Dinner Party Ruined

No, Cash Peters is not a porn name.

No, Cash Peters is not a porn name.

A journalist shares the confession that he’d been interested in Scientology in the past and chases his dinner guests away.  

Hollywood is rapidly becoming a Scientology town. Appreciating what a major impact movies, TV, and music have on the whole world, the church has made the place its mothership, buying up land and buildings and recruiting members from all sides of the media. They even have seats on the council here – a fact that seemed to appal and frighten our dinner guests.

I told them that quite a few of our neighbors over the years had been Scientologists and we’d never encountered a problem. They’d always been very private, no trouble at all, just quiet, respectful guys getting on with their lives. This too appalled our guests. As did the news that I’d been so impressed with the way these neighbors had conducted themselves that I had invested in a few Scientology books myself, following comments from friends saying they wished I’d be more private, quiet, respectful, and just get on with my life. 

This is where the conversation stumbled. Our guests immediately rushed in to save me from myself. 

You can read the full acount here.

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14 Comments on “Dinner Party Ruined”

  1. Rebecca Says:

    Scientists are indeed nice people, and I’d have no problem with the whole religion-personal improvement thingy if they didn’t have church policies that ruin lives. So, the people? Love ’em! The church? Not a big fan.

  2. slicolas Says:

    Problem with the $cientologists is that they believe everything L Con wrote and said. Also cause theyre brainwashed into being scared of anything negative about $cientology, so theyll happly lie and destort facts especially to those not in the know, and will stop at nothing to do so.

    Then you get the ones that read $cientologys “Fair Game” policys and “tech”. Well if L Ron wrote it and anything negative of $cientology is so harmful to society(so they believe) then “Fair Game” must be the only way to deal with such a destructive force to society.

    It matters not to them that many deaths $cientology causes(malpractice etc). That $cientology is just bait and switch and never delivers what it promises. Cover it up even if its true and dont be affraid to use R2-42(murder) after all theyre just dropping their meat bodies and will come back to a much improved $cientology society!

    I know thats not ever $cientologist out their but theyll happly pay and contribute to this destructive force cause they belive its whats best for themselves.

  3. Avery1 Says:

    It makes me so angry that someone who calls himself a journalist is all “bawww I can’t be bothered to learn stuff.”

    What a clown.

  4. Bill W Says:

    So if CO$ wants to call itself a religion, it must be accountable for how it treats its followers. If the Catholic church can be sued for priests raping boys and if the LDS church has to answer for plural marriage, then CO$ must answer for the persistant tales of verbal, physical, and emtional abuse of its adherants. I suppose Tom/Alan or whatever his name is today will choose to ignore this truth and replace it with something about ANON being a hate group.

  5. 3rdman Says:

    To Rebecca:

    Definition of the word: Scientist:
    an expert in science, esp. one of the physical or natural sciences.

    Definitino of Scientology:
    An organization or a religion. Take your pick. However, do not confuse Scientology with Science. It isn’t a science. It isn’t based on the scientific method, empirical research, or anything related. It is, at most, a philosophical belief, unless you count the Xenu tail as relevant.

    Pretty sure you meant that Scientologists are generally nice people, and that is true for most Scientologists. but don’t be fooled into thinking that all Scientologists are like this way. A portion of them are quite dangerous and will actively seek your harm if declared an SP.

    And dont’ be fooled in attributing this “nicety” as what the cult really is. These nice Scientologists are being duped and are unaware or in denial of the truth.

  6. Rabidtreeweasel Says:

    I couldn’t tell, was he being serious? I re-read it a few times, and thought the whole thing might be tongue in cheek. It’s hard to tell if he’s really that self important and smarmy or not. I guess I’ll have to read his other articles, and do a comparison.

  7. Xeero Says:

    It’s upsetting to see posts like this go up, but I’m glad Mark linked it. I certainly don’t agree with the writer’s view, but how his guests acted (at least in his depiction) didn’t make a very good case either.

    As someone who’s had pretty explosive changes in demeanor I can attest to how detrimental it is to go off like that. Eventually all you can do is put the option to explore the issue fully on the table and hope they’ve the presence of mind to look before they leap. And if they don’t, just be there to catch them before they splatter all over the rocks.

    What constantly frustrates me is it gets increasingly difficult to get the truth out in an indisputable manner. case in point: Mark’s post regarding the personality test taken. Could be true and yet at the same time some sound arguments were offered to question the validity of it.

    It’d be so nice to have a smoking gun event, like a visiting celeb or news crew gets a shot of someone being abused, or asking for help in leaving, etc. While I despise that we give people who make a profession out of lying (really what do you think acting is?) so much clout, it’d be nice to see some more big name people with sway speaking out, rather than lapping caviar off the silver spoon scientology’s offered them

  8. Mike Says:

    The writer is British and I, too, thought for a moment that the whole thing was a troll, a very subtle one even by British standards of humor. The I read some of the other stuff he’s written and concluded that he’s simply not very bright. He wrote that he had been interested in Scientology for himself at some point, which seemed genuine.

    “But that’s how you’re going to need to be in Hollywood in the future, I think, a town that will soon be completely owned by Scientology.”

    This is purely delusional. CoS may have bought some buildings, but that is strictly the extent of their growth. Tory’s sightseeing tour showed that they can’t even get the Big Blue fixed.

  9. slicolas Says:

    Having read as much of the promotional material as i could stomach id say it wasnt a piece written by a non-bias bystander but like i just said. A promotion! Sickening like and all just to get people sucked in. Hes definitely done the corses and thinks an e-meter is a wonderful device! Guy doesnt understand what brainwashing is and how hes been duped

  10. Xeero Says:

    Careful on that on Slicolas. Throwing around accusations like that simply vindicate Scientology when they talk about religious intolerance, etc.

    I sure as hell don’t think them a religion, but if someone’s shooting at you, you should at least take their ammunition away, even if you can’t get the gun from them.

  11. Dissenting Voice Says:


  12. justMe Says:

    As Mike “read some of the other stuff he’s written and concluded that he’s simply not very bright” Mike probably got it right.

    As that babbeling about Scamtology being about improvements in live – that they could just sell their courses (as if they would work!) – and how the e-meter fantasticly works …. yakety-yak.

    All that more sounded like a sales pitch to me – and probably to his scared guests as well! (sic!)

    And he either must be sorrowly dumb – what would nicely fit with his admiration for creepy, robotic social behaviour as a “desirable treat” …

    … or maybe there is an alternative explanation:

    he realy believes that the Scilons will take over Hollywood and he himself – by chumming up with the “powers to come” in his blog – just tries to prepare his way to “get along with everybody” he deems “benficial” and “influential” for his future there …

    Anyway: neither makes him look remotely bright – and being flexible without a backbone isn’t a virtue in itself either! As is the lack of any scrutiny!

    To me this seem to show two things:

    First, even the intellectually most plain can blog –

    and second, he – as the (self proclaimed?) “TV Swami” – obviously plays in the same league as this Sponge Bob of a Sham-POW guy …

    And they are probably not the only dunderheads populating Hollywood … 😉

  13. Caliwog Says:

    The original blog post is gone. Think Cash got a nastygram from the Co$?

  14. Mike Says:

    > The original blog post is gone. Think Cash got a nastygram from the Co$?

    Or a gigabyte of email from Anonymous? I thought the post was rather positive on CoS, but I guess the word ‘cult’ was somewhere in there, which is probaby enough to trigger a nastygram. Interesting, though, this retraction of the post. I’d like to know what the guys thoughts about Scientology are now that he has discovered that it’s not a subject of light conversation.

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