Assault on Anonymous

Reinhard Koenig aka/The Kicker

Reinhard Koenig aka/The Kicker

First off, any raid that includes Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy is made of win. But then an old geezer comes out of the D.C. Org and — instead of just yelling, “You kids get off my lawn” — goes up and assaults an Anon.

To be played in the movie by Armin Mueller-Stahl

To be played in the movie by Armin Mueller-Stahl

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5 Comments on “Assault on Anonymous”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    DC Anons GET IT DONE

  2. 3rdman Says:

    So, any Scilons out there care to explain how kicking a peaceful protester will save the world from SPs?

  3. Xeero Says:

    The funny thing here now is that had he simply faced the cops to begin with the charges would be less than him effectively evading arrest. I wonder if the police are going to legitimately pursue this at all.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Actually, a similar thing happened at the Sydney protest last Saturday. A crazy screaming lady tried to forcefully demask us and pulled a femanon’s pigtails. She also hurled very colourful insults at us, to which she received a very effective “NO U” which got her even more riled up.

    She also said that she WASN’T a Scientologist, but after being scared off by Legion’s chanting of “FAAAAAAIIIL” for the entire street to see and watch her in shame, she was later found cowering in the lobby of ANZO. So much for not being a Scientologist eh?

    Could this be the new thing? Could Scientologists be snapping under pressure?

    Video here:

  5. Wackawacka Says:

    This guy really looks so much like Müller-Stahl in that picture… Scary

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