Scientology Must Be So Proud

They are the most ethical people on the planet.  They say so in their brochures.  Unfortunately, they don’t say so with their actions.

Here’s another fine example.  Someone called MarkBunkerTV had the brilliant idea to make a video smearing me on YouTube.  Now, I’m certainly not above criticism.  I’m sure people could make a really nice, thoughtful video calling me out on any number of shortcomings. 

Instead, Scientology takes the low road and creates a vile, offensive video filled with lots of edited soundbites, outright lies (such as I was once on Staff when in fact I was never even a member) and liberal use of the N word just for the hell of it.

A religion?  Really.  Huh.   Really?

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13 Comments on “Scientology Must Be So Proud”

  1. Donald Myers Says:

    How do you know it was made by, or represents the opinions of, Scientology?

    Obvious demagoguery is obvious.

    Angry Gay Pope

  2. Tom Newton - CP collector Says:

    Tom calls himself Donald Now?
    No one ‘knows’ it is scifilology that made this but, let’s face facts, it smacks of them. This is their typical ‘throw shit in their faces and hope it sticks long enough to blind’ approach to everything.
    Just like when they produce anti-scientology vids and hope everyone believes that Anonymous made them.

    Grow up.

  3. Nik Says:

    Whenever I ask myself if there’s one last bit of sanity left in the CoS something like this video comes around, waggles it’s non-existing eyebrows and whispers “It’s far worse than you could ever, ever imagine.”

    Please keep up the great work! If it wasn’t for your calm manner the world would be a much colder place.
    Best wishes
    Nik, Germany

  4. lightningjim Says:

    I don’t think this is made by Scientology; it looks like a troll video made by someone from /b/ anonymous to troll Scientology-protest anonymous.

  5. Stu Says:

    Their entire criticism of you comes down to fat jokes? Lame.

    And no mention of your Fiddler on the Roof performance? 😉

    The only redeeming thing about the video is that it made me aware of the existence of the “Mega Mac,” which (to my consternation) is not available at my local McDonalds.

    One question, though: when you put up the video, did you consider that you would increase the number of views by 10-fold? Just wondering if you considered how much traffic you’d drive to it when you posted it…

    Keep up the fight.

  6. Stu Says:

    “One question, though: when you put up the video, did you consider that you would increase the number of views by 10-fold? Just wondering if you considered how much traffic you’d drive to it when you posted it…

    Keep up the fight.”

    What I meant by that; don’t your OSA handlers instruct you not to “foward black pr”?


  7. John Hensley Says:

    Nice editing work, Tommy! Actually amusing in its own “special” way.

    I remember reading that Scientology made this kind of “two minutes hate” video for Dennis Erlich back in the 90s. I thought it was just too far out, even for them. Giving Scientology the benefit of doubt is never a good idea.

  8. alternativus Says:

    Is this the best they can do??? I guess LRH would be proudm he was just as cretive as this…

  9. Ann O'Nymous Says:

    Not scientology IMHO.

  10. tsimento Says:

    Where is Jesse Prince these days??

  11. LRonHubbub Says:

    Love the clip. I would say, they do the work of their opponents better than the Anonymous ever could do!
    Heil Xenu!!

  12. Dissenting Voice Says:

    Can’t believe I missed this. Few things.

    Yeah, Mark, it’s so lame. Like, “5th grader makes interweb hitpiece” lame. I agree with some of the folks who are suggesting it’s a /b/-tard rather than a Church member. The trolls may actually be right this time. For example, look at the ‘anonymous bomb threat’ video… Along with the evidence that it originated in the Church by being higher quality in their copy, it’s also pretty slick, and would be convincing to someone who has no dog in this fight. I think this is actually a little too lame for the Church. I’d expect from them something more like some internal film of something horrible with audio bits spliced of you narrating. A more robust or devious version of the you-as-staff member (lol). Heh, hope I didn’t just give them any ideas…

    Also, you question whether they’re a religion? Keep in mind, our modern idea of church is not the way it’s always been, all hymns and self-improvement sermons. Throughout history, there have been numerous religions of hate, of dominance, of control. Human sacrifices, lying, cheating, stealing, all kinds of crimes – these things were commonplace in ancient times. I dare to suggest that it’s because these types of religions have fallen out of favor since Roman times that people are more susceptible to them for not recognizing what they are. When you’re church tells you you’re a Homo-Novis – a super human – yet, to be superior, you can attack and destroy your enemies, that’s a pretty good indication of a fascist, anti-social movement.

    Now, if a church said, “You’re above everyone else, and when they hate you you’re going to love them,” or, “attacking other people is always wrong,” then you might really be onto something worthwhile.

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