Australians Love Xenu

Today Tonight in Australia broadcast a report on the formerly secret alien mythology at the core of Scientology, airing Hubbard’s statements in his own voice.  Of course, Scientology went ballistic and flooded the news program with angry e-mails and threats.

How dare those religious bigots tell the truth?  As has been said so many times before, you can believe in Xenu.  Just don’t lie about it.

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13 Comments on “Australians Love Xenu”

  1. Nona Says:

    I am looking forward to watching The Simpsons edition of ‘The Xenu Story’. Maybe we can see Flash Gordon, R2D2, Luke Skywalker, Bender, and others in the eposide…

    P.S. Anyone fancy ‘Futurama’ religion?

  2. t94xr Says:

    Maybe bart die after that episode, sometime after he mentions constantly how he wants to cow man lisa.

    kinda like how Chef on south park wanted to make sweet sweet love to the children he loved so much.


  3. Xchidna Says:

    Ahaha, go Australia!

  4. lizzy0lizzard Says:

    This is sooooo GREAT!!!

  5. A.. Hominem Says:

    Mark Bunker is a special case.

    In my opinion, no one is more the mindless, narcissistic, and pathetic polemist. Desperately out of touch with reality, he’s polluted to the last fat cell with envy, lies, and low self-esteem. In spite of his size, he is at once, negative space and a pitiful poltroon.

    A “magical thinking” flake bobbing like a cork on the Ocean of Distortion.

    (Take that, Mark — that is an ad hominem attack on your sorry character!)

  6. Mark Bunker Says:

    Thanks! I enjoy a good laugh.

  7. Bill Says:

    I am almost speechless. That was awesome!

    I am glad that the media in Australia has the balls to reveal the truth on television. After numerous interviews with $cientology spokespersons lying about the “Xenu” story, this was refreshing.

    TO “A.. Hominem”:
    Why are you afraid of the truth? Are you completely incapable of thinking critically of your so called “religion?” Have you gone THAT far down the rabbit hole? Wake up and take a huge wiff of reality. Your cult sells lies, it destroys families, and it has destroyed MANY lives. Your cult is hurting and someday when the walls come tumbling down, the world will learn the horrifying facts that your cult has been trying to hide since 1950.

  8. Dermfellow Says:

    As weird as the doctrine may seem, with Scientology it has never been the main issue. The main issue has always been their conduct. They feel like they’ve been maligned, and they’re right. But not because their doctrine is weird. It’s because of their conduct (meaning general organization policies towards those being recruited into, and more especially those desiring to be ex- or post-scientologists).

    They want to believe the tyrant Xenu (or Xemu) killed off all his enemies and unwanteds all those millions of years ago, they can go right ahead. But if they’re creating slave labor/reeducation camps, and harrassing ex- and post- members, up to and including proactive programs and guidelines for destroying lives and families- yeah, I have a problem with that.

    I think the tip-off is the signed and notarized document you’re required to submit releasing them from responsibility if they injure or kill you.

    By the way, how many Scientologists are there supposed to actually be? I know that they say anywhere from 6 to 12 million worldwide. That would make them in about the same ball-park as far as membership with Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, and so forth. But I don’t think I’ve ever met one, and with those numbers, they ought to be all over the place. I have met and had as neighbors JW’s, Mormons, Hindus, Buddists, Muslims, Wiccans, and a dozen other minority faiths (in America) in the half dozen places I’ve lived. But I don’t think have never met a real-live Scientologist (except the guy wearing the FLAG shirt at the Tampa Airport, and I think he was just a bus driver). No doubt that they’re inflating their numbers, but what would be the best current estimate of their membership?

    I have no doubt that the average “preclear” Scientologist is probably a regular guy just trying to find something that works for him or her. Too bad the money they pay ends up supporting something more sinister.

  9. Avery1 Says:

    Great reporting. Kudos to Brian.

  10. El Diablo Says:

    I’m not actually surprised that Today Tonight is running with the Scientology stuff. I mean, considering the wealth of material that’s leaking out over the net – and the fact that increasingly tight commercial news budgets are causing newscasters to look to web content to fill their schedules – it’s only natural that TT (which LURVES scandal and outrage) would keep on with the CoS ‘exposes’. The truth being stranger than fiction and all that…how could they not? I mean, it practically writes itself. I give full kudos to the reporter for airing the material knowing there would be flack from the CoS – but I’d bet anything he was counting on it. Makes for a juicy follow-up story 😛

  11. anonymous Says:

    > As weird as the doctrine may seem, with Scientology it has never been the main issue.

    True, but it’s still important and useful to discuss the doctrine in public. The fact that it is supposed to be secret tells volumes. Why would a religion keep its essential dogma secret? Why can’t the scientologists themselves agree about what the story is? Of course, we know why, but it’s important to raise the question, so the people considering getting into scientology might take a look at it. Jason Beghe is just great in this report. He can provide credible confirmation and so many scientologists have seen him in their training videos.

    > By the way, how many Scientologists are there supposed to actually be? I know that they say anywhere from 6 to 12 million worldwide.

    The estimates based on the membership of the International Association of Scientologists (IAS) were on either side of 50000 in 2007, before Anonymous. This is relatively active people, who attend events and take at least some courses. The number of staff has been estimated at a few thousand, and I should imagine that Anonymous have put a substantial dent in that number over the last year.

    The numbers of claiming several million scientologists have never been true. They are nowhere near the size of the Mormon church.

    I just finished reading Jeff Hawkins story at
    (Highly recommended, it’s brilliantly well written.) He blew from the Gold Base in 2005, and by his account the place was a total madhouse then and things have got worse after that. The leadership of Scientology has basically imploded under the insanity of David M. I would be surprised if the number of scientologists ever went up again.

  12. Mr X Says:

    Australians really love Xenu, they’ve given him an award!

  13. Dr Dozzy Says:

    I notice Tom has nothing to say on this matter.

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