  2. SP Batman Says:

    I bet that seat was getting pretty hot there…

  3. Benjamin Cisco Says:

    Jeff Stone is an embarrassment to the council and county of Riverside. More and more of the general public are seeing examples of the corruption and crimes that the cult helps to promulgate.

    The critics of these corrupt politicians and the CoS will continue to help educate the world. It’s just a matter of time, especially with a gentle push from fine folks like Mark who help broadcast the truth. The ‘bad men’ are going down… [I hope some of the poor folks in RPFs are aware of this.]

  4. Supervisor Jeff Stone Says:

    The Anonymous Pamphlet was given to me by Xenu, Ovelord of the Galactic Confederation. Sorry for the delay in answering your request.

  5. Xenumania Says:

    Lirra Bishop is awesome. She has all my respect.

  6. 4232 Says:

    Has someone (ie Tom Newton) been making posts here using my email address? I keep getting notifications…

  7. Cheryl Thompson Says:

    When I met Jeff Stone during his campaign a little over ten years ago, he was on the make and said he was divorced with two kids from a previous marriage. He had a Svengali-like manager at the time and something just didn’t add up about the whole situation. I heard rumors about some woman breaking up his marriage with another woman Stone had to marry while in college because he got her pregnant. He named that child after his sister Lori and he said small children at one of his campaign functions were his grandchildren. I never see any mention made of his first wife, or his older son and daughter. Rumor had it that wife #1 went ballistic when she learned that Stone took up with a younger woman, who I have a feeling was the odd looking woman who sat in the front row reading a book while Stone and other candidates were speaking. If the year was 1998 or 1999 and he has a college aged child with his wife Regina, he couldn’t have been a divorced (single) man with two grown children like he held himself out to be. I guess that’s why his campaign manager was so uncomfortable watching his come-on, and here I thought it was because I was a Catholic (I had no idea he was into Scientology, because if I did, Republican Club or not I would NOT have supported his campaign).

    It’s clear that this man can’t be trusted. Shame on him, trying to pass his own children off as his grandchildren! I guess Scientology does scramble ones’ brain and I’m sure glad I got out of California!

    You may want to do some digging on the ex wife, as I doubt she’ll have much nice to say about either Jeff or Regina.

  8. supervisor jeff stone is a lil loser yo man ima tell him how he is wrong and how we is right yeah go power rangers also screw jeff stone cuz we all know your a lying son of a bitch

  9. jeff stone sucks trololololololololololol

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