Evil Psychs Behind 9/11

According to L. Ron Hubbard, psychiatrists are the most evil people in the galaxy.  They are behind the worst atrocities ever committed.  Yes, the psychs caused the holocaust.  They are to blame for Jonestown.  And here’s two idiots talking about the psychs controlling Bin Laden.

Why is this cult tax exempt?  And why on Earth would Axiom 10 use DMCA to take down this clip from YouTube?  Don’t they want people to know how evil the psychs are?  They are doing a public disservice when they take down this important clip.

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17 Comments on “Evil Psychs Behind 9/11”

  1. Xeero Says:


    People are so quick to forget basic high school history class. Psychiatrists using drugs to turn strong religious believers into extremists?

    Terrorism and human atrocities existed long before psychiatry or their medication ever existed. However RELIGION was around, and differences in religion (sometimes simply the order of who “begat” who) was used as reason enough to send people on genocidal massacres.

    People are welcome to have whatever religious beliefs they want, but when they try to pretend those beliefs can do no wrong and take to blaming other sources for extremist actions like this. There’s something horrendously wrong.

    *spits in disgust*

    It probably won’t happen but if there is some divine power out there, be it god, buddah, zeus, or just the collective consciousness of humanity realizing something is messed up, I hope we’ll see someone with a pair of braincells to rub together and a spine take a position of power and put these bozos in their place.

  2. MacMurphy Says:

    Bin Laden the ‘POSTER CHILD’ of Al Quaida ? Bin Laden is on DRUGS?

    The pilots who attacked the WTC could not have been on psychiatric drugs during the training they needed to MASTER an aeroplanes controls. It was CORRUPT PHILOSOPHY which drove them to do it.

    The kamikaze pilots took amphetamines? He could be more accurate and say benzedrine -which is what the allied pilots used whilst attacking the country of a totalitarian system scientologists are so anxious to emulate. This drug was to keep them AWAKE.

    I would like to strangle some SENSE into these idiots, but my psychiartrist said I have to control myself.

  3. […] Wowie. From Xenutv. […]

  4. fivikek Says:

    His argument is that Al Zaweri is a psychiatrist and that he influenced Ben Laden in forming Al Quada and that he actually runs Al uada. It’s not just a blunt accusation accusation with no ground.

  5. tsimento Says:

    I stopped listening at a minute and fifty-five seconds…this clown fugezzi was talking about conditioning techniques and brainwashing???….What a JOKE!!!!!!!!! Scientologists have mastered the “art” of mind-control..

  6. Wolfie Says:

    Im utterly speechless at this video,
    Iv never seen such blatant lies and deceit by Scientology.

    Mind you im not that surprised,
    Thanks Mark for bringing this video to light, it just shows how low Scientologists will stoop.

    Using Terrible tragedies like the September 11TH attacks for personal ends is about as low as you can get.

    I will rejoice when the day comes that Scientology ends for good.
    Keep up the good work Mark and the rest of the critics.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Well… During Hamburgs January protest, we had our own mad Scientologist who was twisting history. In over two hours of talking rubbish, he managed to say that the “Jews have total control over our planet”, that “the Jews declared war on Germany in 1933”, and also was denying that the holocaust actually did happen and said that actually “only 159,000” Jews had been killed during the Third Reich instead of several millions. And this guy claimed to be OT7.

    Prepare for serious headaches watching this:

  8. rhill Says:

    This nonsense is not surprising: In 2006 David Miscavige (‘pope’ of Scientology) promoted the machine-gunning of psychiatrists to an audience of Scientologists:

    Apparently they were applauding wildly.

    All the more worrisome to know that a Scientologist has been appointed board member of the University of Maryland Medical System:

    They just keep trying over and over: “Church spies infiltrate health groups:

    The more exposure the better, and this Psychiatrists-behind-9/11 nonsense sure deserve widespread exposure, along with their other creepy stuff, so that they end up being removed from positions dealing with medical/mental issues.

  9. t94xr Says:

    Terrorists are on drugs being altered by Psychs!

    I thought it was the belief of 72 virgins after death.

  10. Avery1 Says:

    This is so sad and awful.

  11. fivikek Says:

    None of you addressed the core of the argument being made, that Al Zaweri was a psychiatrist himself.

    Is that true or not? And if yes, what would be the consequences of that?

  12. General Public AYS Says:

    It is also very tragic. Two people who are brave enough to sit before a camera expressing their opinions to their viewers (to the WORLD as this appears on the internet) are unable to think further than the distinct boundaries set by their borrowed system of thought.We see two people solidly deluded, and by the relaxed way by which they communicate with each other it seems they will never be able to wake up.

    Clever as nefarious systems of thought are, though possessing differing philosophies, they, allied by the same ambition, which is aquisition of power,and the defence of it once aquired, are able to come to agreement together. They only have the spoils to divide. One back is scratched and the favour is returned.
    We know that not only are the aims of scientology against the rights and morals of the intelligently formed American constitution and it’s amendments, they must also be considered useless in the defence of it -as and when it is threatened by forces other than their own. Still, it should not be beyond our imagination that the management of the ideals of scientology would indeed do a deal with these very threats.

    The defence of the consititution is the least of what scientology has in mind. Whoever destroys it’s confidence creats a vacuum with which scientology desires to fill. If the cult is unable to create this vacuum they will allow others to make it.

    As the diminishing returns for Miscavige becomes apparent, as they already are to him, the reaction of this tyrant becomes predictable to us. Or it should be plain enough. He needs an ally. He has enough money to impress. What is he doing to protect his position? Do you think he only concentrates on extracting money from the gullible? Examine, please, the history of tyrants. They are all of the same degenerate mentality. They all wish to hold on to power by any means. Who is Miscavige supporting? Who is supporting him? He is not alone.

  13. General Public II Says:

    FIFIKEK SAYS:None of you addressed the core of the argument being made, that Al Zaweri was a psychiatrist himself.Is that true or not? And if yes, what would be the consequences of that?

    I SAY:
    It would be nice to have the evidence of his studies, not only the confirmation of his qualifications but the style of his teachings.However, Jerry Falwell put in front of his name the letters ‘Rev’. It’s not really enough to have knowledge,or title, it’s what you intend to do with it. An academic idiot who fails all his exams can still know what to do when it’s important. A graduate from a university can fail miserably in public life. I cite the examples of Winston Churchill and Neville Chamberlain respectively.

    Therefore I am personally unimpressed by any status, academically claimed by Al Zewari. I am sure though that wisdom gained through study may well be used to corrupt the gullible. But can this poster say with confidence that the character of Bin Laden, in his later already affluent life, was seriously compromised -and able to be simply and degenerately led, by an influence he was not already affiliated to?

    I don’t think so, because I don’t think you have the time or the inclination to study the life of Bin Laden as known through the statements of his family, witnesses and verifiable documents. You simply wish to create a disturbance of doubt. And you have most ungraciously fell upon your ass with a ‘flunk’.

  14. Terry S Says:

    Them damn scilos are not only against the psychs they’re as well against innoculations. Everything against anything medical. They want to screw up everything positive. Just to make money nasty nasty bunch of ****’s

  15. avideogameplayer Says:

    How come it is only the rich hollywood types are the only ones that praise this sciencebozo crap?

  16. And they took they took the vid down…:(

  17. I’ve got my original “Psychs did 9/11” article and video here:


    The video is now hosted in Soviet Russia. Moscow does not believe in DMCAs.


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