Hitler Gets Some Bad News

The Evil of Scientology has added some new subtitles to a terrific German film about Hitler’s last days called Downfall.  As I watched Valkyrie (yes, I saw it) I kept wishing the makers of Downfall had tackled that story.

But I digress.  We are here to be amused by that Evil wag and amused we shall be.

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4 Comments on “Hitler Gets Some Bad News”

  1. Suzanne Says:


  2. rhill Says:

    That is hilarious. Excellent timing for Valkyrie, this deserves a Gawker.

  3. General Public Says:

    It’s not a new idea using this film to make jokes but it’s the best scripted so far.
    The actual film Downfall has the best depiction of Hitler ever. Hubbard was known to be a ranter behind doors and I can easily imagine him behaving in this same way. They were both totalitarian fascists after all.

    I will NOT be seeing the film Valkyrie. There have been excellent German productions on the same subject so my curiosity from an historical angle is precisely zero. But the main reason is that part of the price of a cinema ticket would contribute to scientology’s war chest and I would be commiting an immoral act in buying one.

  4. Bill Says:

    That was awesome…I got a great laugh out of that. The subtitles were perfect! The scary thing is, as funny as it was, there was truth to the subtitles.

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