Colbert vs. Xenu

Stephen Colbert, the new leader of Scientology.

Stephen Colbert, the new leader of Scientology.

It’s the Colbert Nation against Anonymous in a race to name a space station module.

Stephen Colbert often harnesses the power of the net to get things named after himself or in some other way prove the enormous power he wields such as having his viewers purposely plant false info in Wikipedia entries.  This time, he takes the top vote-getting spot away from Xenu. 

But to make up for usurping Xenu, he goofs on OT3. I can’t embed the clip here at wordpress but you can see the clip on Colbert’s website.

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17 Comments on “Colbert vs. Xenu”

  1. Wolfie Says:

    Looks interesting but cant view it here in Britain. 😦

  2. Lizzy0lizzard Says:


    Too good, too good…

    Loooooved it


  3. Dissenting voice Says:


  4. binturong Says:

    yeah, that was one of the funniest episodes ever. the doom bunker. greatest segment yet.

  5. Rorty Says:

    hope xenu will still prevail… that piece of comedy isn´t so funny…

  6. Wilson-IRL Says:

    I can’t agree with you there. I think it would be much more advantageous to have Colbert win with Xenu in second. Firstly, Do you honestly think the CoS would allow something like “Xenu” being painted on the ISS. They’d have NASA balls deep in court cases before they could even think of selecting the public’s choice instead one of their initial picks.

    Secondly, wouldn’t it be better to have someone like Stephen Colbert shouting over the TV about how Scientology believes in a frickin Intergalactic Overlord? I mean you see so little denigration of the CoS’s practices and this week alone he’s made a mockery of the XENU belief as well as mocking their money grubbing habits. If he wins and gets his name on Node3, every time he brings it up on the show he’ll bring up something about Scientology and its obvious from his previous CoS skits that he has no qualms with publicly mocking all the bad things about CoS

  7. Xenu Says:

    I must win to get home, or I’ll throw you all into volcanos!

  8. 3rdman Says:

    Win 🙂

  9. Louanne Says:

    Uh-oh… the clueless amongst themselves. Retard talking to retard: “you ‘no, those scilons are afraid with xenu, hohoho… is like the devil to the $cientologists, heh.”. Bull. Sh%t.

    Colbert got 26,000 votes, Xenu 9,200. Your lazors are lame, Anons. Go play with your favorite toy and let the big ones run this.

  10. 3rdman Says:

    Hey Louanne? Where have u been? Haven’t seen a post from you on this blog before. You and Tom Newton collaborating now? Maybe more? (wink)

    Btw, its okay to swear on the internet. Nobody is going to care. There is worse shit that gets shoveled on the internet. I should know, I’ve been on you and Newton’s websites.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Louanne fails @ being a troll

  12. Anonymous Says:


  13. Artoo45 Says:

    Louanne honey, you’re not denying the whole alien thing spewed by your bloated, confabulating founder are you? What about the implant stations on Mars and in the Pyrenees? What about the fifth invader force here in our solar system, aka “Space Station 33”?

  14. sumone Says:

    Some people don’t get that the fun part is that the name/word gets out there.. not that it might win. NASA will chose whatever name they want and neither Colbert nor Xenu has enough to push Serenity out anyway.

    The Sciloons already made a footbullet out of the Xenu hoax as they claimed copyright on it, as part of their religious scriptures.

  15. Xenu's Deciple Says:

    Scientology is like the effect of many people listening to the mentally deranged and raving lunatic/hobo/drunk whispering and yelling at people passing by and then they all decide he’s a prophet when he shits his pants and pisses himself, in my opinion. I’m sure only a small percentage of the population would agree with my point of view.

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