Skeptic Magazine on Jett Travolta

Jett and John Travolta

Jett and John Travolta

From the Australian Skeptics and the Skeptic magazine comes this commentary from Michael Wolloghan about Scientology and autism.

Ex high ranking Scientologist of 22 years, John Duignan, told The Sun that Jett Travolta might have fallen victim to Scientology’s questionable beliefs relating to medicine. He confirmed that Scientology denies the existence of psychiatric and mental health problems.

Duignan explains, “Much of the hold that the Church of Scientology has on its followers is the vehement hatred, horror and terror it inculcates in them towards the subject and professions of psychology, psychiatry
and psychiatric drugs. Since the release of “Dianetics” in 1950, Hubbard had condemned these subjects. He claimed to be the sole agent of the solution to all mental illness, in any form.”

Tory Christman, a former Scientologist who was involved with the group for 30 years, told the Times Online,
UK that there may be numerous parishioners of Scientology suffering from untreated mental and neurological
conditions, but they refuse to receive proper treatment. Even Joey Travolta, younger brother of John, believed Jett was autistic and allegedly argued with his brother over the treatment of his son.

Read the full Skeptic article on Scientology and autism

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5 Comments on “Skeptic Magazine on Jett Travolta”

  1. Benjamin Cisco Says:

    Kudos to Mr. Wolloghan for applying a good old-fashioned skeptical analysis. As the skeptics’ movement spreads, more public will become aware of the crimes of the cult of Scientology.

    Thanks for posting this Mark.

  2. Tom Newton Says:

    Dear Mark Bunker,

    You and Tory are shameless Vultures. How much money do you make a month with your campaign of hate?

    Despite the wild claims by Christman, Scientology spokesperson says the church doesn’t get involved in medical decisions. Tory’s comments do not, however, gone unchallenged. As one former associate of Tory remarked:

    “Tory Christman says in other places that she took herself off anti-epileptic medicine and then had to be coaxed to go back on by Scientologists who saw that her condition was worsening.”

    I hope it’s worth it. Poor Jett. Does he taste good?

    Tom Newton

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Tom,

    why do you fail so much?

  4. podblack Says:

    Excellent article, I enjoyed reading it in the Australian Skeptic. BTW, Michael is a part of the Skeptic Zone podcast and discusses issues as a part of his segment on the show! 🙂

  5. Peter Says:

    Your researched and referenced well written articles beat spin, hyperbole and whitewash any day. Nice work Mr Wolloghan.

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