UK Mom Tries to See Daughter

Susan Talbot has been disconnected from her daughter Amanda (Mandy) Kember since Susan blew Scientology in 2000.  She saw Mandy on one of Gary Scarff’s videos taped at the HGB building in Los Angeles.  Now she has joined Scarff and Glib outside that building, demanding to see Mandy.

Personally, I’d like to see more Susan and less Scarff but I’m glad someone’s trying to help her.   And Glib remains one of the nicest people I’ve met at these protests.

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5 Comments on “UK Mom Tries to See Daughter”

  1. sumone Says:

    Could use some editing to bring more focus on UKmom.
    Cops should have been called to make a wellfare check, dunno if it was done or not.

  2. tsimento Says:

    I hope the media gets a hold of this story, it could be very damaging to Scientology’s (ahem)reputation.

  3. Artoo45 Says:

    Yeah, that dude does go on, but then again, I think he’s trying to keep the banter up to make it more interesting than just walking in circles while clams duck into doorways. I saw that Tory has called out the troops, so you guys should have a great mini-raid today and maybe tomorrow too. I hope the media shows up. I can’t wait to see this woman reunited with her daughter.

  4. Tequila Says:

    I saw the mom today…her daughter was taken by scientologists to the police station earlier and stated she did not want to see her mom. I am sure there was no “coercion” involved………

    In any normal “religious order”, the member would not make such a big deal about seeing a member of their family who left the “order” earlier.

    But the daughter Mandy will be in trouble for this PR flap…but as long as she does not see her mum, she can claim it wasn’t her fault.

    It is no win…she sees her mom, and she has ethics issues to handle. She doesn’t see her mom, and proves that disconnection is alive and well.

    This cult hurts people and doesn’t care.

  5. anoninks Says:

    Note that initially the CULT offered to let Ms Talbot see her daughter provided she leave the comfort zone of her American “Anonymous/Ex Scientologist” Ambassadors and enter the cults building ALONE. When she refused to go in ALONE (which who blames her nothing says she comes back out, police wont even push that mandy comes out and Ms Talbot blew this same cult 9 years earlier…yeah i’d feel safe) Anyway next came…”Brit Mom and Protestors show good faith and stand across the street and perhaps they’ll let you see Mandy” THAT coming from Sgt Torres (on video)LAPD. This girl can’t get out to visit her mother if she wants to. AND THAT IS ONE OF MANY REASONS WE PROTEST

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