What is Scientology?

A new ad campaign is about to start and Scientology is letting its members know through the following e-mail:

We are launching the broadest Scientology dissemination campaign ever, reaching out through TV, internet and direct mailings. Having an arsenal of material already in place-including new IAS sponsered TV ads that direct viewers to the Scientology website-the campaign is simple: With interest in Scientology at an all-time high, we anser the most common question people have: What is Scientology?

Interest is at an all-time high? Maybe, but Scientology can’t stop people who see their ads from doing a simple google search. So, really — is this going to help them? The truth is out there on the net and no matter how much money DM pumps into ads, it can’t counter the truth.

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9 Comments on “What is Scientology?”

  1. Xchidna Says:

    I love how they have “sponsered” ads that “anser” people’s questions.

  2. lizzy0lizzard Says:

    They have a blog and in it they say they are planning a new strategy to build up an Ideal Organization for Argentina ¿?

    Anyone knows what this may be about?
    Is it related?

    You can find this info in Spanish in 3w.scientology-bue.com.ar

    I’ll begin my research.

  3. BT Says:

    A lot of missionary work is as much about reinforcing the group members’ commitment as it is about attracting converts. So, this campaign might count as a “win” if it only keeps current Scientologists feeling good about their answer to “What is Scientology?”

  4. “With interest in Scientology at an all-time high…”

    Indeed. Never before people were showing so much interest in Scientology fraud and abuse. 😛

  5. Another Anon Says:

    I’m dissapointed I could not choose both C and D…

  6. Trams Says:

    The news is out all over the place,that scientology is losing this race, and its all because of David’s disgrace,the boy’s got problems he will not face.

  7. Artoo45 Says:

    Li’l Davy better face it, the intergalactic despot is out of the electronic trap, and he ain’t goin’ back in. Xenu is now a household name, the orgs are empty and whenever there’s an online article about the cult, the letters are overwhelmingly negative. Though Anonymous gets massive cred for upping the worldwide SP level, it was their own poster boy TC and his 2005 Summertime-Cavalcade-of-Entheta who was responsible for the “all-time high” interest. New ads? I can smell the FAIL.

  8. JJ Says:

    Obviously “With interest in Scientology at an all-time high…” they hype that up with the inner members and put out the polls as feelers. Of course, they don’t share the “real” results with the inner members, but spin it as positive feedback like they spin everything else. What drives me crazy is they spin Psychiatry like it is a Nazi organization; but in reality, $cientology, behind the scenes, is a Nazi-like organization! Read that Tom!!

  9. educlaytion Says:

    SoC is a fiction story written by a Sci-Fi writer that appeals to desperate people who are exploited for money. Not that I have an opinion.

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