Mary DeMoss

I’ve been hearing from a lot of people who have discovered Mary DeMoss’ blog this week.  I hope we don’t see widespread harassment of her.  Whatever her actions were on the streets of Clearwater, she deserves a little peace.

Here’s a little video I did last year about her.

I’m not posting a link to her blog but it isn’t hidden.  I’m sure by now most have found it.  I would urge people to leave her be.   

I have dropped her a friendly note a couple of times in the past year and she can decide if she ever wants to say hi.

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20 Comments on “Mary DeMoss”

  1. 3rdMan Says:

    As I recall, she blew the cult a while ago. Good for her. It seems like she just wants to put it all behind her and start a new after reading her blog entries.

    She was supposed to be a leader or highly involved with several Scientology front groups, if I am not mistaken. I just hope she understands that when the U.S. justice system starts coming down on this cult, her past will most likely catch up with her. Sad, but true for many former Scientologists, I suspect.

  2. Bill Says:

    Wow this is the first I heard about her blowing the org. I found her blog and I am amazed at how much healthier she looks now. I wonder what she is like now that she is away from the cult’s influence.

    Older videos of her being cruel to Mark Bunker really made her look quite evil. It is hard to imagine her being any different, but I sure would like to find out.

    Being out of the cult means that she is now truly free. I hope that her freedom has allowed her to become someone who is nice, cares about others, and who would be open to some dialogue with someone like Mark.

  3. MoooLyMool Says:

    She works as a lobbyist for the Emory Capital in Clearwater. Her boss is Tom Wright. So Mark, why should we listen to a Horny Beard Man, when her blog look like the biggest damage control?

  4. BT Says:

    I don’t know whether my mentioning it here had anything to do with the wave of interest in her blog, but in any case I agree with Mark: whatever her relationship to scientology, she should not be harassed. Nobody should.

  5. Tracey Says:

    It’s a good thing to educate people either so they won’t joint $cientology, or so they wake up and leave $cientology. If a scilon realizes on their own they’re being used and abused and then leaves…then it’s even better. Good luck to her and I agree she should be left alone.

  6. Jinkii Says:

    If she blew $cn last year why is she still schilling for CCHR and YFHR?
    there was nothing approaching an apology in her blog for her actions, she regretted that her actions are all over the internet not that she actually did them.

  7. andy mack Says:

    I read somewhere that she was present or involved with the Lisa Macpherson situation. if she is truly out, maybe she can shed some light. Apologizing to Bob Minton wouldn’t hut either.


  8. cntrlfreak Says:

    Wow. Mark is right. I hope all is well with Mary. I too, even after following her antics, have developed a fondness for her vigor and her devotion to her belief (as destructive as it may be). If it’s true she left the “church”, I’m even more impressed and proud of her! I checked out her blog and its pretty good – I hope it is left alone because this is her forum, when she’s ready, to help others that want to leave $cientologys hell.

    We have to remember that Mary is a victim. That’s not Mary in the videos, its her “church”

  9. whut? Says:

    Never forget Lisa.

    You remember that Mary had some part in that horrorshow……..don’t you?

  10. General Public Says:

    cntrlfreak says
    Wow. Mark is right. I hope all is well with Mary. I too, even after following her antics, have developed a fondness for her vigor and her devotion to her belief (as destructive as it may be). If it’s true she left the “church”, I’m even more impressed and proud of her!

    We have to remember that Mary is a victim. That’s not Mary in the videos, its her “church”

    THERE IS SOMETHING AMISS HERE ! You must consider yourself responsible for your actions even if there were mitigating circumstances. Nowhere on her blog do I see any element in her character wishing to atone for her past mistakes.
    As for the safety and security of those involved in criticising the cult….how can you be sure she is not still a danger? You want to give her the benefit of the doubt?
    Give me a good reason why you should.

  11. tsimento Says:

    Does anyone know if she’s officially out of the cult?????

  12. Bill Says:

    Ya know….I wish I had done my homework before posting on this Blog. Mark, Mary IS in fact working for Thomas Wright at Emory Capital in Clearwater as a lobbyist. Thomas Wright is a $cientologist and he is an OT. If she had blown the org, how could she be possibly working for a $cientologist, especially in Clearwater? If she had blown the org, other $cientologists would have clearly disconnected from her.

    It is quite possible that the story about her blowing the org was a part of a bad PR cover-up. I would not put it past Midget Miscavige and the OSA goons to pull that kind of deception.

  13. t94xr Says:

    Mary DeMoss has to be (me being a guy) the sexiest (hopefully ex-)scientologist I know of!

    Damn I would definately get into Scientology for her.
    I would follow her into Scientology or out of it i dont care lol

  14. anoninks Says:

    Umm, anyone note that Mary Panton/Demoss is working for yet another Scientology front group only this time she’s attempting to work her way into Government/Politics. She has definitely NOT blown the “Cult” they have just moved her onto bigger and better things and have her blogging to make up for some of her weird cruel behavior spread out all over Youtube.
    I say EVERYONE drop good ol’ Mary a line…let her know she’s being used again like a 2 dollar hooka…Only this time, she won’t prevail. They’ll just use her to get to whichever politician they want and then slam her azz along with her daughter into the RPF camp. Sorry Mark….a bitch is a bitch is a bitch is a bitch.

  15. justmeagain Says:

    Dear WBM,

    putting any fondness asside you might cherish for Mary, the misled girl, I cannot see any hints that she blew Scamtology.

    The blog starts mid October 2008 and ends December 8th, 2008. And it seems to contain NOTHING that would indicate she would come to grips with the Scilons by any means or has “blown” at all.

    In contrary, the blog looks like a temporary (sic!) masquerade of well sounding gibberish to paint her as a kind-hearted and gravely concerned “human rights” activist or whatever – spiced up with deliberate currying from her “best” friends (and fellow scilons?!?).

    I cannot see any evidence that she had “blown” at all. If she vanished from the surface, it might be just because she is up to and needed by Scamtology for more urgend tasks and duties than running aroung on the streets and blating creepy insults.

    I’m sorry, but to me all the “Mary has blown” talking seems to originate solely from wishfull thinking (especially on your side as well, WBM?!?)

    To me it looks more like she still is, as she always has been, a front figure for Scilon agitation, albeit now more hidden and covertly acting.

    Sorry for that WBM, but you might should come to grips that she is still a severely twisted person that owes her likable appearance and physical attractiveness solely to her looks, not her character.

  16. Mark Bunker Says:

    I don’t know if she has blown or not. That video was made a while back when the rumor hit. Later we heard that perhaps she hadn’t blown. But it doesn’t change my feelings toward Mary or others in her position, that you can do some pretty crappy things when involved in a destructive group.

    Search for the Milgram experiments if you haven’t yet seen them.

  17. againmeagain ... ;) Says:

    Hi Mark,

    thanks for answering.

    Yes, I’ve heard about Milgrim’s experiments. To me it’s perfidious in a human context especially in a sense that the experiment deliberately exploits the willingness to help others (in Milgrams case to the experimentators) to push them to do harm to others.

    So you are probably right on the spot as an analogy to Scamtology, when Scamtology exploits their members dedication by manipulating them into doing “crappy things”.

    On the other hand however, I think that there is a very smooth transition from the willingness to harm others due to “the greater good” to “prefering to ‘better’ do harm others” than “to be harmed yourself” – directly leading to the supressive and abusive ways of interactions inside Scamtology.

    And there is another “smooth transition” to the willingness to harm others if you can only get a “high enough” personal profit for yourself. And that might be one of the main fuels for the operatives high up in the hierarchy – but it also already starts with the aspirants “way down” who are willing to molest or villainise (a.k.a. “handle”) others in order to “collect bonus points” and “improve their chances” or to “qualify” in the eyes of the superiors (for new courses or for getting up “higher on the bridge” or whatever they hope being rewarded for.)

    There’s a very fundamental question on how altruistic altruism realy is – I just want to point out that probably a lot of Scamtologies “victims” come into contact with Scamtology not for “helping the world” in the first place but for their own benefit (of “personal growth”?).

    Although later on (sic!) “helping the world” surely helps to justify the quirky lies and concealments demanded (on an almost daily basis?!) to stay within the bogie wheel of “keep scamtology working”.

    Comparing the inner workings of Scamtology to Milgram’s experiemnt therefore only matches one of three primordial motivations that help to “keep scamtology working” by eliminating and deminishing empathy in in the active members of Scamtology towards the subjects of their doings.

    And LRH knew how to use all three of these shamefull and inferior characteristics in humans to make people compliant to his demands and ready to hurt others.

    I wouldn’t be astonished if one of the greatest obstacles for people to find their way out of Scamtology would be to face those shamefull motivations in themselfes that made them do horrible things to others, made them keep lying both to fellow Scamtologists and others outside, and made them abandon and neglect what they feel deep inside themselves would be true and just to do instead.

  18. dustey Says:

    Apparently she has deleted her Blog.

  19. just me Says:

    “Apparently she has deleted her Blog.”

    No, quite the contrary. The last entry is dated March 13th and the blog is currently up.

    If its really her, does anyone know for sure?

  20. Jane Says:

    Mary’s website is down as of 8 June, 2009.

    Mark, what happened to Stacy Brooks? I was watching your website (which does -not- contain a lot of your videos….) and, after watching her, wondered what happened to her more recently.

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