Anonymous Argentina Win

Thanks to the beauty of subtitles, now we too can enjoy this newscast.

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11 Comments on “Anonymous Argentina Win”

  1. 3rdman Says:

    I see two problems with the report:
    A) Identifying Scientology with rich and successful celebrities.

    B) Reporting they have 10 million members around the world.

    Regardless, this was epic win for Argentina Anons for getting on TV.

  2. John Doe Says:

    Anonymous in the Netherlands is protesting the disconnection policy on a swinging way🙂

  3. ted Says:

    Nice job using the “Masked Ball” sequence when talking about Tom Cruise!

  4. AnonymousArgentina Says:

    Thanks for helping us to grow up in number, oh, you wise beard man… is truly an honour to see our video posted here.

    Anonymous Argentina

  5. Petete Says:

    Thank you Mark for your suppor and for posting the right translation of the first Anonymous Argentina protest agaisnt the COS. Its great to know the “big guys” are with us😀

  6. Martin Says:

    Argentina, I believe, has more psychiatrists per person that any other country. Seems odd a few of them were not at the demo.
    I think the argentinan anon shouldn’t harp on about deaths becuase it makes it look like scaremongering. Just a thought.

  7. w0g4life Says:

    “I think the argentinan anon shouldn’t harp on about deaths becuase it makes it look like scaremongering. Just a thought.”

    Tons of people die or ‘disappear’ in Scientology. Scaremongering?

  8. Mike Says:

    Seemed like everyone, the anon included, were getting their facts somewhat off or at least beside the point. It’s great to get it on tv regardless, because at least some of the audience will look things up on the net.

  9. binturong Says:

    show me the 10mm followers. either way, the report did not portray the “church” in a positive way. and that is always better than not.

  10. Jonouchi Says:

    We are the world!

    We are Anonymouse!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. vamosalcine1 Says:

    Go Argentina!🙂

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