Simpsons Followup

Here’s a nice CNN report about the Bart Simpson robocall from Nancy Cartwright.

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2 Comments on “Simpsons Followup”

  1. Lore_Weaver Says:

    I like how the news report says that Nancy doesn’t reference the Bart Simpson name, but at the beginning of the report, she clearly does.

    Comedy gold.

  2. Eric Says:

    True, she clearly says “This is Bart Simpson, just kidding” at the start of the video. In any case, Fox claims no affiliation or blah blah with any religion, but in no matter how you slice it, Fox itself has funded scientology by paying this woman. So let me see, if it was discovered that Yunjin Kim from “Lost” was funding terrorism, would she be kept on the show or fired? Would ABC allow itself to be bullied by the terrorist group Yunjin Kim was funding in order to keep her in the spotlight?
    This is all such bullshit, we need to start cleaning house and ridding the world of these fruit cakes before they decide that legal intimidation is not enough anymore.

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