Ex-Sea Org Member TOLD Her Story

Niki, who goes by “Mostwantedpower” on YouTube, shared some of her day to day experiences as a Sea Org member, on the Estates Project Force and more…until a battle with her Scientologist boyfriend led to her canceling the account. 

She says she is going to start up again.

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5 Comments on “Ex-Sea Org Member TOLD Her Story”

  1. Niki Says:

    Lol Thanks so much Mark! This is awesome! I’ll be posting some more videos soon. Keep helping me spread my story!
    ML ❤

  2. Dissenting Voice Says:

    Thank you for coming forward and sharing your story, Niki.

  3. Benjamin Cisco Says:

    Niki, I enjoyed watching your videos. Keep sharing your stories especially with folks your age.

  4. Martin Says:

    What happened? It shows all her videos have been taken down.

  5. Random Name Says:

    Yes, it’s very suspicious that the account is now closed.

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