Potty Training Suri Cruise: Part 3

From allmuppetcaligula comes the latest chapter in this thrilling saga.  In case you’ve forgotten, in Part One, Katie decided she has had it with Hubbard tech and uses Wog ways to train Suri.  Tom does not take this news well.  He’s about to snap when a noise from outside alerts him to an intrepid reporter.

In Part Two, the chase is on!  And I get to co-star with one of Broadway’s brightest shining stars!

And in Part Three, I am healing my wounds in the hospital when my sweet Magooski arrives to give me a Touch Assist.

I love these videos!

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5 Comments on “Potty Training Suri Cruise: Part 3”

  1. marybleuz Says:

    This was great! But I was like where the hell is WBM’s o2 tank!!!!!He’s gonna stroke out but along came Carol and I felt much better! lol

  2. Touchstone Says:

    You don’t see Yoda swipe your Visa card to teach you the Force….

    My brain hurts; only laughter makes it feel better.

  3. Noxat Says:

    Very bizarre, but creative and funny. Somehow reminds me of a strange show called Wondershowzen.

  4. insomniak Says:

    That song was absolutely amazing, I couldn’t stop laughing. Keep up the excellent work WBM, you are a true hero.

  5. Ernst Gruengast Says:

    Check this out – hilarious


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