Get Becky Out


Becky has been suspended by Scientology for being PTS.

Here’s what the parents had to say in their description of this video:

Mother Sue reads the COS reply from Graeme Wilson.

We, (Sue and Tony) have protested against the CULT of Scientology for over 12 months and have written 8 letters to Scientology and have still not had one reply. This video is made due to the help we have had from our local MP and his achievement in getting the COS Mr. Graeme Wilson who is the head of communications for the cult to respond to his own letters.
We have not got our daughter out of this CULT as yet, so our fight is not over for our daughter and her future husband Mr. David Fryer.
The CULT have SUSPENDED our daughter but our daughter is still a Scientologist, she who will not be able to attend any of there courses as she has been declared PTS but may work in the Cult front groups with Scientologists and will be asked to give DONNATIONS. 

To this we will not stop our fight.
Our daughter will always be a scientologist while her future husband is a Scientologist, so this is why we fight. We are helping our daughter understand the reputation of the Cult and we know our daughter will help her boy friend David Fryer also in the end.

Here is the letter sent by Scientology to the UK officials and which the MP forwarded to the family.



Original Post from February 20th, 2009

There’s so much going on in this past year that a lot of important stuff has escaped my attention.  Tony Leigh and his partner Sue in the UK have been trying to reconnect with daughter Rebecca Thurston, who has been getting deeper and deeper into Scientology.  They were interviewed by Anonymous at protests.  Since then, they have been making their own videos.  

You can see much more at their YouTube Channel.

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6 Comments on “Get Becky Out”

  1. w0g4life Says:

    Thanks Mark for making this blogpost. Let’s hope these good folks get their daughter back.

    I keep thinking the obvious answer, if there were no Church, then there would be nothing to keep them from coming home. Let’s tear it down already. Please, let this be it’s final year of murder, lying and stealing!

  2. 3rdman Says:

    To w0g4life

    I hope your right about that. Cultists have a tendency to not react well if the institution that tells them what to do goes away. Some just reform the cult, others just go and find another cult to tell them what to do, and the worst is that some have committed suicide. If this girl was willing to abandon her own flesh and blood for Scientology, I fear she and others like her will have a very difficult time when the cult is brought down.

  3. Roger Out Says:

    Becky has been in for 4 years she said. She’d listened to the radio show with her parents on it and I was struck by her lack of concern for the misery she was causing them. Of course she is free to do what she wants but she ignored the evidence her parents gave her about the cult.

    Their daughter just stared at them, her parents said when they confronted her with all they knew. Becky
    was ‘handling’ them as we can guess and does not admit this during her interview, but attacks her parents instead.

    This is a horror story. If Becky was my daughter I would be beside myself with grief and desperate to protect her just like Tony and Sue.

  4. […] to reach her and doing so publicly. YouTube – MOTHERS JOY OVER DAUGHTERS SUSPENSION BY THE CULT More info on XenuTv as well Sorry if this was already posted, but nothing came up in […]

  5. Mikeconscious Says:

    I was trapped in this cult as a child and made it out OK. We all pray she will make it out as well. keep us informed Mark and thanks for all the great work you do.

  6. Me Says:

    Yeah $cilons twisted policy:

    The daughter is “suspended” because of their parents behaviour. How sick is that?

    IF Scamtology would be a decent organisation they would not “punish” individuals for the doings of others.

    But here again they show their maliciously twisted $cilon-minds:

    kin liability as the alter ego to their disconnetion policy …

    one of a kind sick and malicious insanity covered in claims of “ethics” and morality – $cientology realy makes me want to vomit.

    dishonest and malicious people claiming to strive for the betterment of mankind – that’s Scamtology, pure!

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