How to Save the Oscars

Off topic, I know…but watching Mickey Rourke get his independent Spirit Award shows just how lively, honest and entertaining a show like this can be.  

Sure there’s cursing but can’t we be grownups and get over it.  What it isn’t is canned and safe and boring.


I just finished watching and they didn’t need saving after all.  This was probably the best produced Oscars I’ve ever seen.  Certainly got off to a terrific start with a strong opening number followed by the brilliant idea of having three former winners really pay tribute to the Best Supporting Actress nominees.  This really felt like a celebration of their talent.

Follow that with the winning combo of Steve Martin and Tina Fey and the presentation of screenwriting awards in a way that truly made you think about the contribution on the page…well, it was pretty cool to see.  

A show that long is going to sag when you get to technical awards but on the whole, pretty damn good.

I passed on a private party,  seeing the awards on the big screen a block from the event because I needed to edit some video i shot Saturday.  You should see that soon.

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2 Comments on “How to Save the Oscars”

  1. mander Says:

    You just put Steve Martin and Tina Fey do a skit together 😉

  2. Artoo45 Says:

    Fey and Martin took a major swipe at Xenu and friends in their presentation “…oh, Tina, let’s not talk about our religion”. Win!

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