Palin Pallin’ with an OT? You Betcha!

Greta Van Susteran and husband John Coale

Greta Van Susteran and husband John Coale

Last week, it was all over the blogs that Sarah’s Palin’s brain trust for the 2012 election included big-time Scientologist, Washington D.C. insider and husband of Greta Van Susteran, John Coale.

The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza broke the story and since then, Gawker has been all over it like fur on a weasel.

Gawker also is taking a look back the F.L.A.G.G. PAC that Coale tried to form in 1986 to “safepoint Scientology.”  They have even posted the full memo Coale sent out to solicit funds.  Here’s an excerpt:

Whenever a new president got elected, I would always tell myself, “How much harm could they do?”   They’d be there 4 or 8 years and then move on.  But during his term in office, George Bush managed to break the world.

I see Sarah Palin as Bush in a dress, his ideological twin, making decisions by the gut.  I can’t imagine what would have happened if Bush had a Scientologist at his side.

And for those who don’t want me to mention politics, this time it’s inescapable…and, boy, am I holding back.

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14 Comments on “Palin Pallin’ with an OT? You Betcha!”

  1. Tequila Says:

    I wanted to add the lovely DIGG link to help get this story seen by even more people.

  2. SP Batman Says:

    As a conservative, I appreciate the ‘holding back’. There’s just too much polarization going on right now in our country and we don’t need more vitriol than what we hav now. I, for one, believe in what Palin did for Alaska as what needs to be done for the congress. I won’t go into any more to avoid being preachy.

    I just think regardless of left or right, we can all agree on one thing. Scientology = not in the best interest of the country.

  3. Benjamin Cisco Says:

    Don’t hold back! Any other ‘insider’ who was so immersed has never been treated delicately because of religious affiliation.

    This cult is down right eerie and I hope this story is sent on to agencies, governments, media, citizens’ groups and written on sidewalks in chalk.

    Digg this story.

  4. Rabidtreeweasel Says:

    I like Palin, and so I hope, for her sake, that she doesn’t know what Scientology really is. Most people don’t. Maybe now she’ll look into it, and have something to say against it. Assuming the media doesn’t drive her in the other direction with mean spirited vitriol.

    I think it’s unfair to assume the worst of her based on her campaign advisers. Not when looking at the advisers of other politicians, some of whom liked to blow up government buildings in their heyday.

  5. 3rdman Says:

    Knowing politicians, she maybe amongst those who are clueless to the truth of Scientology. Most politicians know nothing until someone tells them something.

    But here are some interesting events to consider and why I think Scifags are using Palin as a tool (or will try to):

    1. Palin’s email gets hacked by an internet dude, rumored associated with the Anonymous culture group.

    2. Palin teams up with Coale who just happens to be a Scientologist.

    Coincidence? I think not. I bet Coale has fed her all the wrong things about Scientology and about their critics.

  6. SP Batman Says:

    That’s a very strong possibility. If the hacker IS associated with Anon,it’s another reason why people have to think about the consequences before they act.

    I don’t expect every Anon to be focusing squarely on $cions, but where they do decide to ‘strike’, you better believe $cions will be there to use it against them if they can.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    pushing the politicalfaggotry aside, this could be another great footbullet by the cult for us to take advantage of.

  8. Xenu stole my bike Says:

    I suppose you could make this political WBM. Then again, Obama’s not impressing anyone by giving billions of our dollars to bankers. Where’s my change?

    My point is, neither party is doing us any good. They’re both corrupt. I voted Libertarian BTW.

  9. Xenu stalker Says:

    from w1tch doctor to fuc#ing Scientology in a matter of months.

  10. John Says:

    “George Bush managed to break the world.”

    Time Obama’s done you’ll be beggin’ for Bush.

  11. Mike Says:

    Rabidtreeweasel: “I like Palin, and so I hope, for her sake, that she doesn’t know what Scientology really is. Most people don’t. Maybe now she’ll look into it, and have something to say against it.”

    I think Palin is fundamentally a shrewd person, and not the type who would fall for a cult (mind you shrewd does not mean informed or curious about the world). The GOP had trouble controlling her. Her relationship with David Miscavige would last about ten seconds after the point where DM stops kissing her arse. She is in the business of getting the votes of the evangelicals, and for that reason, she won’t want to appear as a scientologist, if scientology has a bad reputation. Scientologists are much too small a group of voters to matter to Palin. At the same time, I don’t think Palin is going to burn bridges to any tv journalist unless it is specifically in her political interest.

  12. XENU TV Says:

    We’ll see, John. Obama’s been handed the biggest mess any President may have ever seen. Most people seem to be willing to give him a chance.

  13. Geradeaus Karfield Says:

    Bull Pies.

    Don’t blame Bush.

    Blame your damn Congress.

    Obama is worse and more.

    This is not a Democracy yet they are trying to make it one.

    I want a Republic.

  14. Xchidna Says:

    Unfortunately, Geradeaus, it’s been a democratic republic (citizens voting for representative government) for oh… 212 years. We’re both, and it’s not because of the two retarded parties that it’s called that, which some people tend to forget.

    Either way, being swayed by the scilons as well as corporate America is just another reason not to vote for Palin in 2012 no matter your political views. Especially since Alaskan politicians have given us such great hope for a continuing free Internet.

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