New CCHR DVD Sent to Doctors

The Sydney Morning Herald has a story today about a new Scientology attack on psychiatrists which is being mailed to every doctor in Australia:

Click the image for information about Scientology and Psychiatry

Click the image for information about Scientology and Psychiatry

COMING to a doctor’s surgery near you: a sparky little DVD, saying “psychiatrists occupy the lowest rung of the medical profession”, has been dispatched to GPs across Australia. 

The DVD says that psychiatrists are money-grubbing quacks who invent diseases so that they can become rich by prescribing drugs. Those evil dudes also kill 3000 people a month by prescribing psychotropic drugs, it says.

While Tom Cruise’s comely visage does not feature on the DVD, it is the product of that crazy bunch of shrink-hating thetans who were banished to Earth about 75 million years ago by a mean and nasty galactic ruler named Xenu. Well, that’s what the Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard claimed. And who says he wasn’t nuts?

Titled Making A Killing, The Untold Story Of Psychotropic Drugging, the DVD is put out by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, which was established by the Church of Scientology.

You’ll recall a few years back Cruise, who likened psychiatry to “Nazi science”, had to apologise to the actress Brooke Shields after he criticised her for taking anti-depressants for post-natal depression. Vitamins and exercise would snap her out of it, Cruise said.

Describing the information as “riveting”, the DVD’s covering letter implores doctors to: “Watch it, share it and please act on it.”

CCHR’s chief in Australia, Shelley Wilkins, who is off to Los Angeles this weekend to celebrate the commission’s 40th anniversary, denied it was run by the Church of Scientology. Shelley, a scientologist, was “proud” that CCHR had been established by the church, but it was a separate organisation devoted to exposing the evils of psychiatry, she said.

Sure it is.   How can a tax exempt religion get away with trying to destroy a profession?  Can you imagine a Baptist war on plumbers? A Lutheran smackdown on dentistry?   Orthodox Jews vs. Fed Ex?

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8 Comments on “New CCHR DVD Sent to Doctors”

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  2. moot Says:

    Christian Science vs. medicine?


  3. Bill W Says:

    There are aspects of every profession in the world that are bad, morally incomprehensible, and downright hurtfull. The “science” of the mind has brought Scientology into being because no one can really say anything difinitivly about the way the mind works. So as a result, we have psychology: a vain attempt by people to understand that which so far defies explination. Sure there are theories and some good ideas as to how the brain functions, but no one really understands. Now we have CO$ trying to hold psychiatry responsible for its past in ways that do no good for the present. This is akin to holding southern land owners accountable for slavery, or in a case closer to home for me, making my ancestors who came from Germany responsible for the rise of the Nazis. Sure, does CO$ selectivly pick and chose the bad parts of therapy to present to the public? Yes, very much so. However, there are cases of good results. I am one. I can say that without the psychiatric profession, I would be a lonely, bitter, paranoid father one step away from suicide. So I will say I hope CO$ fails miserably and that Mark gets his legal issues solved without delay.

  4. axelnelson Says:

    for someone who claims to know “all about the history of psychiatry” and “nazi science” tom cruise appears to have conveniently forgotten former employees of his own countries government Sidney Gottleib and Dr. Joseph Mengele

  5. Mike Says:

    Bill W

    “… because no one can really say anything definitively about the way the mind works.”

    You may want to read about current brain research. The field has been on a tear in recent years and it’s beginning to look like it actually will deliver a scientific understanding of how the brain works. Of course it’s still early and there is a long way to go, but the brain is no longer a mysterious grey lump that defies analysis.

  6. Forseti Says:

    Whats sad is that a criminal cult can be allowed to flourish for 50 years and that the cult has enough money to produce crap like that.

    I have talked to some people who don’t give a damn about the cult because they think the cult will just disappear some day. Those people have no idea of whats really going on here.

    This is truly scary stuff. What’s even more scary is the 2006 IAS video of David Miscavige giving a speech about the war on psychiatry. See it here:

    He makes reference to his Diabolical plans, makes reference to bombs and grenades, and makes reference to bliblical plagues. Tell me if that isn’t scary after watching the video.

  7. Iggy Szeicrobakdlfkje Says:

    Here’s two links to “Dr. Pamela Popper” who has a soundbyte on the DVD. Obviously, most naturopaths are at odds with many aspects of conventional medicine. Another luminary quoted is a pharmacist. I thought there were a few Scilon MDs. Couldn’t they pay one off to make a few benign statements about the overuse of psychiatric drugs?

    This DVD carries less authority and gravitas than an ad for a veg-o-matic by Ronco. For the sake of crazy cult-awareness, it is good the media picked up on it because I suspect 99% of the GPs who received it threw it in the trash bin, and the other 1% had a good laugh.

    It is good “evidence” to hang on to, for Scientology’s junk mailing the medical profession with their crazy agenda against shrinks.

    It’d be funny if someone like this Popper woman comes out and says she thinks Scientology is a load of horse shit, and she’s pissed off they quoted her to further their agenda.

  8. damn Says:

    There is alot of things wrong with psychiatry, they are right about most of them.

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