Jeff Stone’s Changing Story

Hombre collected some of Jeff Stone’s comments from the Riverside County Board of Supervisors meetings over the protest ban at Gold.

Supervisor Stone should be ashamed and those who joined him in voting to pass his ordinance should think about how they protected David Miscavige and let down the people in Gold Base who really need their help.

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15 Comments on “Jeff Stone’s Changing Story”

  1. Wilson-IRL Says:

    God love corruption.. or Xenu, depending on who’s doing the corrupting.

    On a more serious note, why can’t someone like the be removed from his position? I mean, we’ve just seen him openly lie to people.

  2. Cyan Says:

    Thank you for posting this. When I saw your video on youtube talking about this originally I had hoped that common sense would not allow this to be passed, or at the very least, be changed to only residents instead of a “church”. Obviously I was wrong.

    This shows the obvious bias that Stone has for Scientology. His association of 4chan-type comments to Anonymous are clearly not proven to be connected yet assumed true anyway. Not to mention his outright denials, lies and constant tiptoeing around the real issues.

    I hope that this video and incident will only fuel the passion of anonymous to continue the fight for free speech and human rights.

  3. 3rdman Says:

    Stone = politician
    Politician = corruptible
    Corruptible politician = acceptable to America

    This is probably the saddest part of our society. And Stone is a pathetic story. He used to do good things, and then Scientology came into the picture. Now he refuses to learn anything a critic says about organization of Scientology. He chooses to remain ignorant or disregard anything critical on the abuses at Gold Base. He simply doesn’t care, or is totally convinced its all a lie.

    Either that or he’s been payed off, which in this country, we call a ‘contribution.’ So don’t be un-American and call it a bribe, k? *coughs* “bribe.”

    And Stone has himself been behaving like the bad apples within Scientology (OSA and DM’s inner circle). Heck, his basis for thinking Anonymous is a hate group was the bloody OSA book and DVD. And that is the best he can do? He did no research, just read a propaganda book. Even his sister is adamantly against Scientology-critics. What a tool.

  4. tsimento Says:

    It is very appearant that Mr. Stone is working with/for scientology! How do they keep getting away with this??? The thousands of stories, video footage, court documents from the past that contradict everything scientology claims. I don’t get it…I really don’t.

  5. Artoo45 Says:

    Whoa, there must be some used car salesmen running around naked somewhere, cause the politicians of Riverside county seem to have all their clothes. That is one riot of 70’s used-car-salesman-pimp-daddy-polyester!

  6. Iggy Szeicrobakdlfkje Says:

    It is “espouse” not “expouse” Mr. Stone, your moronship. That he’s using Scientology’s propaganda materials to characterize Anonymous as a Nazi-loving hate group is outrageous. Is he another internet illiterate public official?

    It is great his testimony is on tape.

  7. Iggy Szeicrobakdlfkje Says:

    Let me assume he’s being honest, and he’s getting these calls from Scientologists pretending to be concerned citizens, and he thinks they are ordinary people. Well then someone should tell him, that the contact he has with Scientology is like the Red Cross’s visit to Teresienstadt, a false front. He needs to at least read Paulette Cooper’s story, and understand what went on there, to know the type of behavior that Scientology practices.

    Let’s assume one anonymous person is a Nazi loving anti-Semitic racist etc. Well, Charles Manson was a Scientologist. Are we to assume all Scientologists are mass murderers or bent on that, and that if we want to understand Scientology, we have to read up on him? Hell no, because we are sane, rational people.

    Scientology has an established reputation of using any means to destroy its critics, including pretending be one of the over-the-top critics of their own organization, just as they pretended to be Paulette Cooper, to mail in bomb threats.

  8. Mr.ICE Says:

    WBM for Supervisor !!!

  9. crummy Says:

    You’ve got to admit, that’s one badass holiday suit.

  10. DeadFace Says:

    Public Access TV…

    Gotta be a channel in that Cali county to air this.

    In fact, an Anon TV show on Public Access could be soooo sweet, showing clips of the insanity that have personally been taken by members etc…

  11. Dissenting voice Says:

    Perhaps it isn’t a bribe, but rather the Church has some hold on him? Blackmail is more effective than bribery, anyway.

  12. Zar Says:

    re: Dissenting voice

    Could just be plain old fear and paranoia. That whole internet thing and the kids today with their cell phones and computers and loud music scares the shit out of some people.

  13. parrotnutz Says:

    Wait, Stone was talking about “pharm parties” where kids raid their parents medicine cabinets, put all the pills into a bowl and roll dice to determine how many pills a kid should take to find out how it`s going to affect you. I call BS! This comes straight out of CCHR`s propaganda BS! I live in Riverside and I talk to a lot of kids (being an old hippy, they`re not afraid to tell me about drugs) and this isn`t happening! $cientology is running Jeff Stone! OMG!

  14. Dissenting voice Says:

    WBM said it best.

    Shocking and appalling.

  15. T. Says:

    Stone uses a propaganda book about Anonymous put together by Scientology. Tommy Davis told a reporter on TV that they did it, and when the reporter asked repeatedly about there being no byline in the book, that no one would put their name to it as being the one who did the research for it, Tommy would only say that he did not know who put it together (he lies) and he did not know any evidence that would make it TRUE. Scientology has done this since they got together, lying about people, making it true when they have NO evidence whatsoever. Stone uses this pamphlet and decries the threats that Anonymous made, and it should be said that Scientology has been proven to have put up those videos on Youtube that made the threats! It has also been proven that it was Scientology themselves that made up the letters of bomb threats from Anonymous to try and get the law to put a stop to the protests. I know Stone is bought and paid for, and he knows the people of Riverside are well aware of this. He also knows the people are aware that he could care less. But for him to use a book made by Scientology, that has no basis in fact and the “church” will not bring forward any proof except what they have made up themselves (and got caught at). For Stone to keep using that book which has been proven to be NOT TRUE, only shows where his priorities lie. With Scientology and money.

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