Laguna Beach Police Chaplain


VOLUNTEER MINISTER GAYLE THORSEN: wife, mother and Laguna Beach, California, police chaplain.

VOLUNTEER MINISTER GAYLE THORSEN: wife, mother and Laguna Beach, California, police chaplain.

Now when you are shot and bleeding, you can get a touch assist from Laguna Beach’s own Scientology Volunteer Minister.

[Gayle] Thorsen, the mother of two teenage daughters and the wife of a successful marketing executive, leaves the house each day to do her part to “protect and serve” her community — as a volunteer police chaplain in Tustin, California.

One of hundreds of volunteer police chaplains across the nation, Thorsen helps law enforcement personnel deal with the spiritual and emotional upheaval that is part of the police beat. She feels she brings valuable skills to the job, thanks to her training as a Volunteer Minister of the Church of Scientology.

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16 Comments on “Laguna Beach Police Chaplain”

  1. Roger Out Says:

    Pass me a bucket I’m going to throw up!

  2. BenCisco Says:

    Wow. Police departments should be more careful of who joins their volunteer groups huh? [unless it is intentional….]
    Thanks for posting this.

  3. 3rdman Says:

    Could somebody illustrate to me what powers a volunteer police officer has? If they have access to personal data and information, I am gonna be very concerned that she will most likely forward it to Scientology.

    I would hope she doesn’t put her religious beliefs over her duty as a police officer (sadly, being a volunteer minister, she maybe more loyal to Scientology than the police code of ethics). But yeah, this is scary and could have long-term consequences with police officers dealing with Scientology…

    …and a new wave of fair-game tactics.

  4. Noxat Says:

    I love how this whole touching story basically boils down to an advertisement for Scientology-related books.

  5. Bill Says:


    She is a Volunteer Chaplain, not volunteer police officer. She has absolutely NO law enforcement status at all. By law, she is NOT allowed any type of access to DMV, Judicial, Criminal, or law enforcement databases.

    However, if she becomes trusted or well liked by individual officers it is possible that an officer may obtain information for her as a favor. I assure you, there will be an officer stupid enough to do it too. In the state of California, it is a FELONY for a peace officer to misuse these databases. The databases are for law enforcement use only.

    Just her mere presence within a law enforcement agency is dangerous. She has her own access to most areas of the police station, except for the armory and the detention area (jail).

  6. Bill Says:


    I’m sorry. I forgot to add a couple of things.

    Her volunteer job is to offer spiritual counseling within the police station. She will also go on “ride-alongs” with police officer in the field and officer the same service.

    She will undoubtedly try to recruit officers into the cult as part of “KSW” (keep scientology working).

  7. Bill Says:

    I’m sorry for the 3rd post here. I should have thought all this through before posting.

    It has been common on the department that I work for, that volunteer chaplains become reserve officers.

    If she becomes a reserve officer, she will not only have peace officer powers, she will have complete access to all the above mentioned databases and armory.

  8. nooneelsebutme Says:

    She’s a volunteer “chaplain” – not a volunteer police officer. They don’t deal with the people, they deal with the officers – calming and pampering their stressed souls …. while probably picking their brains and instigating them against Scamtology protesters in turn – and luring the weakest of them into the embracing arms of Scamtology … to get a foot into the door for law enforcement.

    I sincerely hope that they will piss off so many real police troopers that they will become a burden for their cause and a total FAIL!

  9. w0g4life Says:

    Remember that Scientology is remarkably skilled at infiltration, lying and manipulation. NEVER forget that.

    Jesus H F-ing Christ just look at Jeff Stone.

  10. Bill W Says:

    OK, time for a dumb question: when is someone going to bring up the separation of church and state? By riding along with local police officers and offering Scientology “touch assists” isn’t she spreading word and calling attention to her religion? Isn’t she using the access that police have to those memebers of society who may be in despirate need of some kind of spiritual counseling as an advantage? What if a Catholic father or Lutheran pastor rode along with local police officers and provided spiritual guidance, or whatever you want to call it? There would be more letters to the editor than any paper could handle. Oh wait!!!! I forgot!!! It’s religious bias and bigotry when someone does that to Scientology, but diffrent for every other “religion”.

  11. Police Chaplain Steve Best Says:

    Stories of the Street: Images of the Human Condition is a personal collection of stories I witnessed as a police chaplain on patrol with sworn police patrol officers.

    The intent of this book is to amplify the variety of incidents to which police officers are dispatched and their encounters with tragedy, crime, and abuse. The focus is on the daily shift life and the human emotions of officers and citizens involved in significant and symptomatic events. Stories of the Street: Images of the Human Condition illuminate a normal police patrol shift that captures and personifies the realities of the street.

    The book is intended to provide police families and the community with a broader insight and understanding into an average day for patrol officers serving their communities with honor, courage, and integrity. Having a resource that gives family members an insight into a day’s work of their loved one will undoubtedly help in understanding the stressors that “their officer” encounters daily.

    The true-life stories demonstrate the real emotion officers and citizens feel when they encounter tragedy, crime and abuse. They capture and personify the heart wrenching realities of the street providing insights into an average day of service filled with honor, courage and integrity. Each story asks ‘where is God in this story?’ leaving the answer for the reader to decide.

    “As the wife of a veteran police officer, this book has opened my eyes and my heart to the emotional roller-coaster police officers are faced with every day they go to work.” Police officer spouse
    Rev. Steve Best
    Volunteer Police Chaplain (Ret.)

  12. I used to live in Laguna Beach. The whole town is just weird. I moved away after only a month there.

  13. Kanonimus Says:

    Whoa. We all know that this woman was directed by the Co$ to do this, and that if she was directed, then other VMs in other cities were directed to do it too, right?

  14. Chelsea Morning Says:

    Scientology is a man-made/Edge-God=Out cult. How can a = member of this cult be permitted to console a dying person or that of their families about physical death, salvation and God’s love and forgiveness? The Laguna Beach Police Dept. is basically not giving human beings their last-minute chance to accept God & his forgiveness of sins through Christ, before they pass into eternal hell. That is a crime above all crimes. How heineous.

  15. Sylvia Lack Says:

    As a lawenforcement chaplain for the past ten years, I have never seen a chaplain referred to with their denomination noted.

    Chaplaincy is a non-denominational volunteer position.
    Each chaplain MUST put their personal denominational faith aside, and become all things to all men as Paul stated in the New Testament.

    If they cannot do this, they are missing their calling.

  16. Can I simply just say what a comfort to find someone that genuinely understands what they’re discussing on the web. You actually understand how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people have to read this and understand this side of the story. I was surprised you are not more popular since you surely have the gift.

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