Chicago Anonymous Presentation

On March 14th, the Chicago Anons spoke about Scientology at the College of Complexes.   They invited me out to give part of the presentation.  I spoke about Fair Game while Anonymous covered other aspects of Scientology’s history and beliefs.  

The entire event took about two and a half hours but their camera gave out an hour before it was over.  We miss out on the spirited question and answer period with the professional skeptics that attend these weekly lectures and debates.

Thanks again to Chicago Anonymous for allowing me to be a part of their event.  I had a great time.

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5 Comments on “Chicago Anonymous Presentation”

  1. 3rdman Says:

    If only my camera lasted longer, heh. It was a lot of fun though. Thanks WBM for coming all the way to Chitown for the presentation. It was an epic success, even without a working projector. 🙂

  2. Dissenting Voice Says:

    Two things strike me about this conference.

    Firstly, The Church have made it a point to show up at virtually every skeptic/cult awareness/potentially anti-scientology meeting within their power to attend, where they typically proceed to shout down the speakers, attempt to discredit them, or attempt to derail the conversation with non-sequitor topics.

    None of this occurred at the meeting. Did they try to get in and were barred from doing so? Did they, in fact, show up and remain silent (which seems unlikely)? Or did they show up and perform their normal routine, after the camera stopped? Why is this meeting different?

    Also, one of Tom Newton’s favorite claims against Anonymous is that they are bigoted, racist, and to this day boast not a single black member. Has this video just destroyed Tom’s credibility?

  3. Xchidna Says:

    You’re welcome Mr. Beardm’n.

    And DV, I was surprised that Dominic didn’t show up either. But we mailed the Co$ an invite, even!

  4. Dissenting Voice Says:

    If that’s true, then, along with the Tommy Davis ‘admission’, I think we’re starting to see an unravelling. Might this be the beginning of the end for the Church?

  5. 3rdman Says:

    Not getting my hopes up on that one. But here is something interesting:

    Does anyone know if Desert Hot Springs is Scientology managed?

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