Jeff Hawkins Interview


In Parts 6 and 7 of KESQ reporter Nathan Baca’s Scientology vs. Anonymous series,  Jeff Hawkins shares his experiences of life inside Gold.

Listen to an earlier radio interview for more in depth observations.

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5 Comments on “Jeff Hawkins Interview”

  1. Johnny B Says:

    Great series! I hope it continues – but turn the audio up a little… I had to max all of my PC’s sound and youtube’s slider to get it to a normal level.

  2. Dutchman Says:

    Reminds me of the famous line from Bad Boys:

    “Sh*t just got real.”

  3. 3rdMan Says:

    The plot thickens…

  4. Brad Says:

    Jeff Hawkins has written about his experiences in Scientology. His story is called “Counterfeit Dreams: My Journey into and out of Scientology”. He writes beautifully and his story is astonishing and heart-breaking too. I highly recommend reading it:

  5. sumone Says:

    part #7 is up.

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