Australian TV on Tommy Davis

Hoo, boy.  It must be tough to be Tommy Davis right now.   His interview with Nathan Baca has rocketed around the world, creating a major footbullet for Scientology.

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16 Comments on “Australian TV on Tommy Davis”

  1. Touchstone Says:

    Within Scientology, Tommy’s performance alone might have been perceived as a ‘success’ because he halted the dissemination, changed topic, and loudly (if incoherently) played victim. However, the way the media has analyzed his admission cannot be construed as a ‘win’. Whether Tommy’s in trouble probably depends on whether Scientology leadership manages to delude itself into thinking he did things well. Given the cult’s track-record for self-delusion, this one’s a toss-up.

  2. lb Says:

    I think, these programmes focus maybe a bit too much on mocking the scientologist beliefs. Any belief can sound strange to an outsider and just because it is odd doesn’t make it bad or harmful.
    On the other hand, the secrecy and odd reactions of scientologists arouse more interest. Pleasing curiousity of those who want to join a belief community would be a central trait of one I would join. If they will not talk about skeletons in the basement (like the notorious sexual assaults of christian clergy which are sometimes mentioned) that might be okay, but about supposedly core material? That strikes me as odd. Are you ashamed of it yourselves? That’s what I’d ask me who is confronted with such a reaction.
    I close with a quote by Mr Davis that shed some light, more than the usual denial card:
    “You, as someone who is not a scientologist, talk to me about what my beliefs are or to ask me to explain any core religious belief, that’s an offensive concept. Nobody should ever be asked to do that.”

    Thanks for the clarification. However, I can’t see myself agree.

  3. mander Says:

    “You, as someone who is not a scientologist, talk to me about what my beliefs are or to ask me to explain any core religious belief, that’s an offensive concept. Nobody should ever be asked to do that.”

    Not w’out going by the Registrar first.

  4. Artoo45 Says:

    Way to go Tommy! It seems he’s working for us now. Poor guy actually just looks tired and kind of sad. He couldn’t even work up a good head of steam like he did with Sweeny. Back to the RPF for you.

  5. Dissenting Voice Says:

    I agree with lb.

  6. sumone Says:

    To me it seems like they are ashamed of their texts… and not admitting it just makes it seem more so.

    And shame is one of the easiest things to play. In this case it is called for. Had they not been hiding the truth it wouldn’t be as interesting.

    On the other hand… the ruling bodies of CoS are not dumb enough to think people would still join if it was in the open. They want to shush the Xenu story as much as possible because it really is funny…. like LOL LET’S MAEK FUN OF IT-funny.

  7. General Public AYS Says:

    THOSE POSTERS ABOVE who suggest mocking, ridicule and belly laughs are inappropriate and disrespectful
    are themselves doing a great disservice to those who need help. It is also completely incorrect to think that examination and analysis is not itself an insult to those who wish their irrational beliefs TO BE LEFT UNOPPOSED.

    Humour is a major force comparable to intellectual study in the usefulness of it’s protective qualities against nonsense. It should NOT be prevented from playing it’s role for us and for ‘them’.
    When you replace or neglect the warmth and wit of an appreciation of the ridiculous for the rigid adherence to irrational beliefs you deserve to be ridiculed. In this event you have given up a NATURAL TREASURE for empty promises.

    The main reason respect is demanded by followers is because they are unable to explain their belief in what is proveably irrational. It is correct to allow people to believe what they want, but AS SOON as they open their mouths to protelysise, advertise, or debate their faith they MUST be open to examination. There is no reason to not question or criticize their doctrine, dogma, interpretations or anything else. In fact it is our duty.

    Belief or faith is based on things that cannot be confirmed. The belief or faith is the confirmation. This is circular thinking. To break through the farce, or to warn those thinking of joining it , you might think facts and logic and rationality might stop them. BUT IT DOESN’T !

    The deeper you can laugh about yourself the wider your heart can be for yourself and others. But if you have beliefs THESE HAVE TO BE PROTECTED from the laughter because of the serious calculations you have invested in them. This is where faith damages the psychological balance of a person.

    A person unbalanced by the rejection of humour is at the least irritating, humourless and boring -a danger to their own appreciation of life. But when this is coupled with strong irrational beliefs that we are not allowed to comment on in any way , and threatened when we do, this imbalance becomes dangerous.

    Humour is our first line of defence. When we are robbed of all capabilities to defend ourselves it will be there still in our last line. We should all individually decide when and where we use it and not allow politically correct ideology to determine our decisions for us.

  8. JesusWept Says:

    There does appear to be a distinct desire amongst so called critics in persuading us to pull back from
    the mocking and ridicule. I can’t help myself busting a gut at the idiots. Why should I control myself when they don’t themselves? TD and the spikes facing inwards….what a comedian!!!!!!
    scientology is horrible and the fate of the people inside is sad and tragic. I gotta have a break.

    Jason Beghe after blowing met his best friend again. He said when he was explaining the OT levels, or something, they both just cracked up and couldn’t stop. Mocking and ridicule. Tsk Tsk! No respect at all.

  9. SP Batman Says:

    With witnesses and statements from people who escaped the RPF, why is it that the law enforcement has not gone into these camps to set people free?

    That with the spikes facing inward on the fences should be enough to warrant a search of the premesis.

    You let those people free and Scientology would come down with all the abuse cases and minimum wage violations, they would have to backpay all that money to the people they ‘enslaved.’

  10. Johnny B Says:

    Asking someone about their religion is offensive? Stating facts or reading from the basic books of a religion that you’re not part of is OFFENSIVE?! Tommy was really reaching for ways out. Again – 10% what you say, 90% how you say it. “I can stop you there” tells me all I need to know about Tommy’s view towards wogs in general. Within that one statement, a statement that doesn’t ask anything, doesn’t attempt to pursuade an action, but instead states that tommy has the power to make a person stfu speaks volumes to the self-centeredness of Scientology.

    It’s obvious who’s next in line to be head cheese of Xenuville – all you have to do is be an *ssh*le with a straight face, never back down even when you’re wrong or when the other person has a point, and occasionally beat people for no reason. Can we get Davis vs. Miscavige on pay per view?

  11. Lord Xenu Says:

    Dam, my secrets out now!

  12. Dermfellow Says:

    It would have been more compelling if he had merely said that Scientologists should be allowed to define the beliefs of Scientologists, not outsiders. That makes more sense. But that is just their theology and still doesn’t explain their “rehabilitation” camps, their IRS tax deal, the assaults and battery by DM, or other areas of shoddy conduct in their organization.

  13. w0g4life Says:

    Johnny B: Tommy didn’t stop Nathan because of what he feels about wogs, he stopped him because he didn’t want Nathan to say anything more OT related on air, also he probably didn’t want to confront what he knew he was going to say.

  14. 3rdMan Says:

    And Scientology is already preparing its next declaration of war against the press. The coverage is spreading and the truth is getting out into the mainstream. A good sign.

  15. Caliwog Says:

    How much money could they make if they licensed Xenu’s eternal battery? I bet the car industry would love it. But then again, maybe Xenu owns stock in oil companies…

  16. John Doe Says:

    The Dutchies found a swinging way of protesting against Scientology

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