Another Lawsuit Filed Against Scientology

What a year it has been for David Miscavige.  He thought 2008 was rough, what with the rise of Anonymous, but already in 2009 we have seen suits launched by Marc and Claire Headly and now comes new charges from Laura DeCrescenzo.

Laura was in the Sea Org for 13 years and the suit alleges she was so desperate to get out that she drank bleach. Jonny Jacobsen has a writeup at his blog.

Laura DeCrescenzo (née Dieckman) worked in Los Angeles for the Sea Org, which the movement describes as its elite cadre, between 1991 and 2004. She was recruited at the age of 12.

Scientology, the lawsuit argues, “stole Plaintiff’s youth and that of many others.”

Married at 16, she fell pregnant when she was 17. But her employers forced her to have an abortion because of the ban on Sea Org members having children, the lawsuit alleges.

DeCrescenzo also spent time on Scientology’s punishment programme, the Rehabilitation Project Force, or RPF.

“There are two very different versions of Scientology,” says the lawsuit. “There is the Scientology as presented to the outside world and there is a different Scientology in which Plaintiff lived and worked for approximately thirteen years.

“In the Scientology world Plaintiff experienced, twelve year old children are taken from their homes, asked to sign employment contracts and put to work. Pregnant women are coerced to have abortions.

“Employees work 100-hour weeks in the business ventures of Scientology at far less than minimum wage. There are no contributions to Social Security or employee pensions, although there is plenty of money to pay Scientology’s Chairman of the Board [David Miscavige], private investigators and lawyers.

“Personal freedoms are restricted and severe punishments are used to keep employees in line… That is the context of this litigation.”

You can read the lawsuit here and find out more about Laura here.

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12 Comments on “Another Lawsuit Filed Against Scientology”

  1. Geradeaus Karfield Says:

    Mark you are up early mein Fruend

    But here here!

  2. Mike Says:

    “But here here!”

    You want “hear hear”. See

    More on topic: this is all getting very impressive. The CoS is in such a state that they don’t seem to have the faintest chance of keeping up with all the ex-members that are coming out. There have been so many credible and articulate people telling their stories over the past year, and very nearly the only counterarguments are Tommy Davis’s ramblings.

  3. Bill Says:

    This is just what cult needs. They are getting a taste of their own medicine. Except in these cases, the law suits are legitimate. More and more ex-scientologists are becoming emboldened to take action. The more that come forward, thoe more others will become emboldened.

    “so desperate she drank bleach.” …..just WOW.

    I am glad she is ok.

  4. 3rdman Says:

    Several thousands of more dollars for lawyers. Thousands more for 5 hour energy and coffee to keep Moxon and Kobrin working 24/7. You abuse your own, your own bite back.

    Its going to be dramatic irony if it ends up Scientology just drowning in litigation.

  5. Artoo45 Says:

    Drowning in litigation indeed. Li’l Davy’s Fake Navy springs yet another legal leak. Soon the overtaxed bilge pumps will fail and it’ll be all hands on deck with buckets, bedpans and Dixie cups. Ah, but the S.S. $cientology can’t stay afloat much longer no matter how much they keep bailing. Will the Hubbard’s Tiny Terror™ go down with the ship? I wouldn’t bet on it . . . I hear Paraguay is lovely this time of year.

  6. DMS Says:

    Just where is the $cientology nutjob to tell us how we’ve got this all wrong – there’s nothing wrong with the CoS, Scientology saves people’s lives, people who try to kill themselves aren’t deserving of sympathy, the plaintiff in this case is just another quitter like Jason Beghe?

    Those are all responses I’ve seen and heard, and I’ve come to expect stuff like it in every discussion.

    Have the $cientologists lost their vigor?

  7. Dissenting Voice Says:

    Seems that way, with a notable eception or two.

  8. Mike Says:

    > Have the $cientologists lost their vigor?

    Probably more than anything, the have lost their people. Everyone even somewhat sane and experienced is gone, and the people they have left cannot be put in front of the public or the media.

  9. Bill W Says:

    So Tom just poked fun at Mark with his fake “visit to an org” gag. Now where is Tom with more evasivness about the real issue within CO$? Human rights abuses!!! Even the Catholic church pays its employees a living wage, and their priests rape little boys. I guess I am overstating myself to make a point: Tom will contiue to ignore the truth of CO$ and only focus on ANON being a “hategroup”. Always attack, never defend. I suppose his next act will be to sue someone. Most likely it’ll be Mark for taking away Tom’s 1st ammendment right to make an idiot out of himself.

  10. […] Another Lawsuit Filed Against Scientology […]

  11. Patri9ck Says:

    Mark, I know lawsuits take time and epxecially longer when the CoS litigators get in there but I do hope you keep us appraised of the progress of this suit.

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