Jeff Stone’s Unethical Behavior

This is why we need newspapers.  Reporters like Julia Glick from the Riverside Press-Enterprise do us all a favor when they bring to light the unethical behavior of local politicians like Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone who touts his sister as a volunteer for the county, yet last year he paid her $40,000 more out of campaign funds than he made as a County Supervisor.


Supervisor Jeff Stone frequently praises his sister as Riverside County’s best bargain because she works full-time as an unpaid volunteer in his office.

But records show he paid Lori Stone more than $180,000 in campaign money last year for political consulting and professional services and he assigned her the free use of a county car with taxpayer-funded gasoline included.

Over the past three years, Stone’s campaign payments to his sister totaled about $330,000.

In reporting this story, The Press-Enterprise tried to interview Lori Stone and another staff member. Jeff Stone directed them not to comment and asked that requests be referred to him.

Jeff Stone has been shilling for Scientology but his days may be numbered.  In this time of outrage over AIG bonuses, do we really want to hear that a politician’s sister gets paid $181,000 for “volunteering” and is given a free vehicle and gas courtesy of the taxpayers?

That’s not volunteering, Mr. Stone.   And you’re no representative of the people.  

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14 Comments on “Jeff Stone’s Unethical Behavior”

  1. guy Says:

    Sometimes you only need to look at a guy to know he’s a complete douchebag, not often but sometimes. With Jeff Stone this is definitely the case.

  2. Tequila Says:

    Whenever I volunteer, not only do I not get paid, but I have had to pay for my own parking.

    I guess I was doing it wrong.

  3. Xchidna Says:

    If Riverside’s citizens are as angered as Illinois’s were at Blagojevich, I can see the Stone being moved out of the way quite soon.

  4. Keith Says:

    I have a feeling that this, along with his hearsay “evidence” at the council meeting and harsh bias against anon, is only the surface of this mans unfounded logic. Soon we may find a secret even darker, the one which scientology may be using in order to persuade this man. Perhaps we should feel sorry for this man, the strings maybe tighter than we think.

  5. t0yo Says:

    Its good to know that he was being unfair in this way however bringing up a person’s past to contradict them?

    Isn’t that the way Scientology usually works? I mean sure they exaggerate and lie most of the time, but in some cases they just bring up the past to discredit their critics.

    Protesters bringing up stone’s “past” to silence his however unfair and unbiased critique on the protesting and the agreement of the ordinance

  6. Tequila Says:

    How is this the past?
    It seems pretty indicative of how he treats his job as “public servant”.

    This article talked about Jeff Stone’s actions over the last 3 years in office…not a youthful indiscretion while in high school.

  7. AnonAnon Says:

    I bet he has taken courses on Ethics from W.I.S.E…..

  8. It is not volunteer work if you get paid for it. Someone should get Jeff Stone a dictionary so he can check his MUs.

  9. Dissenting Voice Says:

    I agree with tequila.

    This isn’t some skeleton in his closet, this is clear and present corruption.

    Regardless of scientology, citizens of America should not put up with such blatant abuses by their elected leaders. Reminds me of good ol’ Grey Davis.

    Shameful and disgusting.

  10. SP Batman Says:

    Hey Stone, “what are your crimes???”

    Oh, I guess we know now…

  11. Mitsu Too Says:

    We should all be so lucky to “volunteer” and get paid so well! Maybe we should all quit our jobs and go volunteer for Stone. As a “volunteer” does she pay taxes on that $180,000 contributions from her brother Stone? Can he pay himself from those contributions or does he have to filter it to his sister as a “volunteer” and then get given some under the table cash to supplement his own income? This is nepostism and loop hole shenanigans at its best. Wonder if his cult lawyer Aldehof(sp?) advise him on these “technicalities” since the CO$ is quite versed in setting up “fronts” in their enteprise to avoid paying taxes.

  12. 3rdman Says:

    Isn’t he also planning on running for Senator? Seems like he is meeting the qualifications for one: corruption, unethical behavior, stupidity. Yeah, he is perfect for the role. Too bad he has a snowballs chance in hell to be one. Epic internets to the press for their good work in shining the light on the corruption in Riverside County!

  13. timster Says:

    someone should go the clerk of the board and pull a copy of his California Form 700 (Statement of Economic Interest). I’m betting that the omissions will be far more telling than the content…

  14. AnonOrange Says:

    Julia Glick is GONE from the Press Enterprise. She was the only one that had the guts to print anti-Stone, anti-Scientology stories.

    I need to find out why she left, but people at the Press Enterprise won’t tell me.

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