Another New Book on Scientology

DM, what have you done?  Out of the blue, another critical book has popped up.  This one is from a professional hypnotist who witnessed what he believed to be the use of hypnotism in altering the personality of a friend who had been lured into Scientology.

New book available at Amazon

New book available at Amazon

Amazon allows you to read excerpts online (and by doing some word searches, one can actually access the entire book) so you can sample the book before buying.

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2 Comments on “Another New Book on Scientology”

  1. alternativus Says:

    looks intresting. I will def check it out.

  2. 3rdman Says:

    I’m placing bets on how long TC makes a ‘special visit’ to Amazon to get another book banned. I bet 1 internet on 2 days.

    But srsly, I’m glad to see this book also addressing the problems in Hollywood.

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