ShamWow huckster busted.

ShamWow huckster busted.



The ShamWow guy is busted for punching a hooker!  The Smoking Gun has the details.

Who to Support?

Here’s a dilemma.  When it comes down to the maker of one of the worst films ever or a criminal cult, which do you back?  No, I’m not talking about Peter Alexander.  The filmmaker in question is the ShamWow guy, former Scientologist Vince Offer.  You’ve seen him pitch his magic cloth on TV.

Turns out he sued Scientology for his treatment at the Celebrity Center and an unjust Comm Ev.

The Scientology sub-organization that recruits and caters to celebrities “Celebrity Center International,” located in Hollywood and whose motto is “To Create a Safe Space for Artists,” according to Offer recruited dozens of his Scientology friends, associates and actors that worked on Underground Comedy, to write false and malicious reports against him. If individuals refused to write these reports, they were threatened with condemnation and punishment that could be lethal to their careers. One person reported a statement informing, “They threatened that I would also be Declared Suppressive if I didn’t write up all the bad stuff I knew on Vince.” A Scientology term, “Declared Suppressive,” means being labeled as an “enemy” of Scientology, expelled from the organization, becoming “fair game,” and subject to “disconnection” by all family, friends and associates who are Scientologists.

Celebrity Center staff executives summoned Offer to face a Scientology court for the numerous charges that unbeknownst to Offer were recruited by Scientology officials but were presented to Offer as having been written by other members on their “own accord.”

This court was run by four scientology church staff members, the youngest being about 14 years of age, and in March of 1998, a ruling document entitled “Findings and Recommendations,” held Offer to be guilty of 23 charges, none of which were ever presented to him in the “court.” To add insult to injury, the ruling document labeled him a “Declare Type B,” a Scientology term which means a person who is a “Criminal” and has “a criminal record.” This was publicly distributed or communicated to all associates, future associates of Offer and general Scientology members, thereby sealing his fate as an outcast. Offer suffered irreparable damage due to this, including a lucrative business enterprise he owned that consisted of many Scientology sales representatives who abandoned him upon hearing the “Criminal” charge. The enterprise folded soon after.

I guess, in this case, I go with ShamWow guy.

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6 Comments on “Sham-POW!”

  1. […] The “ShamWOW Guy” used to be a Scientologist… till he sued them.  SRSLY. […]

  2. nikaqat Says:

    Ah, but that’s an easy one, Mark 🙂 You should blame the film, not the cult. You know why? Because the bad film is a sure thing. You see it before your eyes. It’s a fact. As for all those things the cult supposedly did to him, we don’t really know for sure it happened at all, or if it did, that it happened the way he describes it. Making a bad film certainly doesn’t bring the guy more credibility!

  3. 3rdman Says:

    He saw through the Scientology sham…wow.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  4. caliwog Says:

    Maybe he’s in trouble because he’s selling a product made by the suppressive Germans.

  5. caliwog Says:

    More Vince:

    And if you believe his Wikipedia page, it sounds like Vince caught his own case of Scn suit-fever.

  6. alex Says:


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