The Brainwashers

Here’s a 45 minute documentary from Germany.  Follow the onscreen instructions to turn on the closed captioning.  Click the fullscreen button for best viewing.

Thanks, Anonymous, for making this available.

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7 Comments on “The Brainwashers”

  1. worth mentioning that this documentary appeared on ARD, germany’s first national tv station (comparable to, say, BBC1 in the UK)…so fairly high profile

  2. Avery1 Says:

    Great video. Long, but well worth the time.
    Thanks for posting.

  3. Ann O'Nymous Says:

    This French programme is allegedly the first one made inside a narconon facility (French with English subtitles):

  4. Dissenting voice Says:

    Nice link. I hope WBM posts it on the main page. Looks like foreign media are picking up the slack where the US media are unwilling to investigate.

  5. General Public AYS Says:

    This is to my mind one of the most comprehensive, coherant well thought out t.v programs ever made. It doesn’t sit on the fence and pretend to be neutral . It did not feel obliged in allowing any lies to be performed by a member of the cult to appear to be ‘fair to both sides’.

    It helps that it lasts 45 minutes so that some aspects did not have to be rushed as a six minute splash on some news-channel has to be. However it did not have the time to include the child abuse, ‘disconnection’ as a concept or aspects of Hubbard’s life and his essential sociopathy. These will be done in later explanations already in the pipeline.

  6. […] subtitles and you After seeing the Brainwashers video, I now have subtitles religion. Today I uploaded a fully subtitled version of Marc Headley’s […]

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