Second Chance Flap

Wow!  Is this the biggest story a Scientology front group has ever produced?  Second Chance not only blows town without paying their bills but they take with them violent criminals they were housing.  This has the potential to really resonate with people who pay little attention to Miscavige’s safepointing projects.

A newspaper article states the inmates have been moved to other jurisdictions but gives no details on where or whom.  But it does give more background on the troubles the front group has been having.

City of Albuquerque officials had given Second Chance until Jan. 31 to vacate the building. The city terminated the program’s lease for violations that include housing violent offenders and making unauthorized changes to the building.

The facility appeared deserted Saturday, with just three cars in the parking lot, gates ajar, and a few employees inside. There was no sign of any inmates. From the entryway, items could be seen heaped into shopping carts.

Albuquerque Chief Public Safety Officer Pete Dinelli said Saturday that he learned from a Journal reporter that the old jail building appeared deserted. So he sent police officers there to see what was going on.

“If there’s free access to the building, I want to know about it,” Dinelli said. “If it’s abandoned, we need to secure our asset. And I want to know if there has been damage to the building.”

The city is still considering whether to go forward with a civil lawsuit against Second Chance, he said. An audit shows Second Chance may owe as little as $20,000 or as much as $100,000 in water bills and unpaid rent.

Someone might want to look into these reference materials Scientology touts.

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5 Comments on “Second Chance Flap”

  1. Jo Says:

    Marc, this is unrelated to the post that I’m replying to, but I didn’t know how else to get you this information — — remember Ian Halperin, who made that movie/youtube vids of infiltrating the Co$ undercover as a gay guy looking to be ‘cured’? His latest blog entry indicates he’s been the victim of fair game. You might want to look into it. There’s the direct link to his blog entry about it!

  2. BT Says:

    Since unrelated posts seem to be the order of the day, I’m going to re-post a tidbit I placed in a less conspicuous spot on your site a few minutes ago. Mary (DeMoss) Panton has a blog, which is largely about how she wants a man. It also reveals that she is an anti-capital-punishment Republican. No mention of Scientology, that I saw.

  3. Stimp Says:

    @BT: Last night, I left a message at Mary’s blog asking if she is the woman made semi-famous by YouTube vids shot outside $cientology buildings. This morning, that message has been deleted.

    Yep, I guess that really is her.

  4. caliwog Says:

    More unrelated. Mark, would you contact me at the email address listed in my comment?

  5. new mexican Says:

    these gguys are out no to the source BTW i live in abq/albuquerque,new mexico

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