Freezone War?

Pierre Ethier has hung out his own shingle and wants people to know he is a Class XII Auditor and is happy to help people who may want to continue on the bridge outside of corporate Scientology.    While I may not believe in the tech myself, I’m happy to send people his way.

Now, in looking at his site, he claims people in the Free Zone have been using Fair Game against him.   Are there turf wars going on in the Free Zone?

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25 Comments on “Freezone War?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Let the games begin.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Creepy guy…
    Anywhoo, when fractions start to form, the Scientology as a single religious group will see it’s demise even faster…

  3. Russian Around Says:

    YIKES! That website is like a flashback to 1995! ….and a new world’s record for “wall of text”.

  4. Mike Says:

    Well, if you follow ‘Keep Scientology Working’, Fair Game and Disconnection policies, I would think factions are pretty much inevitable. Hubbard set up a cult and I don’t see any other way to follow his system. As Tory says, it’s the Bridge to the Ditch, and I would add that that is true within or without CoS.

  5. Xenu stole my bike Says:

    The Freezoners appear to be just as creepy as the paying Scientologists.

  6. 3rdman Says:

    Yeah, but they are open and honest about their beliefs, be it considered religious or philosophical. They claim they don’t follow the bad parts of Ron’s writings like fairgame, disconnection, money, and all that. And if its true, merit for them.

  7. Danny Boy Says:

    I’ve got a university degree in window cleaning.

  8. General Public AJS Says:

    Mr Ethier is no fan of Miscavige or Freezone adherents. However, this is written on his site:

    “It is my strict intention not to deviate from the Standards set in Scientology Technology by strictly applying its Axioms and Logics and the wealth of information I have accumulated training and applying his Technology for several decades.”

    More open and informative about himself and the RTC than other cultists he certainly is, -but his delusion is just as great as those imprisoned behind those fences with the inward facing spikes. Perhaps it is greater, because with his freedom from the organisation’s repression he still willingly chooses Hubbard.

    Can this then be a ‘safe’ man to refer someone to?

  9. XENU TV Says:

    If people want to audit one another, I have no problem with that. Do I believe in it? No, but I don’t believe in a lot of things.

    Would I advise anyone to join Scientology? No, because the group is destructive and may cause harm. Organized Scientology makes it difficult to even get off a mailing list. But I can’t see the freezone being that oppressive.

    Would I stop anyone from joining Scientology? No. I would offer information and if they decided to join, at least I warned them.

  10. Mike Says:

    This person says he is offering training and auditing at the higher levels of the bridge. I assume that includes the hunt for the body thetans, which must presuppose the whole Hubbard cosmology, Xenu and H-bombs and DC-8s and all. Is he being open about all of this? If he is offering people OT3 in an open setting, without the cult secrecy and peer pressure, his faith must be strong indeed.

  11. Nick Says:

    The Tech is evil. If the Cult falls, Freezone will build it up again.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Looks to me like just another con artist. He spent 20+ years in the church and has made it to the highest auditing levels.
    Of course he won’t just give that up and admit, that it was all bollocks, but instead use his knowledge and reputation to make money.

  13. 3rdman Says:

    To Nick:
    Just read his website and now I am concerned. He said the Free Zone actually declared fair game on him. Which is shocking to me. My readings about Free Zone Scis suggested they aren’t like that. This should be posted on the exscientologists forum for to finding out what there account on this story is. But that would be very disappointing of the Free Zone became or is turning into a mini Church of Scientology.

  14. General Public AJS Says:

    Why should it be assumed that because freezoners reject the authority of the ‘church’ -yet still insist on the values they’ve scientologically accumulated, they have achieved something which is praiseworthy ?

    The blinkered characters who make up the varied groupings of freezoners, gloss over the sociopathic history and arts of LRH but are still attracted to him. It means that at any time they can mirror a response to external stimuli, particularly criticism, which compares to their respected Hubbard.

    For us it might make for interesting viewing, like watching inmates of a zoo squabbling over opportunities and territory. They are free of the
    ‘church’s’ central authority but they are still within the cage built by it’s founder. The contradictions and intellectual perversions are still there.

    On one hand we have the International Freezone Association quoting Hubbard : “… before you go, whisper this to your sons and their sons: The work was free so keep it so.” This can only be interpreted as a complete and stupid misinterpretation of Hubbards intentions. How consciously or sub-consciously is this a deliberation on their part?

    On the other hand we have the familiar backbiting and scratching for influence which supposedly they were trying to escape from in order to concentrate on the ‘tech’.

    Pierre Ethier is a clear threat to the establishment of authority elsewhere amongst the freezoners because of his immense collection of certificates proving him to be an orthodox and knowledgable auditor. They are duty bound to attack because of their institionalised Hubbard mind-set, regardless of the reality that the ‘tech’ is rubbish to begin with.

    Pierre Ethier is not a harmless crank. He does not possess the viciousness of a Miscavige but in a way he is less to be trusted. Miscavige is an out and out brute of criminal proportions and he can be trusted to remain so. We are LESS likely to be misled by HIM.

    Ethier, however, pleads for respect for his consistant hard work. The contradiction is the accusation by Ethier of freezoners ‘cheating and lying about qualifications and stats’ when his Class XII status as auditor is itself worthless.

    Any praise or congratulations accorded Ethier for his action in parting from his former ‘church’ must be tempered by the fact that he is a firm advocate of the ‘bridge to total freedom’ including the nonsense of OTVIII. Ursula Caberta said “..the freezone is a lesser evil.” She meant: it is ‘not as evil as’.

  15. Wolfie Says:

    Jesus who built his website?

    I would recommend him to get at least some copyright free website templates instead of just throwing text in a mish mash way.

    Takes seconds to google for free copyright free templates and would look a whole lot better than what he has.

    No ones going to take this guy seriously with that site.

  16. Cornelius Futz Says:

    So, Scientology has given him excellent recall of his past 2000 years? I wonder what he was back then, keeper of the implant. Centurion in charge of monitoring Xenu’s electronic prison.

    Glad, he’s out, and appears not to be as cruel as Miscavige and others, but really…Hubbard set up Scientology as a ruthless system anyway, as far as I’m concerned. It is not based on love, kindness, or rationality. Hubbard scorns those things.

    I don’t understand why people suspend their regular education, and feel there is some equivalency in decades of Scientology claptrap. Brainwashing, I guess, and the desire not to look upon all those years as a mental exercise in madness. Scientology seems to leave some exes with delusions of grandeur. The ones who leave complete tend to be quite humbled by it.

    What if his freezoner tormentor is someone from the OSA, just posing. I can imagine Scientology wanting to make it hell for freezoners, and going about it any way they can.

  17. Artoo45 Says:

    Freezoners are after him? This guy is probably paranoid as hell from being in the cult for so long. Seriously, he’s got to have some major PTSD issues, and paranoia is one of PTSDs many symptoms. But I agree, the Freezone acorn fell from the Scientology tree, so the likelihood of something new and different growing up from that acorn is nil.

  18. 3rdman Says:

    That is a good point. The OSA has set up many Freezone front websites used to draw people back into Scientology. Thus it could be the OSA was tormenting him but impersonating the Freezone to dissuade him from joining.

    After all, the OSA has tried several times to infiltrate Anonymous.

  19. Eldon Says:

    I hadn’t read this comment by Ursula Caberta before: “..the freezone is a lesser evil.”

    Pierre Ethier has the credentials to do what David Mayo did back in 1983: start a significant schism. Mayo’s Advanced Ability Center in Santa Barbara lasted only a few years, and he disappeared after the legal case was finally settled. He was a decent guy even if he did believe in body thetan exorcism and the tech in general.

    I’ll be happy to see more fence-sitters drawn into the Freezone. It’s a viable transition back to normality, and they squabble amongst themselves too much to pose any danger to society. Pierre’s whining about having been fair gamed is hyperbole, of course. I really can’t think of anybody in the Freezone who would try and ruin him utterly.

  20. Nike Says:

    I know Pierre as a person very dedicated in helping people to improve their abilities, achive better awareness and winning attitude in life. Pierre is a person with a lot of care for others and a lot of kindness, who is very passionate about the things he belive in.
    Jesus was crucified because he was helping others. Nothing new under the Sun. The old story in a new tune.

  21. TimeMatters Says:

    Pierre’s story:

  22. TimeMatters Says:

    Pierre’s Story

  23. TimeMatters Says:

    Succsess Story comes first:

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